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Divine Beast Vah Rudania (Quest) Walkthrough and Guide

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Divine Beast Vah Rudania

This is a guide to the Main Quest Divine Beast Vah Rudania in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start Divine Beast Vah Rudania and all quest rewards.

How to Start Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Location

Quest Giver Bludo
Location Goron City
Region Eldin

Upon reaching Goron City, you can talk to Goron Boss Bludo at the far end of the city to start the main quest.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Save Yunobo

Objectives Guide
Get Level 2 Flame Guard
You will need to go to the Abandoned North Mine, which has a heat level of 2. Before you venture out, make sure to wear at least 2 pieces of the Flamebreaker Armor set to achieve Level 2 Flame Guard.

Tips: Alternatively, you can wear one armor piece, then stock up on some Fireproof Elixirs. However, we recommend the former as you will be staying on Death Mountain for quite a while.
Nearby: Shae Mo'sah Shrine
Go to the Abandoned North Mine
Follow the path out of the city to the north to reach the Abandoned North Mine.
Talk to Drak
You can find Drak just in front of the mine. Talk to him and ask about Yunobo.
Follow the Rocky Path to the Vault
You will need to get across rocky platforms submerged in lava to get to the vault. Ride the updrafts to move between platforms.
Watch Out: Wear all your fireproof armor at this point.
Canon Controls: Put a remote bomb inside, and hit the lever so that the canon moves. When it points to the vault, immediately press L to detonate the bomb.

Get the Treasure Chests
Optional: To the left of the vault is a tall rocky platform guarded by Lizalfos. Defeat them to get the Treasure Chest which contains a Knight's Bow.
Another Treasure Chest can be found just below the vault. It contains 10 Ice Arrows.
Use the Canon to Free Yunobo
At the top you will find Yunobo trapped. Go to the canon on the left and use it to get him out.
Talk to Yunobo
Enter the mine and talk to Yunobo. He will go back to the city to bring the painkillers to the boss.
Nearby: Shora Hah Shrine

Open the Treasure Chests
Optional: Inside the vault there are 2 Treasure Chests, which contain a Purple Rupee (worth 50 Rupees), and 10 Ice Arrows.

Lower the Bridge of Eldin

Talk to Bludo
Go back to the city and talk to Bludo. He will give you 3 Fireproof Elixirs and ask you to go to Eldin Bridge to talk to Yunobo.
Cross Stolock Bridge
To get to Eldin Bridge, follow the path up from the North Abandoned Mine. It will take you around and to the top of Goron City.
Pass by Goron Hot Springs
Cross Stolock Bridge and move forward.
Tips: There's are some Goron Hot Springs you can restore hearts in on the way.

Use the Minecarts
Optional: You can use the carts for faster travel by placing a remote bomb inside, and detonating it to speed away.

The minecart at the springs will be detached from the rails. Use Magnesis to carry it back, and ride it.
Evade the Magma Bombs
Watch Out: After passing the springs, magma bombs will fall down, so be sure to avoid them.
Nearby: Daqa Koh Shrine
Defeat the Black Moblins
Once you get up to where Yunobo is, you will find him surrounded by two Black Moblins. Their attacks are powerful, so be sure to dodge them.
Launch Yunobo to the Bridge
Similar to the North Abandoned Mine, you will use the cannon to bring the bridge down, except this time, Yunobo will be the cannonball.

Place a remote bomb inside the cannon, hit the lever, and detonate when the cannon aims at the bridge.
Cross the Bridge of Eldin
At this point forward, Yunobo will be following you. After crossing the bridge, Vah Rudania will send out Sentries that spot intruders and will cause magma bombs to fall.

Get to Vah Rudania with Yunobo

Whistle to Make Yunobo Walk or Stop
Yunobo will follow you up to get to Vah Rudania. To avoid getting the attention of the Sentries, you have to move away from their area of vision.
Yunobo Controls: Whistle, or press the Down Arrow (↓) on the D-Pad, to get Yunobo to stop and start moving.
Hide Under the Rock
To get past the first Sentry, hide under the rock when the Sentry is on the other side, and make a run for it after it passes you.

Destroy the Sentry
You can also destroy the Sentry for Ancient Materials. However, you might be spending more arrows than needed, so we recommend skipping it instead.
Destroy the Next Sentry with a Boulder
Move on forward, and you will see a stationery Sentry. The boulders on the path will be too low to reach the Sentry, so climb the cliff next to it and push the boulders there down to destroy it.
Use the Cannon to Hit Vah Rudania
You will eventually find a cannon, so use Yunobo as a cannonball and shoot at Vah Rudania to weaken it and bring bring it to the crater.
Destroy the Sentries with Metal Crates
Continue forward, and you will see three more Sentries. Climb the cliff next to them to find metal crates.

Use Magnesis to drop or swing the crates into the Sentries to destroy them.
Defeat the Black Moblin
Turn left and go up to see the cannon guarded by a Black Moblin. If you have a metal crate with you, you can drop it on the Moblin to instantly defeat it.
Use the Cannon to Hit Vah Rudania
Once again, use the cannon again to hit Vah Rudania and make it move.
Use Metal Crates or Remote Bombs
Two Sentries will be blocking the path. You can climb up the cliff to see metal crates. You can also throw Remote Bombs at them, since there are updrafts under them.

There will be three more Sentries further along, and you can use the same methods to take them out.
Defeat the Black Moblins
Up ahead is the final cannon, guarded by another pair of Black Moblins. Defeat them to be able to use the cannon.
Use the Cannon to Hit Vah Rudania
One last hit at Vah Rudania will bring him to the crater, allowing you to enter it.

Take Back Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Explore Inside the Divine Beast
To take back Vah Rudania, you need to get inside and activate all the terminals.
Vah Rudania Dungeon Walkthrough
Defeat Fireblight Ganon
To free Vah Rudania from its demise, you must defeat Fireblight Ganon. We recommend using Ice Arrows to deal heavy damage.
Fireblight Ganon Boss Guide
Report Back to Goron Boss Bludo
After getting back to Goron City, Yunobo will thank you, and ask you to go to Bludo. Talk to Bludo to finish the quest.

Get the Boulder Breaker
Optional: As gratitude for appeasing Vah Rudania, a Treasure Chest can be opened inside Bludo's house, containing a Boulder Breaker.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Quest Rewards

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Quest Rewards
Fireproof Elixir x3 Heart Container
Daruk's Protection Boulder Breaker

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start Bludo, Boss of Goron City, wants to challenge the marauding Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but his backache is too severe.

What's worse, Yunobo has yet to return from the Abandoned North Mine with the painkillers he was sent to fetch.
1st Update You met Drak in the Abandoned North Mine, who told you that Yunobo left for the vault deep in its reaches. That's the last anyone has seen of Yunobo...

Mount a search operation for Yunobo, who was headed for the vault.
2nd Update You met Yunobo in the Abandoned North Mine.

Yunobo hurried back to Goron City to deliver the painkillers Bludo needs for his backache.

You should go speak to Bludo to collect your reward.
3rd Update Bludo thanked you for helping Yunobo. After taking the painkillers, Bludo was about to go challenge Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but then his back started hurting again. No one will be challenging the Divine Beast today, it seems.

Yunobo has already gone ahead to the Bridge of Eldin, so you must meet him there to let him know about this change of plans.
4th Update You helped Yunobo fend off monsters at the Bridge of Eldin before telling him that Bludo's plan had been called off.
You still need to get inside the Divine Beast somehow, though... The best way forward may be to lower the Bridge of Eldin.
5th Update Yunobo used Daruk's Protection to act as a cannonball. The Bridge of Eldin has been lowered!

All you need to do now is to cross the Bridge of Eldin and drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater.
6th Update Sentries now patrol Death Mountain to eliminate intruders.

Avoid their notice as you lead Yunobo to the cannons to drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater.
7th Update Thanks to Yunobo using Daruk's Protection to act as your cannonball, you drove Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater!

It is time to enter Divine Beast Vah Rudania and bring it to a halt.
8th Update Defeating Fireblight Ganon freed the spirit of Daruk, Champion of the Goron race. He has piloted the Divine Beast to the summit of Death Mountain in preparation for the assault on Ganon.

Seeing this, a relieved Yunobo returned to his home in Goron City. You should go there and tell Bludo all that has happened.
Quest Clear You reported your success in restoring the Divine Beast Vah Rudania to its true self. Peace has finally returned to Goron City.

In addition, you received the Champion Daruk's might and can now use Daruk's Protection.

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