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This page is about the Fruitcake recipe in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find the ingredients needed for this recipe, and learn more about its possible effects.

Fruitcake Recipe and Effects

Fruitcake Basic Info

Type of Food Cooked

Fruitcake Recipe

Here is the base recipe for Fruitcake. If the table shows more than one ingredient for an ingredient slot, you can use any of the ingredients listed!

Basic Fruitcake Recipe

1st Ingredient
2nd Ingredient
3rd Ingredient
4th Ingredient

The order of the ingredients doesn't matter, as you dump everything into the cooking pot at once!

Fruitcake Effects

Effects can change depending on what ingredients you use to cook something, but here is a list of the possible effects for Fruitcake.

Ingredient Effect
Apple None
Cane Sugar None
Tabantha Wheat None
Wildberry None
Fruit Extra Hearts:
・Hearty Durian
Attack Up:
・Mighty Bananas
Movement Speed Up:
・Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Heat Resistance:
Cold Resistance:
・Spicy Pepper
Shock Resistance:
No Effect:
・Palm Fruit

How to Make Fruitcake

How to Cook Fruitcake

Breath of the Wild - How to Make Fruitcake

While a small handful of dishes can be gotten from Monsters, usually the easiest (and only) way to come by Food is to make it yourself. Depending on the food, the cooking method varies.

Cook in a Cooking Pot

Breath of the Wild - How to Make Fruitcake

To cook Fruitcake, gather the ingredients you need and find a cooking pot, which can usually be found close to towns and stables.

After you've found one and prepared, go to your inventory to hold all the ingredients , then get close to the cooking pot and press the A-button when the Cook option appears. Bon appetit!

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