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Korok Seeds Map and All Korok Seed Locations

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Korok Seeds Map and All Korok Seed Locations

Find all 900 Koroks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW) with the help of our Korok Seed map. Read on to learn all Korok Seed locations, Korok Seed map by region, what are Korok Seeds, how many Korok Seeds there are in total, as well as how to find them!

What Are Korok Seeds?

Used to Increase Inventory Space

BoTW - Expand Inventory
You can use the korok seeds that you have collected to increase inventory space. Talk to Hestu in the Korok Forest and choose to expand your weapon, bow, or shield inventory slots.

Note that you need to complete The Priceless Maracas side quest first in order to unlock Hestu and increase inventory space.

The Priceless Maracas Walkthrough

Requires 440 Koroks Seeds for Full Expansion

No. of Added Slots Required Korok Seeds
Weapon Slot Shield Slot Bow Slot
Master Sword
Bow of Light

Collecting 440 seeds will allow you to max out the inventory space for all of your gear. With the base slots and additional slot upgrades put together, the total number of slots is 20 for Weapons, 20 for Shields, and 14 for Bows.

How Many Korok Seeds Are There?

There are 900 Korok Seeds

BoTW - Receive Korok Seed
There are a total of 900 Korok Seeds that can be collected in Hyrule, but only 440 seeds are needed to fully upgrade your inventory.

Hestu's Gift is the Reward for Collecting All 900 Korok Seeds

Botw - Hestu

By collecting all 900 Korok Seeds and talking with Hestu, he will reward you with Hestu's Gift, a golden piece of... his gratitude for your hard efforts.

Hestu's Gift does not serve any actual purpose other than as a collector's item, so you really only need it if you are set to 100% the game.

Korok Seed Locations

Korok Seed Puzzle Locations
Great Plateau Dueling Peaks Hateno
Lanayru Akkala Faron
Lake Gerudo Desert Gerudo Highlands
Ridgelands Tabantha Hebra
Woodland Eldin Central Hyrule

Great Plateau Korok Seeds

Great Plateau Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Great Plateau Tower Region

Dueling Peaks Korok Seeds

Dueling Peaks Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Dueling Peaks Tower Region

Hateno Korok Seeds

Hateno Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Hateno Tower Region

Lanayru Korok Seeds

Lanayru Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Lanayru Tower Region

Akkala Korok Seeds

Akkala Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Akkala Tower Region

Faron Korok Seeds

Faron Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Faron Tower Region

Lake Korok Seeds

Lake Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Lake Tower Region

Gerudo Desert Korok Seeds

Gerudo Desert Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Wasteland Tower Region

Gerudo Highlands Korok Seeds

Gerudo Highlands Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Gerudo Highlands Tower Region

Ridgeland Korok Seeds

Ridgeland Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Ridgeland Tower Region

Tabantha Korok Seeds

Tabantha Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Tabantha Tower Region

Hebra Korok Seeds

Hebra Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Hebra Tower Region

Woodland Korok Seeds

Woodland Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Woodland Tower Region

Eldin Korok Seeds

Eldin Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Eldin Tower Region

Central Hyrule Korok Seeds

Central Hyrule Korok Seeds Map

View Full Map Image

Central Tower Region (Central Hyrule)

How to Find Korok Seeds

Korok Puzzle Categories
Isolated Puzzles Pinwheel Puzzles Completion Puzzles
Sparkle Puzzles Shooting Puzzles Ring Puzzles
Flower Puzzles Fruit Puzzles Other Puzzles

Korok seeds are found by completing puzzle or small challenges. These challenges tend to repeat themselves, so once you know what to look for, you should be able to see a Korok Seed puzzle any time you arrive in their location.

If you are wearing the Korok Mask, it will shake and mimic a korok sound when a korok is nearby.

Isolated Puzzles

An Isolated Puzzle is a Korok Seed Puzzle that is usually one isolated item already placed in the overworld that you must interact with. This includes rocks, hidden rocks, balloons, and acorns. These are the easiest puzzles to solve.

Puzzle Types Description

Lone rocks you must pick up. They are mostly found in unusual areas and are the most common type of puzzle.

Hidden Rock
A Hidden Rock that is hidden beneath or behind something movable or destructible, like a pile of leaves, a flat platform, or a wall of rocks.

One Balloon
One floating balloon that must be shot with an arrow, usually on top of trees or below bridges.

One Acorn
An acorn that you must shoot with an arrow, usually hidden inside tree trunks or hanging below bridges.

Pinwheel Puzzles

Approaching a small Korok Pinwheel will reveal objects that you need to shoot down. These Pinwheel Puzzles can either make acorns or balloons appear.

Puzzle Types Description

Pinwheel Balloon
Balloons appear and you have to shoot them all. These balloons can either be moving, teleporting, or stationary.

Jumping Acorn
A jumping acorn or two appears and you must shoot them with an arrow. Use Stasis on it to make it easier to hit.

Completion Puzzles

Completion Puzzles are the type of Korok Puzzles where you need to complete a pattern with a missing piece. This includes completing sets of metal blocks and rock patterns that you will encounter in the overworld.

Puzzle Types Description

Rock Pattern
Place one or more rocks in the gaps of rock patterns to complete them. Use Stasis to find extra rocks out of sight.

Metal Block
Two sets of blocks with a missing metal cube. Magnesis is needed to place the cube on the right location to match the sets of blocks.

Sparkle Puzzles

When you need to uncover and examine korok sparkles, that is a Sparkle Puzzle. These puzzles can either be sparkles that move, appear at the top of tall structures, or frozen in ice.

Puzzle Types Description

Moving Sparkles
Moving sparkles that you need to chase and examine.

Peak Sparkles
Sparkles that appear at the very peal of tall structures where you have to climb to the very top, such as trees, flag poles, chimneys, pillars, and more.

Ice Sparkles
Sparkles hidden inside frozen blocks of ice that you need to melt with fire weapons or items.

Shooting Puzzles

Shooting Puzzles require you to shoot rocks or balls into some kind of hole, be it a pit in the ground, a rock circle in water, a hollowed tree trunk, and more.

Puzzle Types Description

Rock Circle
Shoot a small rock into the middle of a rock circle in the water.

Rock Pit
Push a large rock and get it in a pit in the ground. You can use Stasis to launch a rock that is hard to push.

Chained Ball
Magnesis is needed to place a magnetic ball into a hole it is chained to. This can range from wells, hollowed tree trunks, and more.

Ring Puzzles

You must touch or go through a ring in the overworld to solve Ring Puzzles. This type of Korok Seed Puzzle can either be done by gliding or running to a timed ring, or by plunging into a water ring.

Puzzle Types Description

Timed Ring
To complete this puzzle, step on the tree stump and race towards the ring before time runs out.

Water Ring
Dive and land inside the ring on the water that looks like a circle of water lilies.

Flower Puzzles

Flower Puzzles have something to do with korok flowers. They are usually yellow and can be found growing in unusual places where there are no other flowers.

Puzzle Types Description

Numbered Flowers
In an area with groups of flowers, touch the group with the smallest number of flowers to the one with the most flowers in that order.

Follow the Flowers
Follow a trail of yellow flowers that teleport away until you reach a white flower.

Fruit Puzzles

Fruit Puzzles require you to interact with fruit in some way to complete the puzzle. You should watch out for prayer statues with empty offering bowls, and lines of trees or plants with fruits on them.

Puzzle Types Description

Fruit Offering
Place fruit on empty bowls in front of prayer statues. Apples are commonly used, but some may require other fruits like bananas or peppers.

Fruit Match
Remove the excess fruit of a tree to match the appearance of a line of trees. This can also apply to cacti in dessert areas.

Other Puzzles

There are other Korok Puzzles that are unique and do not fall under any of the puzzle categories above. These are usually similar variations to more common Korok Puzzles, but can only be encountered once in a specific location in the overworld.

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