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How to Get Rupees Fast | Early Game Rupee Farming

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This guide will show you the best Rupee farming methods in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to find out the best early game Rupee farming methods and where to spend Rupees.

Best Rupee Farming Methods

Method Approximate Earnings in 10 minutes
Selling Farosh Horns 7800 Rupees
Snow Bowling 4200 Rupees

Sell Farosh Horns

Check markFast Travel to the Shoda Sah Shrine
Check markClimb up the Waterfall
Check markMake a Bonfire Under the Tree on the Left
Check markRest on the Bonfire Until Morning
Check markRide the Updraft and Hit Farosh with a Bow
Check markRepeat Step 4
Check markCollect the Shards
# Guide
Fast Travel to Shoda Sah Shrine
Whip out the map and fast travel to the Shoda Sah Shrine just near Riola Spring.
Climb up the Waterfall
Wear the Zora Set and climb up the waterfall.
Make a Bonfire Under the Tree on the Left
As you reach the top of the waterfall, glide to the left side of the waterfall and make a bonfire under the tree to avoid the rain putting out the fire.
Rest on the Bonfire Until Morning and Farosh will Appear
As you make the bonfire, rest until the morning. This is an important step since Farosh will appear every morning.
Ride the Updraft and Hit Farosh's Horns
As Farosh appears, an updraft will appear near you. Ride the updraft and hit Farosh' horns with a bow and arrow. As you hit Farosh's Horn, a Shard of Farosh's Horn will fling near Farosh.
You can still hit other parts of Farosh, but the material with the highest selling value is the horn shards.
6 Repeat Step 4
Repeat resting on the bonfire nearby until morning. Since Farosh appears every morning, it will always re-appear after resting on the bonfire.
Collect the Shards
The shards don't disappear so you can keep on repeating the steps until you're content with the number of shards you've collected.

Master Pondo's Snow Bowling

Check markFast Travel to Hebra Tower
Check markGo to Pondo's Lodge
Check markTalk to Pondo
Check markPick up the Snowball and get behind Pondo
Check markDrop the Snowball
Check markGet a Strike in Snowling
Check markCollect Reward and Repeat
# Guide
1 Fast Travel to Hebra Tower
Fast travel to Hebra Tower since Pondo's Lodge is near this tower.
Go to Pondo's Lodge
From Hebra Tower, glide to the east just belw some cliffs and you'll find Pondo's Lodge.
Talk to Pondo
Once arrived at Pondo's Lodge, go ahead and talk to Pondo. He'll tell you to play Snow Bowling or as he says, Snowling, for 20 rupees.
Pick up the Snowball and get behind Pondo
Once the pins have been setup, pick up the snowball and get behind Pondo after he steers clear of your way and moves to the side. Hold ZL to focus on Pondo make slight adjustments and move a little bit to Pondo's right as seen in the image above.
Drop the Snowball
Do NOT throw the snowball, but dropping it instead. This is necessary for the snowball to hit all pins.
Get a Strike!
Wait for the snowball to hit all 10 pins in one turn Should the snowball not hit all pins, it will prompt you to hit the remaining pins on the second try.
Collect Reward and Repeat
Hitting all 10 pins, or in other words, getting a strike will reward you with 300 rupees. Repeat this until you are satisfied with the amount of rupees you've received.

Early Game Rupee Farming

Sell Ores to Ramella

Botw - Ramella

Ore Normal Price Ramella's Prices
Amber 30 -
Opal 60 -
Luminous Stone 70 -
Topaz 180 200
Ruby 210 230
Sapphire 260 290
Diamond 500 550

The prices shown in Ramella's Prices are the value sold per piece. Note that Ramella buys ore in bulk at 10 pieces per transaction.

Ramella buys ores in a much higher price but she buys ore in bulk at 10 pieces per transaction. She can be found wandering around Goron City during the day and is available after finishing the side quest The Jewel Trade.

The ores that she'll buy from Link will vary each day which includes: Topaz, Rubies, Sapphires, and Diamonds.

The Jewel Trade Walkthrough

Sell Baked Apples to Juney

Botw - Juney Apple

Number of Baked Apples Rupees
1 5
5 30
10 70
30 250
50 500
100 1200

Juney can be found in Rito Village. Link can sell her baked apples in which she buys at a higher price.

The Apple of My Eye Walkthrough

Collect Apples in Satori Mountain

World View Map View

Head to Satori Mountain by fast traveling to Mogg Latan Shrine. Head to the north east of Satori Mountain and there will be a lot of apple trees. This is the best location for Link to collect apples.

Sell Extra Unneeded Materials

Botw - Selll Materials
Monsters drop parts which you can sell if you have a couple of extra parts in your inventory. Fight monsters and take advantage of the Blood Moon to respawn enemies to farm their monster parts again.

Where to Farm Lynel Guts: Locations and Prices

Sell Cooked Gourmet Meats

Botw - Sell Gourmet
Cooking Gourmet Meat into a dish sells higher than selling the Gourmet Meat itself. Farm creatures that drop Gourmet Meat and collect a lot of them to use for cooking.

Where to Farm Raw Gourmet Meats: Locations and Prices

Where to Spend Rupees

Buy Armor Sets

Botw - Buy Armor
Buy armor in stores around villages. Some armor are essential to progress the story, so you should save up Rupees for these armor:

Armor Set Store Location / Effect
Snowquill Set Location: Rito Village
Effect: Unfreezable
Complete immunity to freezing.
Flamebreaker Armor Set Location: Goron City
Effect: Flame Guard
Complete immunity to scorched climates and fire damage.
Gerudo Set Location: Kara Kara Bazaar / Gerudo Town
Effect: Disguises Link as a Voe, allowing Link to gain entrance to Gerudo Town.

Unlock All Fairy Fountains

Botw - Fairy Fountain

Spend Rupees by unlocking Fairy Fountains scattered across Hyrule. This will allow Link to unlock armor upgrades. With each Fairy Fountain unlocked, the maximum level threshold of the armor also increases.

Great Fairy Map: All Fairy Fountain Locations and How to Upgrade Armor

Unlock the Horse God Malanya's Fountain

Botw - Horse God

Unlocking the Horse God allows Link to revive dead horses. If you lost your favorite horse, this is where you can go to revive it, allowing you to ride your favorite horse again. Just be more careful next time!

Horse Locations and Obtainable Materials

Buy the House in Hateno Village

Botw - Homeowner

Owning a home is beneficial to Link and is totally worth it! Link will have a bed in which he can sleep to restore hearts for free! Furniture for the house can be bought and it includes mounts in which you can store and display your favorite weapon, shield, and bow.

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