Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

Prologue: The Great Plateau Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild - Prologue and Great Plateau Walkthrough

This is a guide to the Great Plateau area in the beginning of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Read on to see how to clear the Shrines and how get the Paraglider.

Great Plateau Walkthrough

Prologue Walkthrough Overview

Follow the Sheikah Slate

Botw - Breath of the Wild - Sheikah Slate

Objectives Guide
Get the Sheikah Slate
After you wake up, head to the pedestal and take the Sheikah Slate to open the nearby door.
Open the Next Door
In the next room, there's another closed door and a pedestal to its right. Examine it to open the door.

Get the Armor
Optional: Before you leave, open the two stone chests for the Old Shirt and some Well-Worn Trousers.
Leave the Shrine of Resurrection
Once you have everything, climb the small ledge and head out side to start a cutscene.
Go Down the Slope
Whether you talk to the Old Man or not is up to you, but continue down the slope past him to start the Follow the Sheikah Slate Main quest.
Head to the Location Marker
Follow the yellow marker to find a pedestal hidden in some rocks. Examine it to activate the Great Plateau Tower.

Get the Hylian Trousers
On the way to the yellow marker you will pass some ruins on your right. In the square ruins to the north you can find a treasure chest containing some Hylian Trousers.

The Isolated Plateau

Breath of the Wild (Botw) The Isolated Plateau

Get Down from the Tower
You will be ontop of the Tower, so run down the ledges to get down. You might want to save before you do, just in case.
7 BotW - Start The Isolated PlateauStart The Isolated Plateau Once you're down, the Old Man will appear in a cutscene and you will start The Isolated Plateau, your next main quest.
Talk the the Old Man
Talk to the Old Man again after he moves to the top of the nearby hill and he will point you towards your next objective, the Oman Au Shrine.

Clear the Oman Au Shrine

Oman Au Shrine Entrance

Find the Shrine
Head towards the Shrine, which is located nort-west of the Tower. You can go left to avoid enemies and climbing and swimming, if you wish.

Catch a Hyrule Bass
Optional: If you want to get the Warm Doublet as early as possible, try to catch some Hyrule Bass in the lakes and ponds on the way to the shrine.

DLC Treasure
Optional: If you have the DLC, open the EX Treasure Chest right by the Shrine entrance for a Ruby.
10 Botw - Metal block
Clear the Shrine
Enter the Shrine and touch your Sheikah Slate to the pedestal to get the Magnesis Rune, then use your new power to clear the shrine.
Oman Au Guide

Get the Treasures
In the lake outside there are 2 metal treasure chests you can pull out of the lake with Magnesis. One contains an Opal, the other an Amber.

Clear the Ja Baij Shrine

BotW - Ja Baij Shrine Entrance

Head South of Tower
After clearing Oman Au, the Old Man will appear and recommend you teleport to the Tower to spot the next shrines. You can do so if you want, but you can also just head south of the Tower to find the next shrine.

Avoid the Guardians
A couple of old Guardians will be close to the Shrine entrance, but we recommend that you avoid fighting them and use the walls for cover to reach the shrine at this point.
Clear the Shrine
Make it safely to the shrine entrance and enter, then clear the Remote Bomb Trial.
Ja Baij Guide

DLC Treasure
Optional: On top of a nearby wall, you can find another EX Treasure Chest if you have the DLC. It contains the Nintendo Switch Shirt.

Optional: Get the Warm Doublet

Warm Doublet

Find the Old Man's Cottage
If you head left when you exit the shrine, you'll find a large open field with a hut in the middle. Make your way there, talk to the old man and read his dairy to learn the recipe you need to get his Warm Doublet.
Gather Ingredients
To make the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, you need the following ingredients:
Hyrule Bass
Spicy Pepper
You can find the Hyrule Bass in lakes and ponds, and the Spicy Peppers can be found in the Old Man's hut or nearby. For the Meat, you have to shoot a pigeon to get some Raw Bird Drumsticks. They can be found in the tall grass close to the hut.
Cook the Food
Cook the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry in the cooking pot by the hut, then tell the Old Man that you "cooked something" to get the Doublet.
If the Old Man disappears from his cottage, you can find him chopping wood nearby. Talk to him to make him go back to the hut.

Clear the Owa Daim Shrine

Breath of the Wild Owa Daim Shrine

Head to the Shrine
There are two ways up to the Owa Daim Shrine. The closest requires some stamina management, so if you're not in a rush the second route might be easier.

Route 1:
Climb the Cliffside
The nearest route from the Old Man's hut is found by first crossing the ridge to the north. Fell one of the big trees, then climb the cliffs straight ahead, using the platforms to rest.

Route 2:
Go Halfway up Mount Hylia
The other route is found by heading back to the spot you first saw the Old Man. Climb up the ledge behind the nearby apple tree and continue up (south), passing an enemy campfire, until you reach the snowy landscape. From there, head straight up the hill, climbing a tall ledge on the way, then climb down to the shrine from above.
17 Botw - Smashed boulder
Clear the Shrine
Find your way either from above or below, then enter the shrine and clear the Stasis Trial.
Owa Daim Guide

Get the Treasure
Optional: Near the Shrine, there's a large rock you can knock away by using Stasis. The treasure chest below it contains a Traveler's Bow.

Clear the Keh Namut Shrine

BotW - Get to Keh Namut Shrine

Head up Mount Hylia
From Owa Daim, climb up the cliff and continue north-west to head towards the final shrine.

Avoid the Falling Snowballs
On the last slope leading up to the shrine, the enemies will roll large snowballs down towards you, so stick to the side to avoid them.
Clear the Shrine
Go up the last slopes to find the final shrine on the Great Plateau, then enter and clear the Cryonis Trial.
Keh Namut Guide
Get the Treasure Chest
Optional: Another treasure chest can be found in the freezing lake by the shrine. Use Cryosis to avoid touching the water and taking damage, then open the chest for an Opal.

Leave The Great Plateau

BotW - Go the the Temple of Time

Head to the Temple of Time
The Old Man will show up and tell you to meet him where the shrines make an X, which is the Temple of Time. We recommend teleporting back to the Shrine of Resurrection to get there quickly.
Pray at the Goddess Statue
Once you make it to the temple, a large Goddess Statue will be glowing invitingly at the far end. Go up to it and Pray, exchanging your Spirit Orbs to a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. Choose whichever you like.
Climb the Ladder to the Temple Top
With the Statue at you back, head out the broken wall of the Temple on your right. Right around the corner there's a ladder, use it to climb onto the temple roof.
Talk to the Old Man
From the top, you will be able to see the Old Man, so climb up to where he is and start the cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll finally get the Paraglider and can either make a beeline for Ganon or track down Impa.
Seek Out Impa Walkthrough

Get the Treasure Chest
Optional: When the cutscene ends, you can open the nearby chest for a Soldier's Bow.

Shrine Guides

Oman Au Shrine

Breath of the Wild - Oman Au Shrine and Magnesis Trial

Likely to be your first introduction to the many shrines hidden throughout Hyrule, Oman Au is where you get the Magnesis Rune, your very own metal detector.

Oman Au Shrine Guide

Ja Baij Shrine

Breath of the Wild - Ja Baij Shrine and Bomb Trial

No Zelda game without Bombs and explosives and you get these early on in Breath of the Wild, in the Ja Baij Shrine.
Ja Baij Shrine Guide

Owa Daim Shrine

Breath of the Wild - Owa Daim Shrine and Stasis Trial
Hidden high atop a cliff, the Owa Daim Shrine offers the slightly tricky but very useful Stasis Rune.

Owa Daim Shrine Guide

Keh Namut Shrine

Breath of the Wild - Keh Namut Shrine and Cryonis Trial

The final shrine of the tutorial, you can find the Cryonis Rune here. It is on the far end of a snowy mountain, so make sure to stay warm!

Keh Namut Shrine Guide

Useful Items and Rewards

Warm Doublet

Warm Doublet from Chest

Even if you don't get the Warm Doublet before clearing all 4 prologue shrines, we recommend picking it up before you leave the Great Plateau for a free Cold Resistance armor.

Beginner's Guide and Early Game Tips


BotW - Get the Paraglider
Your new best friend, the Paraglider, will finally be yours after clearing all of the shrine quests. It makes traveling a lot easier and can help you get into slow-motion mode for shooting enemies, so we recommend getting used to it as soon as possible.

Sheikah Slate Runes

You now have your very own Rune swissknife and are able to solve all puzzles waiting for you in the world of Hyrule.

General Rune Tips

Bring out Magnesis when traveling to spot buried treasure chests, and use Cryosis to cross water easily. Last but not least, the Remote Bombs can spice up your battles AND reveal treasures without you having to worry about running out, so go wild!

Adventure Log Entries

Follow the Sheikah Slate

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start From out of nowhere, you hear a woman's voice speak to you... She instructs you to head to the marker displayed on the Sheikah Slate.
The slate is both alien and somehow familiar to you... You find that you can access its map by pressing the - button.
Quest Clear When you inserted your Sheikah Slate in the pedestal marked on the map, a giant tower erupted upward from the ground, carrying you high into the air.
From Hyrule Castle, off in the distance, you hear the woman's voice speaking to you again...

The Isolated Plateau

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start After your descent from the tower, the old man told you that the kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed 100 years ago by Calamity Ganon.

You heard a voice coming from Hyrule Castle, but you cannot reach it unless you leave the plateau using the paraglider.

The old man said that he will give you the paraglider in exchange for the treasure that lies within a hidden location somewhere...
1st Update The old man explained that there are a total of four shrines on the plateau. He said that he will give you the paraglider once you have acquired the Spirit Orb from all of the shrines.

He told you to survey the plateau from the top of the tower to find the remaining shrines. He also pointed out that you can use your Sheikah Slate if you need to travel quickly.
2nd Update After you acquired the Spirit Orbs from the shrines, the old man told you that he'll be waiting in the place centered amid the four shrines, before mysteriously disappearing...
Quest Clear The old man you were talking to informed you that he was King Rhoam. The voice you heard was coming from Hyrule Castle was Princess Zelda.

princess is trapped inside the castle, which is shrouded in Malice, fighting against Ganon...

The king's ghost left you with one last directive: rescue Princess Zelda and defeat Ganon. He gave you the paraglider now that his duty is done.

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