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Breath of the Wild (BotW) Maps & Locations

This is a maps page for all korok seeds, shrines, great fairy fountains, and other locations in the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to see the important points of interest across Hyrule.

Maps and Locations

Korok Seed Map

There are a total of 900 korok seeds that can be collected in Hyrule, but only 441 seeds are needed to fully upgrade your inventory.

Bottom Center

Bottom Center Korok Seeds

Bottom Left

Bottom Left Korok Seeds

Bottom Right

Bottom Right Korok Seeds

Top Center

Top Center Korok Seeds

Top Left

Top Left Korok Seeds

Top Right

Top Right Korok Seeds

Korok Seeds Map and All Korok Seed Locations

Shrine Map

As seen above, the blue diamond icon represents a shrine location found throughout Hyrule. There are 136 shrines in total, including the 16 DLC only shrines.

For a detailed explanation of where to find each shrine, see the link below.

Shrines Map and All Shrine Locations

Great Fairy Map

△ = Great Fairy, ◯ = Horse God.

This map shows the location of all 4 great fairy fountains in Hyrule, as well as the Horse God.

Great Fairy Map and All Fairy Fountain Locations

Stables Map

There are a total of 15 stables found in Hyrule and these are marked as a red rectangle in this map.

Stables Map and All Stable Locations

Memories Map

This map contains all 23 memories, including the 5 DLC only memories, that can be recovered in Hyrule. The main memories are marked as a light green circle while the DLC memories are marked as a purple circle.

Tower Regions

The map above shows all 15 towers needed to complete the map in your Sheikah Slate.

Tower Map and All Tower Locations

To see shrines, quests, and other points of interest in each region, click on one of the pages below.

Akkala Tower Region
Central Tower Region
Dueling Peaks Tower Region
Eldin Tower Region
Faron Tower Region
Gerudo Tower Region
Great Plateau Tower Region
Hateno Tower Region
Hebra Tower Region
Lake Tower Region
Lanayru Tower Region
Ridgeland Tower Region
Tabantha Tower Region
Wasteland Tower Region
Woodland Tower Region

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