Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

How to Get the Best Horses

Zelda BOTW - How to Get the Best Horses
You can get Horses with the best stats at the Taobab Grasslands in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to find out the best horse stats to choose, how to get the best horses, and more!

Best Horse Stats

Best Horse Stats to Choose

Horse Stats Explanation
Strength: 4★
Speed: 4★
Stamina: 5★
・With a total of 13 points, this is the highest possible stats that you can obtain in a horse.
・Able to dash a lot due to its 5 star Stamina.
Strength: 5★
Speed: 3★
Stamina: 5★
・Can withstand damage from enemies due to its 5 star Strength.
・ Able to dash a lot due to its 5 star Stamina.
Strength: 2★
Speed: 5★
Stamina: 3★
・Moves fast due to its 5 star Speed.
・Enemy attacks are easier to avoid.

How to Get the Best Horses

Catch Horses at the Taobab Grassland

Map Location Detailed Map

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There are about six horses at the Taobab Grassland south of the Great Plateau region and you can catch the horse with the best stats here.

It is recommended to catch the horse by paragliding towards it from a nearby cliff.

How to get to the top of the cliff

Teleport to the Owa Daim Shrine and glide to the cliffside of Mount Faloraa. Climb up the cliffs until you reach an area where you can check the horses from above.

Save the Game While on Top of the Cliff

Zelda BOTW - Save the Game While on Top of the Cliff
Make sure to save your game while you are on top of the cliff overlooking the horses. This way, you can restart from this area if you do not get the horse with the stats you wanted.

Glide and Catch the Monochromatic Horse

Zelda BOTW - Glide and Catch the Black Horse
Aim for the monochromatic horse from the group and glide towards it. Once you get on the horse, press the L Button repeatedly to soothe it.

Use Elixirs and Food to recover stamina

Soothing a horse takes up a chunk of your stamina gauge, so you will need to use food and elixirs to recover your stamina.

Recovery Dish Ingredients / Effects
3 Legend of Zelda BOTW Vegetable Curry Vegetable Curry ・Any Carrot / Fortified Pumpkin
Goron Spice
Hylian Rice
Restores and overfills Stamina Wheel, low-level defense boost, or movement speed boost depending on the vegetable.
0 Legend of Zelda BOTW Energizing Elixir Energizing Elixir Energetic Rhino Beetle / Restless Cricket
・Monster or Guardian Part
Stamina Restoration

List of All Food and Elixir Recipes

Go to the Stable to Check the Stats

Zelda BOTW - Go to the Stable to Check the Stats
Take the horse to the Highland Stable at the Faron region and register it. Be careful when heading towards Oseira Plains as there are two Lynels patrolling the center of the area. You can stick to the left side as you pass through the plains to avoid the Lynels.

If the horse does not have the stats you want, you can reload the save to start again from the cliffside.

Highland Stable Location

Map Location Detailed Map

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View Full Image

Can You Get a 5 Star Stat Horse?

Not Possible to Get a Full 5 Star Stat Horse

Zelda BOTW - Not Possible to Get a Full 5 Star Stat Horse
It is not possible to get a horse with 5 stars on all of its stats. The highest available stats in a horse have 4 stars on Strength and Speed and five stars on Stamina.

Equip with Ancient Horse Gear to Increase Its Stats

Zelda BOTW - Equip with Ancient Horse Gear to Increase Its Stats
Equipping the Ancient Horse Gear increases the horse's Stamina by 2 points, giving it a total of 15 points. The armor also allows you to summon the horse with a whistle at any location, so you do not need to take it out of the stable.

Buy the DLC Expansion Pass to get the Ancient Horse Gear

The Ancient Horse Gear is only obtainable after completing the EX Ancient Horse Rumors quest. This quest is only available if you have purchased the DLC Expansion Pass.

Is The Expansion Pass (DLC) Worth It?

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