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The Hero's Sword Walkthrough | How to Get Through the Lost Woods

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) The Hero
This is a guide to the Main Quest, The Hero's Sword, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start The Hero's Sword and all quest rewards.

How to Start The Hero's Sword

The Hero's Sword Location

Quest Giver The Great Deku Tree
Location Korok Forest
Region Woodland

Upon reaching Korok Forest, attempt to pull the Master Sword from the pedestal, and the Deku Tree will interrupt you, prompting the quest.

How to Get to Korok Forest

To get to Korok Forest, you will need to get through the Lost Woods in the Great Hyrule Forest. It is easy to get lost, but there is a specific way to go about the area.

Getting through the Lost Woods

Objectives Guide
Get to Woodland
You can get to Woodland from the closest tower in the Eldin region.

If you follow the road, you should be able to pass by Woodland Stable.
Nearby: Mirro Shaz Shrine

Activate Woodland Tower
Optional: The tower is at the top of a military camp inhabited by monsters. Around the tower is a bog, and you will sink if you stay too long. Use Cryonis to get through the bog.

Follow the platforms to the tower while killing monsters along the way. Beware of the Decayed Guardian along the path, but you should be able to defend yourself as it is stationery.

Climb up, and activate the tower to gain access to the regional map.
Enter the Lost Woods
Follow the road to the Great Hyrule Forest, and enter the forest. The area will start to get covered in fog.
Tip: The arch with an unlit lantern will be your checkpoint when you get lost. You will be sent back to this place when you lose your way.
Follow the Fire Blaze
Watch carefully where the wind blows the fire. Follow the blaze until you reach the next lanterns.
Tip: If you stray from the path, the fog will start to cover up the screen, and you restart back at the arch. Try to run back to where you came from.
Light a Torch
Deeper into the woods, you will see two lanterns next to each other. You can get the Torch there and light it up.
Use the Torch as a Compass
At this point, there will be no more lanterns to guide you.

Use the fire blaze from the torch to know which direction to go.
Enter the Valley
The entrance to Korok Forest is a small valley with less trees. At this point, the fog will start to slowly disappear.

Past the large log is the Korok Forest.

The Hero's Sword Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Get Enough Hearts

Have 13 Heart Containers
You have to prove yourself worthy of the Master Sword. To do so, you must have at least 13 Heart Containers to successfully get the sword.

If you have insufficient hearts and you pull the sword for the first time, the Deku Tree will stop you at the last moment before you die. Your hearts will also be restored.
Tip: Getting extra temporary hearts is not counted to be able to lift the sword.

Free the Divine Beasts
Defeating a phantom of Ganon and freeing a Divine Beast gives you one Heart Container. By freeing all Divine Beasts, you will get 4 Heart Containers.
Divine Beast Walkthroughs

Clear More Shrines
Clearing Shrines gives you Spirit Orbs. Praying to Goddess Statues can get you a Heart Container or increase your Stamina Wheel for 4 Spirit Orbs.
Shrines Map and All Shrine Locations

Pull the Master Sword Out

Pull the Sword Out
If you have enough Heart Containers, hold A to pull the Master Sword out of the pedestal, losing your hearts the longer you pull.
Nearby: Keo Rugg Shrine

The Hero's Sword Quest Rewards

The Hero's Sword Quest Rewards
Master Sword

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for The Hero's Sword.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start Through the Lost Woods and deep within the Korok Forest sleeps the sword that seals the darkness, a weapon said to be capable of striking down the Calamity.

Though you came to claim the sword, the Deku Tree told you the blade would test you... Although you wielded it 100 years ago, can you pull the sword out in your current state?
Quest Clear You've acquired the legendary Master Sword, that which seals the darkness. You feel that the sword itself delights to be in your possession...

Even at this moment, Princess Zelda is within Hyrule Castle, fighting to suppress the Calamity. She endures, believing you will come for her...

Will you be able to save her as you are now?

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