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Post Game Content Guide: Is There a New Game Plus?

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Breath of the Wild - Sheikah Slate

Completing Breath of the Wild doesn't end upon defeating Ganon. To 100% complete the game, you'll have to find all collectibles, defeat all the bosses, and uncover the entire map. Read on to learn about BotW's Post Game, how to complete it, and whether New Game Plus is available.

Post-Game Challenges

Aim for a 100% Completion Rate

100% Completion

After defeating Calamity Ganon, you will be able to see the completion rate at the bottom-left part of the map. For you to achieve a completion rate of 100%, you need to find all the Koroks, locate all the shrines, and display all of the places' names on the map by discovering each area.

Find all Koroks

Found a Korok

This is no easy task as there are a total of 900 Koroks to find! These spirits with leaves on their faces wants you to find all of them by solving puzzles or completing challenges.

Koroks give Korok Seeds after they are found which can then be given to Hestu to increase your maximum inventory slot for either weapon, shield, or bow.

Korok Seeds Map and All Korok Seed Locations

Locate all Shrines

Locating a Shrine
There are a total of 120 Shrines to be located. Completing shrine challenges reward Link with Spirit Orbs which are used to increase his maximum hearts and stamina.

Link can fast travel to shrines to easily go to places without having to consume stamina by either climbing or swimming to a destination you want to go to.

Shrines Map and All Shrine Locations

Display all Location Names on the Map

By visiting areas, their names will display on the map. Activating the Sheikah podium-like structure at the top of towers only reveals the map, but not the names of the area and places surrounding it.

Complete the Hyrule Compendium

Hyrule Compendium

The Hyrule Compendium is an encyclopedia of monsters, materials, creatures, materials, and treasure. You can see the description and common locations of each entry in the compendium.

With the Sheikah Sensor upgraded to the Sheikah Sensor+, you can use its feature to assist you in locating registered entries all throughout Hyrule.

How to Complete the Hyrule Compendium

Pictures are available to purchase at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

Compendium Copies

If you feel like it's too tedious to take a picture for the compendium, you can buy pictures from Symin for 100 Rupees each after completing the Sunshroom Sensing side quest. Additionally, after defeating Calamity Ganon, Symin will start selling Elite Enemy Pictures for 500 Rupees each.

Sunshroom Sensing Walkthrough | How to Buy Pictures

Collect and Upgrade All Armor

Upgrade all Equipment

Armor are great in most situations as they can help Link become immune to fire, make Link unfreezable, help him get warm, blend with certain enemies, and many other buffs!

Wearing sets gives Link bonuses which can be unlocked if the three pieces of armor in the set have been upgraded to level 2. For Link to do so, he must find a Fairy Fountain or find all Fairy Fountains to unlock some armor's maximum upgrade level.

Great Fairy Map: All Fairy Fountain Locations and How to Upgrade Armor

Defeat All Mini Bosses

Red Hinox

Reward Condition
Medal of Honor - HinoxMedal of Honor: Hinox Defeated all 40 Hinox.
Medal of Honor - TalusMedal of Honor: Stone Talus Defeated all 40 Talus.
Medal of Honor - MoldugaMedal of Honor: Molduga Defeated all 4 Molduga.

Mini Bosses include Hinox, Talus, and Molduga. Kilton will award you with a Medal of Honor of a mini boss if you've successfully defeated them all.

Buy the DLC / Expansion Pass

Expansion Pass

More quests, shrines, and armor are available for you to collect once you've bought the DLC. If you want to do more in Hyrule, buying both DLCs are definitely worth it!

List of DLC Quests

Is There a New Game Plus?

No New Game Plus

There are no options for creating a New Game+ in Breath of the Wild. You can only have one save file per profile and if you want to create another one, either you overwrite your previous save, or start a new game in another profile.

Playing in Master Mode is different as they have separate save files so you can play continue playing on Normal Mode if you've started creating a save for Master Mode.

Master Mode Guide

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