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Reach Zora's Domain Walkthrough

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Reach Zora

This is a guide to the Main Quest Reach Zora's Domain in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start Reach Zora's Domain and all quest rewards.

How to Start Reach Zora's Domain

Reach Zora's Domain Location

Quest Giver Sidon
Location Inogo Bridge
Region Lanayru

After meeting Sidon at Inogo Bridge, he asks you to come to Zora's Domain with him. Because of the rainfall, you cannot climb cliffs so you will need to follow the lit path to reach Zora's Domain.

Reach Zora's Domain Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Reach Oren's Bridge

Objectives Guide
Follow the Path to Zora's Domain
You need to traverse your way to Zora's Domain. Make sure to replenish your weapons and arrows, and prepare boosting dishes since you will be facing swamps of monsters on the way.

Use a Remote Bomb to Reveal an Ore Deposit
Optional: Before going up the steep hill, you can cross the river to the other side to find breakable rocks. Use a remote to find an Ore Deposit containing Ambers.
Avoid the Falling Rocks!
Up the hill where Sidon meets you again, rocks will fall from the cliff, so be sure to dodge them.
Go Up the Hill
You can go through the rocky path and meet the camp of monsters, or you can go up the hill to ambush the Lizalfos before it warns the others.

Use a Fire Arrow to Burn the Thorns
Optional: Inside the rocky path, you will be stopped by thorns blocking the way. You can use a Fire Arrow to burn it, getting the Treasure Chest, containing a Purple Rupee (which are worth 50 Rupees).
Defeat the Monster Camp
At this point, you should consume any shock-resisting food or elixirs, as the enemies will be using Shock Arrows.

Use the monsters' wooden planks to take cover from the electric blows.
Reach Bank of Wishes
Keep following the path until you reach the next area, Bank of Wishes, where Sidon will speak with you again.
Get Rid of the Electric Keeses
In the next area, a number of Electric Keeses will be hanging from the ceiling. Make sure to get rid of them using arrows or remote bombs from afar so they do not electrecute you.
Cross Oren Bridge
Follow the path, defeating the Lizalfos until you reach Oren Bridge. Sidon will speak with you again, and at this point, you are almost halfway to Zora's Domain.

Get to Ruto Mountain

Avoid the Falling Rocks!
Up the hill past Oren Bridge, more rocks will fall, so be sure to avoid them.
Defeat the Monster Camp
Upon reaching the hilltop, another monster camp will be waiting for you. Defeat them and replenish your equipment.

Defeat the Monsters at their Base
Optional: After defeating the monster camp, go left to find more of them at their base. There is a treasure chest in that area containing a Silver Rupee (or 100 Rupees).
Cross Luto's Crossing
Cross the long bridge of Luto's Crossing where you can oversee Zora's Domain. Immediately after speaking with Sidon, a Blue Moblin will attack from behind you.
Traverse Ruto Mountain
You will need to go up and down the mountain. There will be less enemies, but there will be stronger ones such as Thunder Wizzrobes and Moblins.

Get the Treasure Chest
Optional: On the way down Ruto Mountain, there is a buried treasure chest to the left. Use Magnesis to get it out, and open it to get Bomb Arrows.

Enter Zora's Domain

Cross the Great Zora Bridge
After descending Ruto Mountain, you will finally reach Zora territory.
Nearby: Ne'ez Yohma Shrine
Go to the Throne Room
Now at Zora's Domain, go to the top floor to get to the throne room and speak with the king to discuss appeasing Vah Ruta.
Divine Beast Vah Ruta Quest Walkthrough

Reach Zora's Domain Quest Rewards

Reach Zora's Domain Quest Rewards
There are no rewards for completing this quest.

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Reach Zora's Domain.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start Sidon, prince of the Zora, invited you to come to Zora's Domain.

He warned you that owing to the heavy rains, the rocks along the path are dangerously slippery.
1st Update You arrived at Zora's Domain. The next step is to visit King Dorephan in the throne room on the top floor.
Quest Clear You arrived at the throne room in Zora's Domain.

According to Sidon, Zora's Domain is in danger, and they need the help of a strong Hylian.

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