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Treasure Chest Gambling Guide

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Botw - Treasure Chest Gambling Mini Game

This guide is to the Treasure Chest Gambling Mini Game in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to learn where to find the gambling mini game, as well as the gambling game rules, and how to win the most money win gambling!

Where to Find the Chest Gambling Mini Game

Gambling Mini Game Location

The star on the map is where the Treasure Gambling Game is located.

Located in Lurelin Village

Check your map and head to Lurelin Village. It is located on the southeastern part of Hyrule, on the beach near the Yah Rin Shrine.

Head to the Gambling Hut

Botw - Gambling Place
You can find the treasure chest gambling mini game if you follow the path from the village entrance. The fourth house (the one that is rupee decorated) that you encounter is where you can play the mini game.

Gambling Mini Game Rules

Talk to Cloyne

Botw - Talk to Cloyne
Talk to Cloyne and he will explain the rules to you.

Place Your Bets

Botw - Place your Bets
Cloyne will ask you how much you will bet. The Rupees you can earn back will depend on how much you bet. It can be 2x or 3x the amount of Rupees you bet.

Open a Chest

Botw - Open a Chest
After placing a bet, go further inside and select a chest you want. The chance of getting the jackpot is 33.33%.

How to Win the Gambling Mini Game

Save the Game Before Gambling

Botw - Save Progress
A cheap, but tried and true old trick. If you do not want to risk your Rupees, you can always save your progress before betting anything. The most risk-free method there is!

Reload the save data if you lose and keep repeating this step until you win. If you win, you can save your progress again to keep the Rupees you won.

Pure Luck

Botw - Pure luck
There are no tricks to get a 100% success rate in this Treasure Chest Gambling (no Mask of Truth unfortunately!). If you are confident enough with your luck, start gambling!

Stop at Consecutive Losses

Botw - Consecutive Loss
You might win consecutively at first, but there will be a time where you hit a losing streak. If you keep on losing, consider stopping and save your remaining Rupees for something more important, like arrows or materials.

Essentially, don't sink into what is commonly known as the Gambler's Fallacy (sunk cost).

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1 Th3M4chineabout 3 years

The first bet on 10, 50, and 100, each time it was the middle chest, but only on the first bet for each tier. Was never able to guess any other repeatable results.


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