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List of One-Handed Weapons

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Breath of the Wild One-Handed Weapons

This is a list of all one-handed weapons in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

List of One-Handed Weapons

All BotW One-Handed Weapons

No. Weapon Attack Power Location
206 BOTWMaster Sword Master Sword 30 Korok Forest
207 BOTWTree Branch Tree Branch 2 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
208 BOTWTorch Torch 2 ・Great Hyrule Forest
・Hyrule Field
209 BOTWSoup Ladle Soup Ladle 4 ・Hyrule Field
・Tabantha Frontier
210 BOTWBoomerang Boomerang 8 ・West Necluda
・Faron Grasslands
211 BOTWSpring-Loaded Hammer Spring-Loaded Hammer 1 All Towns
212 BOTWTraveler Traveler's Sword 5 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
213 BOTWSoldier Soldier's Broadsword 14 ・Hyrule Field
・Faron Grasslands
214 BOTWKnight Knight's Broadsword 26 ・Gerudo Desert
・Tabantha Frontier
215 BOTWRoyal Broadsword Royal Broadsword 36 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Akkala Highlands
216 BOTWForest Dweller Forest Dweller's Sword 22 ・Great Hyrule Forest
・Hyrule Field
217 BOTWZora Sword Zora Sword 15 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・East Necluda
218 BOTWFeathered Edge Feathered Edge 15 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hyrule Field
219 BOTWGerudo Scimitar Gerudo Scimitar 16 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
220 BOTWMoonlight Scimitar Moonlight Scimitar 25 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
221 BOTWScimitar of the Seven Scimitar of the Seven 32 Gerudo Desert
222 BOTWEightfold Blade Eightfold Blade 15 ・West Necluda
・Lake Hylia
223 BOTWAncient Short Sword Ancient Short Sword 40 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
224 BOTWRusty Broadsword Rusty Broadsword 6 ・Hyrule Field
・Eldin Canyon
225 BOTWRoyal Guard Royal Guard's Sword 48 Unknown
226 BOTWFlameblade Flameblade 24 ・Hyrule Field
・East Necluda
227 BOTWFrostblade Frostblade 20 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Hyrule Field
228 BOTWThunderblade Thunderblade 22 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
229 BOTWBoko Club Boko Club 4 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
230 BOTWSpiked Boko Club Spiked Boko Club 12 ・Faron Grasslands
・East Necluda
231 BOTWDragonbone Boko Club Dragonbone Boko Club 24 ・Hyrule Ridge
・Necluda Sea
232 BOTWLizal Boomerang Lizal Boomerang 14 ・Lake Hylia
・Lanayru Wetlands
233 BOTWLizal Forked Boomerang Lizal Forked Boomerang 24 ・Gerudo Desert
・Tabantha Frontier
234 BOTWLizal Tri-Boomerang Lizal Tri-Boomerang 36 ・Hebra Mountains
・Akkala Highlands
235 BOTWGuardian Sword Guardian Sword 20 ・Eldin Canyon
・Tabantha Frontier
236 BOTWGuardian Sword+ Guardian Sword+ 30 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Akkala Highlands
237 BOTWGuardian Sword++ Guardian Sword++ 40 ・Hebra Mountains
・Akkala Highlands
238 BOTWLynel Sword Lynel Sword 24 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Hyrule Field
239 BOTWMighty Lynel Sword Mighty Lynel Sword 36 ・Hyrule Field
・Lanayru Great Spring
240 BOTWSavage Lynel Sword Savage Lynel Sword 58 ・Hyrule Field
・Hebra Mountains
241 BOTWFire Rod Fire Rod 5 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Great Hyrule Forest
242 BOTWMeteor Rod Meteor Rod 10 ・Hyrule Field
・Hebra Mountains
243 BOTWIce Rod Ice Rod 5 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Eldin Canyon
244 BOTWBlizzard Rod Blizzard Rod 10 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Hebra Mountains
245 BOTWLightning Rod Lightning Rod 5 ・West Necluda
・Hyrule Ridge
246 BOTWThunderstorm Rod Thunderstorm Rod 10 ・Hyrule Field
・Hyrule Ridge
247 BOTWVicous Sickle Vicous Sickle 16 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
248 BOTWDemon Carver Demon Carver 40 Unknown
249 One-Hit Obliterator Unknown
250 BOTWBokoblin Arm Bokoblin Arm 5 Greater Hyrule
251 BOTWLizalfos Arm Lizalfos Arm 12 Greater Hyrule

No. refers to the Hyrule Compendium number.

All amiibo One-Handed Weapons

Item Attack Power amiibo
Goddess Sword 28 Skyward Sword Link amiibo
Sea-Breeze Boomerang 20 Toon Link or The Wind Waker Link amiibo
Sword 22 8-Bit Link amiibo

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