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How to Farm Star Fragments Quickly

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This is a guide to farming Star Fragments, a material in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn the fastest way to get Star Fragments, its buy and sell prices, as well as what you can do with this item.

Star Fragment General Info

Star Fragment
Star Fragment Image
Item Type Treasures
A mysterious stone fragment that fell from the sky. It looks like it would fetch a good price, but you may be able to use it in certain recipes as well.

Star Fragment Effects

Heart Recovery None
Cooking Effect None

Star Fragment Buy Prices

Buy Price - / -

What To Do With Star Fragments

Sell For Rupees

Star Fragments can be sold for 300 Rupees. However, since they are so rare, you should use them for upgrading armor instead.

Item Sell Price
Star Fragment 300

Use It For Armor Upgrades

Star Fragments can be used to upgrade the following armor through Great Fairies. If you happen to get your hands on one, this is where you should be using it!

Ancient Cuirass IconAncient Cuirass Ancient Greaves IconAncient Greaves Ancient Helm IconAncient Helm Cap of the Wild IconCap of the Wild
Diamond Circlet IconDiamond Circlet Ruby Circlet IconRuby Circlet Sapphire Circlet IconSapphire Circlet Topaz Earrings IconTopaz Earrings
Trousers of the Wild IconTrousers of the Wild Tunic of the Wild IconTunic of the Wild Cap of Time IconCap of Time Cap of Twilight IconCap of Twilight
Cap of the Hero IconCap of the Hero Cap of the Sky IconCap of the Sky Cap of the Wind IconCap of the Wind Sheik's Mask
Tunic of the Sky IconTunic of the Sky Tunic of Time IconTunic of Time Tunic of Twilight IconTunic of Twilight Tunic of the Hero IconTunic of the Hero
Tunic of the Wind IconTunic of the Wind Trousers of the Sky IconTrousers of the Sky Trousers of Time IconTrousers of Time Trousers of Twilight IconTrousers of Twilight
Trousers of the Hero IconTrousers of the Hero Trousers of the Wind IconTrousers of the Wind

Where to Get Star Fragments

Star Fragment Locations and Sources

Shooting Stars
Treasure Chests
Dug up by dogs

Star Fragments are a somewhat rare material that cannot be bought, and are normally found by seeing a shooting star, then tracking down the location where it landed. While a bit tedious, an infinite number of Star Fragments can be found this way. For more info, see the farming section below.

In addition, there are 8 fixed locations where Star Fragments can be found. However, after obtaining these once, they do not show up again. Be sure and find them first, as they are faster than farming them!

Military Training Camp Chest

Military Training Camp Map
Head to the Military Training Camp and up to the spot with a muddy area. You can get here quickly by warping to the Woodland Tower.

Military Training Camp Chest
Use Magnesis to find a treasure chest submerged in the mud.

Military Training Camp Star Fragment
Bring it to the surface and open it to get the Star Fragment inside.

Hidden Plateau near Spool Blight

Hidden Plateau Spool Blight
Head to the hidden plateau west of Spool Blight in the Lanaryu Sea. The area is located Southeast of Mah Eliya Shrine. Look for the chest and open it to get the Star Fragment inside.

Feed the Dog at Lurelin Village

To get this Star Fragment, you need to give the dog at Lurelin Village at least three pieces of meat. Once you befriend the dog, it will lead you to a spot where it will dig up a Star Fragment.

Feed the Dog at Snowfield Stable

To get this Star Fragment, you need to give the dog at Snowfield Stable at least three pieces of meat. Once you befriend the dog, it will lead you to a spot where it will dig up a Star Fragment.

Talk to Aliza at Outskirt Stable

Head to Outskirt Stable and talk to Aliza to start the side quest My Hero. She is standing under a tree from the road. Show her the Master Sword and she'll reward you with a Star Fragment.

Talk to Shamae at Woodland Stable

Head to Woodland Stable and talk to Shamae to star the Balloon Flight sidequest. She requests Link to put balloons on the barrels so they can fly. Simply attach two Octo Balloons on the barrell. She will then reward you with a Star Fragment.

Underwater Chest at Hyrule Castle Docks

Travel to Hyrule Castle Docks from the giant pillar north of Hyrule Castle. Head to the port area inside the cave and activate Magnesis to find a treasure chest submerged underwater. Bring it to the surface and open it to get the Star Fragment inside.

Typhlo Ruins Puzzle

You can get a Star Fragment as you traverse the Typhlo Ruins. The treasure chest is located on a spot near an elevated platform with two torch stands. Jump to the platform and open the chest to receive a Star Fragment.

Methods of Farming Star Fragments

Although it's possible to farm Star Fragments anywhere in the overland, the best method is to climb a high vantage point and wait until 9:00 PM. They can only appear between 9:00 PM and 3:30 AM, and they will disappear at 5:00.

Dueling Peaks Farming

Dueling Peaks Shrine
The best place to farm Star Fragments is at the top of Dueling Peaks. You can get there quickly by warping to the Shee Vaneer Shrine.

Dueling Peaks Top
Behind the shrine is the top of the mountain. Climb up until you reach two statues with offering bowls.

If you have the Master Trials DLC, you may also use the Travel Medallion to set this location as a warp spot.

From here, you can see that you have a great view of Central Hyrule. You'll want to face west from the map so that Hyrule Castle is at the right of your screen.

Camping at Dueling Peaks
Light a bundle of wood and wait until night time. If you don't have a torch or fire-based weapons, simply drop some flint next to the wood and strike it with your sword to light the fire.

Waiting for a Star to Fall
After resting, it will be night time at exactly 9:00 PM. At this point, you'll need to wait until a shooting star lights up the sky. Turn up your game's volume and make sure that Hyrule Castle is at the right side of your screen.

Shooting Star
Eventually, a shooting star will appear in the sky and land somewhere in Hyrule Field. A bright golden light will indicate where the Star Fragment has landed. Jump off and glide from Dueling Peaks to its location.

The Star Has Landed

You have until 5:00 AM to get a Star Fragment before it disappears! Gliding is relatively slow, so once you're near land, you may want to just run towards the Star Fragment or call your horse.

If you have The Champion's Ballad DLC, you can also use the Master Cycle Zero to quickly cover some ground.

Star Fragment End
You can repeat this method again by warping to the Shee Vaneer Shrine and resting until it's night time to farm as much Star Fragments as you want!

Star Fragment Farming Tips

Star Fragments and Water

Star Fragments will always crash on land, but once you get near it, its luminosity will start to fade as it becomes an item that you can pick up. Star Fragments also tend to roll around its landing site, especially if it lands on a curved or steep location.

This can be dangerous if the Star Fragment lands near a body of water as there's a chance that it may roll into the water. When this happens, the Star Fragment is lost forever!

Star Fragments Land Where You're Facing

Overlooking Hyrule Field
Star Fragments always land where you are facing, so it's important to find a place that's relatively flat and has a few bodies of water.

This is the reason why the best farming spot in the game is at the top of Dueling Peaks as Hyrule Field is a generally flat area with few bodies of water.

Always Carry Some Wood and Flint

Before you start farming for Star Fragments, you'll want to make sure you have a good stock of wood and flint. You may also use a Flameblade or Meteor Wand to light the bundles of wood.

Star Fragments appear between 9:00PM and 3:30AM, and it may take a while before one appears. There's also a chance that one appears just as the sun is about to rise.

When this happens, you won't have enough time to get to the Star Fragment before it disappears. Having a good stock of wood and flint gives you more chances to farm!

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Crucial detail: be sure to sleep until morning and THEN sleep until 9pm.

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If you are up for the challenge grinding on the silver/gold lynels works as well I've collected 5 from them on my current play through


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