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Breath of the Wild Elixirs

This is a list of all the elixirs you can make in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). You can also find recipes to see how to make elixirs and the materials you need for the various effects!

What are Elixirs?

Botw - Elixirs

Potions with Effects and Buffs

Elixirs differ from the cook food in two ways; they use Monster Parts as ingredients, and they always have an effect.

These effects can boost things like your health, stamina or attack power, or serve to protect you against the elements of Breath of the Wild. Especially stamina potions are super useful, so let's get cooking!

List of Elixirs and Potions

All BotW Elixirs

Item Ingredients / Effect
Breath of the Wild - Chilly Elixir ImageChilly Elixir ・Winterwing Butterfly
・Monster or Guardian Part
Heat Resistance
Breath of the Wild - Electro Elixir ImageElectro Elixir ・Electric Darner
・Monster or Guardian Part
Shock Resistance
Breath of the Wild - Enduring Elixir ImageEnduring Elixir ・Tireless Frog
・Monster or Guardian Part
Extra Stamina
Breath of the Wild - Energizing Elixir ImageEnergizing Elixir ・Energetic Rhino Beetle
・Monster or Guardian Part
Stamina Restoration
Breath of the Wild - Fireproof Elixir ImageFireproof Elixir ・Smotherwing Butterfly
・Monster or Guardian Part
Flame Guard
Breath of the Wild - Hasty Elixir ImageHasty Elixir ・Hot-Footed Frog
・Monster or Guardian Part
Movement Speed Up
Breath of the Wild - Hearty Elixir ImageHearty Elixir ・Hearty Lizard
・Monster or Guardian Part
Extra Hearts
Breath of the Wild - Mighty Elixir ImageMighty Elixir ・Bladed Rhino Beetle
・Monster or Guardian Part
Attack Up
Breath of the Wild - Sneaky Elixir ImageSneaky Elixir ・Sunset Firefly
・Monster or Guardian Part
Stealth Up
Breath of the Wild - Spicy Elixir ImageSpicy Elixir ・Warm Darner
・Monster or Guardian Part
Cold Resistance
Breath of the Wild - Tough Elixir ImageTough Elixir ・Rugged Rhino Beetle
・Monster or Guardian Part
Defense Up

Fairy Tonic

Dish Ingredients
Fairy Tonic Fairy

Not really food, and yet not really an elixir, Fairy Tonics are potions made with Fairies that heal large amounts of hearts.

How to Make Elixirs

Gather Materials

Elixir Material Requirements
Critter + Monster Part

All Elixirs are made by combining a Monster Part and a Creature with the desired effect.

Some materials can be bought from shops or traveling merchants, but you'll probably find most of your ingredients as you adventure through Hyrule.

Look for a Cooking Pot

Breath of the Wild - Look for Cooking Pot
Just like when cooking food, you can only create elixirs by mixing your ingredients in a cooking pot. Cooking pots are easy to find in stables and villages. , so travel to one and start looking for a cooking pot.

Select the Materials

Breath of the Wild - Get Materials
Next you choose the base materials you'll use to make the elixir, based on what kind of buff you want. For example, one way of making a basic stamina potion is to hold a Restless Cricket and a Keese Wing and cook them, and if you want more stamina recovery you can add more Crickets.

Start Cooking

Botw - Stamina Potion
Exit your menu and step close enough to the cooking pot for the Cook option to appear (A button), then start cooking! You'll see the result immediately, bu you can also check it via the Food tab in the Inventory.

Tips for Making Elixirs

Critter and Monster Part Compatibility

Botw - Critter & Monster Comaptibility Result
Critters and monster parts with the same attribute have the most compatibility when cooked into an elixir. Always check each critter or monster part attribute to get the highest quality of elixir before making one.

Decide on the Elixir Type

Botw - Decide the Elixir
Avoid randomly selecting each material and first decide on what elixir you want to make, then look for the creatures and monster materials that will give the buff.

You can then power up the effect by adding more Creatures, or make the potion last longer by adding more Monster Spoils.

List of Elixir Effects

Effect Explanation
Attack Up Deal more damage than usual.
Defense Up Take less damage from attacks.
Extra Hearts Gives you bonus hearts that will decrease before your normal hearts.
Extra Stamina Gives you bonus stamina that will be used when the normal gauge runs out.
Stamina Restoration Immediately recovery part of your stamina gauge.
Movement Speed Up Walking and running speed will be increased.
Stealth Up Make less sounds when moving, allowing you to sneak up on enemies.
Flame Guard Immune to burning, whether from environments or attacks.
Cold Resistance Become able to withstand colder temperatures.
Heat Resistance Become able to withstand higher temperatures.
Shock Resistance Take less damage from electric attacks and lightning.

Only Use the Required Materials

Botw - Dubious Food
Try not to waste your precious materials by adding ingredients that are not included in the recipe. Adding a single apple, for example, will result in a Dubious Food.

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