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Witcher 3 Map Skellige

This page contains the map and locations of the Skellige region in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for more information on the specific locations in Skellige.

Skellige Quest Starting Locations

Main Quest Starting Locations

Main Quest StartEnlarge

There are a total of 10 Main Quests available in the Skellige Region. You can get these automatically when you complete the previous Main Quest associated with it.

Side Quest Starting Locations

Side Quest StartEnlarge

There are a total of 42 Side Quests available in the Skellige Region. You can get some of these from the Notice Boards scattered around Skellige or by directly talking to the quest giver. Some Side Quests require the player to be at a certain point in the story or to have finished other side quests to activate.

Side Quest Legend
1. Master of the Arena 2. Free Spirit
3. The Tower Outta Nowheres 4. The Path of Warriors
5. For Fame and Glory 6. The Last Wish
7. The Mysterious Passenger 8. The Price of Honor
9. Iron Maiden 10. The Four Faces of Hemdall
11. Flesh for Sale 12. Crime and Punishment
13. Finders Keepers 14. King's Gambit
15. The Lord of Undvik 16. Possession
17. An Unpaid Debt 18. Worthy of Trust
19. The Family Blade 20. Peace Disturbed
21. Yustianna Disturbed 22. The Nithing
23. Hard Times 24. Abandoned Sawmill
25. Coronation 26. Shock Therapy
27. Practicum in Advanced Alchemy 28. Armed Assault
29. The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers 30. From a Land Far, Far Away
31. In the Heart of the Woods 32. Never Trust Children
33. Siren's Call 34. Call of the Wild
35. Stranger in a Strange Land 36. Farting Trolls
37. A Hallowed Horn 38. The Cave of Dreams Path 1 Start
39. The Cave of Dreams Path 2 Start 40. Skellige's Most Wanted
41. Brave Fools Die Young 42. Woe Is Me

Contract Starting Locations

Contracts StartEnlarge

There are a total of 5 Contracts available in the Skellige Region. You can get these by picking up the Notices on the Notice Boards scattered around the Skellige Region.

Scavenger Hunt Starting Locations

Scavenger Hunt StartEnlarge

There are a total of 15 Scavenger Hunts available in the Skellige Region. Once you start a Scavenger Hunt, some clues you gain will lead you to the next Scavenger Hunt of the same Witcher School and Tier.

Skellige Points of Interest

Fast Travel Points

There are a total of 54 Signposts where the player can discover them by approaching the site on the map and it will allow them to fast travel from one Signpost to another.

Skellige Fast TravelEnlarge

Skellige Signposts
Abandoned Sawmill Abandoned Village Ancient Crypt
Arinbjorn Bay Of Winds Blandare
Boxholm Bridge to Kaer Trolde Clan Tordarroch Forge
Crossroads Distillery Dorve Ruins
Druids' Camp Eldberg Lighthouse Elverum Lighthouse
Fayrlund Fornhala Freya's Garden
Fyresdal Gedyneith Giants' Toes
Grotto Gull Point Harviken
Holmstein's Port Hov Isolated Hut
Kaer Almhult Kaer Gelen Kaer Muire
Kaer Trolde Harbor Larvik Lofoten
Lofoten Cemetery Lurthen Marlin Coast
Miners' Camp Old Watchtower Palisade
Rannvaig Redgill Rogne
Ruined Inn Sund Svorlag
The Pali Gap Coast Trail to Yngvar's Fang Trottheim
Urialla Harbor Urskar Whale Graveyard
Wild Shore Yngvar's Fang Yustinna's Grotto

Exploration Points

There are a total of 184 Exploration points scattered around the Skellige region. The player can discorver these by getting Notices on the Notice Boards of Skellige or by approaching the site on the map.

Skellige ExplorationEnlarge

Monster Den 5
Abandoned Site 6
Sumgglers' Cache 59
Guarded Treasure 22
Bandit Camp 6
Person(s) in Distress 2
Hidden Treasure 48
Monster Nest 5
Cave Entrance 31

Places of Power

Skellige ExplorationEnlarge

There are a total of 9 Places of Power in the region of Skellige. Some are located at the islands that are separate from the mainland, and some can only be accessed during quests.

Aard Igni Yrden Quen Axii
1 2 2 2 2

For more information about the Places of Power see our guide in the link below.

List of Place of Power Locations

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