Lanayru Tower Region: Korok Seed Map, Shrines, and Quests | Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

This page is a map of the Lanayru Tower Region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find all Korok Seed locations in the Lanayru Tower Region, as well as quests, shrines, and other locations.

Lanayru Tower Region Korok Seed Map

Lanayru Tower Region Map

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Shrines in Lanayru Tower Region

Shrine Location
Soh Kofi Shrine Inogo Bridge
Sheh Rata Shrine Lanayru Wetlands
Shai Yota Shrine Horon Lagoon
Sato Koda Shrine Upland Zorana
Rucco Maag Shrine Samasa Plain
Ne'ez Yohma Shrine Zora's Domain
Mah Eliya Shrine Ploymus Mountain
Kaya Wan Shrine Wetland Stable
Daka Tuss Shrine Shrine Island - Lanayru Wetlands
Dagah Keek Shrine Veiled Falls
Kee Dafunia Shrine Ankel Island
Kah Mael Shrine Tingel Island
Divine Beast Vah Ruta Zora's Domain

Quests in Lanayru Tower Region

Main Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
Divine Beast Vah Ruta Main Quest King Dorephan
Zora's Domain
Reach Zora's Domain Main Quest Sidon
Inogo Bridge

Side Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
Riverbed Reward Side Quest Izra
Wetland Stable
A Wife Washed Away Side Quest Fronk
Zora's Domain
Luminous Stone Gathering Side Quest Ledo
Zora's Domain
Diving is Beauty! Side Quest Gruve
Zora's Domain
Zora Stone Monuments Side Quest Jiahto
Zora's Domain
Frog Catching Side Quest Tumbo
Zora's Domain
The Giant of Ralis Pond Side Quest Torfeau
Zora's Domain
Lynel Safari Side Quest Laflat
Zora's Domain
Special Delivery Side Quest Finley
Bank of Wishes

Shrine Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
Master of the Wind Shrine Quest Kass
Horon Lagoon
The Ceremonial Song Shrine Quest Laruta
Zora's Domain

DLC Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
EX Champion Mipha's Song DLC Main Quest ???
Ja'Abu Ridge

All Locations in Lanayru Tower Region

Zora River Zodobon Highlands Zelo Pond Zauz Island
Wintre Island Wetland Stable Wes Island Veiled Falls
Upland Zorana Trilby Plain Toto Lake Tingel Island
Thims Bridge Ternio Trail Tarm Point Talus Plateau
Tal Tal Peak Tabahl Woods Spool Bight Shrine Island
Shattered Point Samasa Plain Ruto Precipe Ruto Mountain
Ruto Lake Rutala River Rutala Dam Rikoka Hills
Rebonae Brige Ralis Pond Ploymus Mountain Oren Bridge
Moor Garrison Ruins Molida Island Millennio Sandbar Mikau Lake
Mercay Island Luto's Crossing Lulu Lake Lodrum Headland
Linebeck Island Lanayru Bay Knuckel Island Kincean Island
Ja'Abu Ridge Inogo Bridge Horon Lagoon Goponga Village Ruins
Goponga Island East Reservoir Lake Davdi Island Crenel Peak
Brynna Point Bonè Pond Bannan Island Bank of Wishes
Ankel Island

All Tower Regions

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Points of Interest

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Shrines Stables
Great Fairy Fountains Korok Seeds

Tower Regions

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Dueling Peaks
Great Plateau

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