Hateno Tower Region: Korok Seed Map, Shrines, and Quests | Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

This page is a map of the Hateno Tower Region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find all Korok Seed locations in the Hateno Tower Region, as well as quests, shrines, and other locations.

Hateno Tower Region Korok Seed Map

Hateno Tower Region Map
Hateno Tower Region MapEnlarge

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Shrines in Hateno Tower Region

Shrine Location
Myahm Agana Shrine Hateno Village
Kam Urog Shrine Robred Dropoff / Ovli Plains
Chaas Qeta Shrine Tenoko Island
Tahno O'ah Shrine Lanayru Range
Mezza Lo Shrine Rabia Plain
Jitan Sa'mi Shrine Spring of Wisdom
Dow Na'eh Shrine Lanayru Promenade

Quests in Hateno Tower Region

Main Quests

No quests to display in this region.

Side Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
The Hero's Cache Side Quest Kass
Kitano Bay
Slated for Upgrades Side Quest Purah
Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Sunshroom Sensing Side Quest Symin
Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
The Sheep Rustlers Side Quest Koyin
Hateno Village
The Weapon Connoisseur Side Quest Nebb
Hateno Village
A Gift for My Beloved Side Quest Manny
Hateno Village
The Statue's Bargain Side Quest Horned Statue
Hateno Village
Hylian Homeowner Side Quest Bolson
Hateno Village
From the Ground Up Side Quest Hudson
Hateno Village
Robbie's Research Side Quest Purah
Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

Shrine Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
The Crowned Beast Shrine Quest Kass
Rabia Plain
The Spring of Wisdom Shrine Quest Medda
Hateno Village
The Cursed Statue Shrine Quest Calip
Fort Hateno
Secret of the Cedars Shrine Quest Clavia
Hateno Village

DLC Quests

No quests to display in this region.

All Locations in Hateno Tower Region

Zelkoa Pond Walnot Mountain Trotter's Downfall Tenoko Island
Spring of Wisdom Solewood Range Retsam Forest Rabia Plain
Quatta's Shelf Purifier Lake Pierre Plateau Phalian Highlands
Peak of Awakening Ovli Plain Nirvata Plateau Nirvata Lake
Naydra Snowfield Midla Woods Marblod Plain Mapla Point
Madorna Mountain Loshlo Harbor Lanayru Road - West Gate Lanayru Road - East Gate
Lanayru Range Lanayru Promenade Lanayru Heights Lanayru Bluff
Lake Sumac Lake Jarrah Kitano Bay Hateno Beach
Hateno Bay Ginner Woods Fort Hateno Firly Plateau
Fir River Ebon Mountain Deepback Bay Cliffs of Quince
Camphor Pond Afromsia Coast

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