Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

List of Enemies

List of Enemies

A list of all Enemies (vicious monsters, powerful foes, and normal foes) in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Learn what battles each enemy can be found in, as well as the materials they drop.

List of Enemies

Vicious Monsters

Battle-Tested Guardian IconBattle-Tested Guardian Blizzrobe IconBlizzrobe Thunder Wizzrobe IconThunder Wizzrobe Meteo Wizzrobe IconMeteo Wizzrobe
Fire Chuchu IconFire Chuchu Silver Lynel IconSilver Lynel Black Hinox IconBlack Hinox Silver Moblin IconSilver Moblin
Stone Talus IconStone Talus Electric Chuchu IconElectric Chuchu Ice Chuchu IconIce Chuchu

Vicious Monsters are new enemy variants introduced in the Pulse of the Ancients DLC. These monsters offer a more difficult challenge by letting you face a stronger variant of the usual powerful foes.

List of Vicious Monsters

Powerful Foes

Enemies Materials
Mutated Ganon Icon Mutated Ganon Currently Unavailable
Malice Moblin Icon Malice Moblin Currently Unavailable
Meteo Wizzrobe Icon Meteo Wizzrobe
Thunder Wizzrobe Icon Thunder Wizzrobe
Blizzrobe Icon Blizzrobe
Battle-Tested Guardian Icon Battle-Tested Guardian Currently Unavailable
Black Lizalfos Icon Black Lizalfos
Fire Wizzrobe Icon Fire Wizzrobe
Ice Wizzrobe Icon Ice Wizzrobe
Electric Wizzrobe Icon Electric Wizzrobe
Moblin Icon Moblin
Blue Moblin Icon Blue Moblin
Black Moblin Icon Black Moblin
Stalmoblin Icon Stalmoblin
Silver Moblin Icon Silver Moblin
Fire Moblin Icon Fire Moblin
Ice Moblin Icon Ice Moblin
Electric Moblin Icon Electric Moblin
Lynel Icon Lynel
Blue-Maned Lynel Icon Blue-Maned Lynel
White-Maned Lynel Icon White-Maned Lynel
Silver Lynel Icon Silver Lynel
Fire Lynel Icon Fire Lynel
Ice Lynel Icon Ice Lynel
Electric Lynel Icon Electric Lynel
Malice Lynel Icon Malice Lynel
Guardian (Stalker) Icon Guardian (Stalker)
Fire Guardian Icon Fire Guardian
Ice Guardian Icon Ice Guardian
Electric Guardian Icon Electric Guardian
Malice Guardian Icon Malice Guardian
Guardian (Skywatcher) Icon Guardian (Skywatcher)
Guardian (Turret) Icon Guardian (Turret)
Guardian Scout I Icon Guardian Scout I
Yiga Blademaster Icon Yiga Blademaster
Sooga Icon Sooga Currently Unavailable
Master Kohga Icon Master Kohga Currently Unavailable
Stone Talus Icon Stone Talus
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Opal Icon Opal
Topaz Icon Topaz
Stone Talus (Luminous) Icon Stone Talus (Luminous)
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Opal Icon Opal
Stone Talus (Rare) Icon Stone Talus (Rare)
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Opal Icon Opal
Ruby Icon Ruby
Topaz Icon Topaz
Igneo Talus Icon Igneo Talus
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Opal Icon Opal
Ruby Icon Ruby
Frost Talus Icon Frost Talus
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Opal Icon Opal
Malice Igneo Talus Icon Malice Igneo Talus
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Ruby Icon Ruby
Malice Frost Talus Icon Malice Frost Talus
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Opal Icon Opal
Hinox Icon Hinox
Blue Hinox Icon Blue Hinox
Black Hinox Icon Black Hinox
Stalnox Icon Stalnox
Fire Hinox Icon Fire Hinox
Ice Hinox Icon Ice Hinox
Electric Hinox Icon Electric Hinox
Malice Hinox Icon Malice Hinox
Gerudo Captain Icon Gerudo Captain Currently Unavailable
Hylian Captain Icon Hylian Captain Currently Unavailable
Zora Captain Icon Zora Captain Currently Unavailable
Goron Captain Icon Goron Captain Currently Unavailable
Rito Captain Icon Rito Captain
Molduga Icon Molduga
Link Icon Link Currently Unavailable
Impa Icon Impa Currently Unavailable
Zelda Icon Zelda Currently Unavailable
Mipha Icon Mipha Currently Unavailable
Daruk Icon Daruk Currently Unavailable
Revali Icon Revali Currently Unavailable
Urbosa Icon Urbosa Currently Unavailable
Hestu Icon Hestu Currently Unavailable
Sidon Icon Sidon Currently Unavailable
Riju Icon Riju Currently Unavailable
King Rhoam Icon King Rhoam Currently Unavailable
Mija Icon Mija Currently Unavailable
Cotera Icon Cotera Currently Unavailable
Kaysa Icon Kaysa Currently Unavailable
Tera Icon Tera Currently Unavailable
Monk Maz Koshia Icon Monk Maz Koshia Currently Unavailable
Astor Icon Astor Currently Unavailable
Hollow Link Icon Hollow Link Currently Unavailable
Hollow Mipha Icon Hollow Mipha Currently Unavailable
Hollow Daruk Icon Hollow Daruk Currently Unavailable
Hollow Revali Icon Hollow Revali Currently Unavailable
Hollow Urbosa Icon Hollow Urbosa Currently Unavailable
Waterblight Ganon Icon Waterblight Ganon Currently Unavailable
Fireblight Ganon Icon Fireblight Ganon Currently Unavailable
Thunderblight Ganon Icon Thunderblight Ganon Currently Unavailable
Windblight Ganon Icon Windblight Ganon Currently Unavailable
Harbinger Ganon Icon Harbinger Ganon Currently Unavailable
Calamity Ganon Icon Calamity Ganon Currently Unavailable

All Bosses and How to Beat Them

Normal Foes

Enemies Materials
Chuchu Icon Chuchu
Fire Chuchu Icon Fire Chuchu
Ice Chuchu Icon Ice Chuchu
Electric Chuchu Icon Electric Chuchu
Keese Icon Keese
Fire Keese Icon Fire Keese
Ice Keese Icon Ice Keese
Electric Keese Icon Electric Keese
Water Octorok Icon Water Octorok
Forest Octorok Icon Forest Octorok
Rock Octorok Icon Rock Octorok
Bokoblin Icon Bokoblin
Blue Bokoblin Icon Blue Bokoblin
Black Bokoblin Icon Black Bokoblin
Stalkoblin Icon Stalkoblin
Silver Lizalfos Icon Silver Lizalfos
Lizalfos Icon Lizalfos
Blue Lizalfos Icon Blue Lizalfos
Silver Bokoblin Icon Silver Bokoblin
Fire-Breath Lizalfos Icon Fire-Breath Lizalfos
Ice-Breath Lizalfos Icon Ice-Breath Lizalfos
Electric Lizalfos Icon Electric Lizalfos
Currently Unavailable Stone Pebblit
Igneo Pebblit Icon Igneo Pebblit
Amber Icon Amber
Flint Icon Flint
Ruby Icon Ruby
Frost Pebblit Icon Frost Pebblit
Yiga Footsoldier Icon Yiga Footsoldier
Hylian Soldier Icon Hylian Soldier Currently Unavailable
Zora Soldier Icon Zora Soldier Currently Unavailable
Goron Soldier Icon Goron Soldier Currently Unavailable
Rito Soldier Icon Rito Soldier
Gerudo Soldier Icon Gerudo Soldier Currently Unavailable

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