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Mipha, the Zora Princess Walkthrough: All Treasure Chests and Korok Seeds Locations

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A walkthrough for Chapter 2: Mipha, the Zora Princess in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Mipha, the Zora Princess maps, main enemies and battlefield materials, locations of Korok seeds and treasure chests, how to unlock, as well as rewards for completing this battle can be found in this guide.

Mipha, the Zora Princess Overview

Battle Info

Mipha, the Zora Princess
Story Chapter Chapter 2
Recommended Level 6
Region Lanayru
Unlock Conditions Clear the Battle: Road to the Ancient Lab
Restricted Allies Link


First-Clear Rewards None

Mipha, the Zora Princess Battlefield Materials and Main Enemies

Battlefield Materials

List of Materials

Mipha, the Zora Princess Walkthrough



1 Head to the marked locations on your map and defeat the strong enemies that you will encounter to rescue the Zora Captains.
2 Electric Moblin.jpg
Defeat the Electric Moblin in the southwestern area of the map.
3 Wipe out the remaining enemies attacking the domain. You might want to split up for this objective as the captains on each marked area can be overwhelmed by the enemies.
4 Make your way to Ploymus Mountain and defeat the Lynel.
5 Controlling Vah Ruta.jpg
Defeat more attacking enemies using Divine Beast Vah Ruta.
Don't forget to hold L to guard against incoming attacks.
6 Vah Ruta special attack.jpg
Defeat the rest of the Lynels on your way, preferably with a special attack, to finish the battle.

Mipha, the Zora Princess Tips and Strategies

Split the Party

Moving characters.jpg

Since the objectives are scattered around the map, order your other characters to move to an objective and switch to them to quickly defeat the marked enemies.

How to Beat the Lynel

Follow the Rune Prompt

Rune prompts.jpg

Some of the Lynel's attacks can be interrupted with runes. Keep an eye out for prompts and use the indicated rune to stagger the Lynel before dishing out damage.

This will quickly deplete its weak-point gauge so repeat the process until you can perform a Weak-Point Smash and deal massive damage.

How to Perform a Weak-Point Smash

Get Away When It Roars

Fire blast.jpg

Stay away from the Lynel when it roars, as it will be followed by a fire blast. Take note that the roar will also indicate how wide the blast radius is so you'll know how far you should be from the Lynel during the attack.

Use Mipha's Special Ability


If you're out of healing items and you're still getting brutalized by the Lynel, charge up Mipha's special attack and use it to heal the entire party.

Mipha, the Zora Princess Korok Seed Locations

4 Korok Seeds Total

Map Location Directions
Zora's Domain
2nd Level

Find a balloon on the staircase of Zora's Domain.
Find a pinwheel east of the outpost.
Find a pinwheel on the eastern bridge to Zora's Domain.
4 Mipha the Zora Princess Korok Seed Locations
Find a flower on the northwest path.

How to Break Korok Balloons

Korok Seed Locations: How to Find All Korok Seeds

Mipha, the Zora Princess Treasure Chest Locations

Number Location and Description Rewards

Find a stone chest at the back of the 1st Level of Zora's Domain.
Luminous Stone ×5

Find a wooden chest on the western path.
Lizal Boomerang

Find a metal chest on the southeastern path.
Rupees ×300

Find a wooden chest on the northeastern path.
Traveler's Spear

Find a stone chest on the southern path from the easternmost outpost.
Traveler's Spear

Find a metal chest on the northwestern path.
Traveler's Spear

Find a stone chest on the northeastern bridge.
Hearty Bass ×10

All Treasure Chest Locations

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