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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Guardian Farming Guide

This is a guide on where to farm Guardian Stalker materials in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. In addition to the best missions for farming Guardian Stalkers, you can find out how to beat Guardian Stalkers, and see all materials dropped by them.

Best Missions for Guardian Farming

Impa's Damage Control

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Impa

This mission requires you to play as Impa and defeat several types of Guardians, including one Malice Guardian Stalker, in under 8 minutes.

An alternative for this mission is Guardian Graveyard, which that can be unlocked near the end-game. This challenge requires you to play as King Rhoam and defeat multiple Guardians within the time limit.

Impa's Damage Control Challenge Walkthrough

The Guardians Counterattack

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - The Guardians Counterattack

In this challenge, you must defeat twelve Guardians using three of your chosen characters in under 20 minutes. The map is large, so be sure to issue orders to your characters to finish the challenge as fast as possible.

The Guardians Counterattack Challenge Walkthrough

Shadow of Ganon

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Shadow of Ganon

Shadow of Ganon requires two of your chosen characters to defeat two Malice Guardian Stalkers, four Electric Guardian Stalkers, and three Silver Moblins in under ten minutes. Unlike The Guardians Counterattack, the map is small, allowing you to finish the challenge in just a few minutes.

Shadow of Ganon Challenge Walkthrough

Battles Where Guardian Stalkers Appear

Guardian (Stalker)
Guardian (Stalker) Icon

Battles that Guardian Stalkers Appear in

Divine Beast Battle
Volcanic Might
Divine Beast Battle
Two Chiefs
Divine Beast Battle
The Power of Three
Divine Beast Battle
A Fiery Reckoning
Challenge 41-50
Impa's Damage Control
Challenge 51-60
Wisdom of the Storm
Challenge 41-50
Defend Akkala Citadel
Challenge 51-60
Rito Discipline
Challenge 51-60
The Master Kohga Chronicles!
Challenge 51-60
Guardian Graveyard
Challenge 61-70
Guardian Showdown

Materials Dropped by Guardian Stalkers

Ancient Core IconAncient Core Ancient Shaft IconAncient Shaft Ancient Gear IconAncient Gear Ancient Spring IconAncient Spring
Ancient Screw IconAncient Screw Guardian Trophy IconGuardian Trophy

How to Beat Guardian Stalkers

Parry or Dodge Its Beams

HWAoC - Parry or Dodge Its Beams (Guardian).jpg

The Guardian's beams are its most dangerous attack since the Guardian tracks your movement before firing them at a high speed.

If you're using Link, you can deflect a beam by performing a parry (hold ZL then press Y). The right moment to parry is when the Guardian's eye lights up.

However, if you're using Zelda or Impa, you can only dodge sideways with the same timing as Link's parry to avoid the attack.

Follow Rune Prompts

HWAoC - Follow Rune Prompts (Guardian).jpg

When it starts to coil up it's legs, you'll get a Stasis Rune prompt (hold L then press X). If you miss the Rune Prompt you can always perform a Perfect Dodge and Flurry Rush when it spins towards you.

How to Perform a Flurry Rush

Road to the Ancient Lab

Activate the Unearthed Guardians

Unearthed Guardian.jpg

This method is only available in playing Chapter 2: Road to the Ancient Lab. Activating the Unearthed Guardians as instructed will deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy Guardian and stagger it for a while, making it easier to take down later.

Move Everyone to the Guardian

If the other party members are still far away, order them to move to the Guardian's location to help out in taking it down. You're going to need all the help you can get especially if you're underleveled or still getting used to combat.

Road to Ancient Lab Walkthrough

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