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Best Weapon Skills (Seals)

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A tier list for the best Weapon Skills (seals) in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn which seals to use when fusing weapons, as well as the best weapon skills for each character!

Tips for Transferring Weapon Skills

Aim for ++ Seals

You can get the highest possible value of a Weapon Skill by finding seals with a ++ symbol on them. These seals are rare and are usually found in late game Battles and Challenges. Remember that you can further increase the value of a skill by having matching seals on the same weapon!

Weapon Fusion Guide: How to Transfer Weapon Skills

You can also remove unwanted seals from a weapon if you're going to replace it with a better seal or a different one after completing the Secret of the Rito Artisans and Caring for the Statues Quests.

How to Remove Weapon Seals

Keep a Separate Weapon for Farming

If you're planning on getting Weapon Skills that are good for farming Materials (Drop Rate increase), we recommend having a separate weapon to transfer all your farming seals into so that you can have all the slots you need for your main weapon. This same logic applies for using the EXP Up skills: You should build a weapon specifially for leveling up one character.

How to Level Up Fast | EXP Farming Guide

Weapon Skills Tier List

S-Tier Weapon Skills


Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate IconSensor-Registered Material Drop Rate Monster-Part Drop Rate IconMonster-Part Drop Rate Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate IconBattlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate

These skills increase the drop rate of materials that you are actually looking for. Most of the parts needed for completing Quests are monster parts and battlefield-specific materials, so these are must-have seals for farming.


Strong-Attack Damage IconStrong-Attack Damage Regular-Attack Damage IconRegular-Attack Damage Perfect-Dodge Timing Window IconPerfect-Dodge Timing Window Attack Speed IconAttack Speed

Strong-Attack Damage and Regular-Attack Damage skills boost your raw power, since your attacks cycle mostly between regular and strong attacks. Stack these skills together on a same weapon to quickly demolish enemies.

Attack Speed skills are good for characters, especially slow ones like Daruk, that can force weak-points out of enemies with their combos.

Perfect-Dodge Timing Window increases your chance of performing a Flurry Rush, which lets you hit an enemy multiple times and interrupt its attack, also increasing the amount of weak point smashes you can perform.

A-Tier Weapon Skills


Battle EXP IconBattle EXP Ancient-Part Drop Rate IconAncient-Part Drop Rate

The Battle EXP should be given to your main character (the one who you use the most) to increase the level cap of the Military Training Camp, then just have your low level characters to reach the cap using Rupees.

The only reason the Ancient-Part Drop Rate skill is separated from S-Tier is that ancient parts are too specific, and there aren't many Guardians around in many parts of the game. It will be better to just buy them from merchants and use the slot for another skill.


Special-Attack Damage IconSpecial-Attack Damage Special-Attack Charge Rate IconSpecial-Attack Charge Rate Damage per 100 KOs IconDamage per 100 KOs Attack Range IconAttack Range

Damage per 100 KOs could match S-Tier combat seals if monsters are scattered around the map and you have the time to clear them out to stack the damage boost.

B-Tier Weapon Skills


Material Drop Rate from Grass IconMaterial Drop Rate from Grass Healing-Item Drop Rate IconHealing-Item Drop Rate

You don't really need to waste a slot for Material Drop Rate from Grass as these materials can also be obtained from chests and shops.


Midair-Attack Damage IconMidair-Attack Damage Flurry Rush Damage IconFlurry Rush Damage Dash-Attack Damage IconDash-Attack Damage Damage to Midair Enemies IconDamage to Midair Enemies
Damage at Full Hearts IconDamage at Full Hearts Chance to Automatically Guard IconChance to Automatically Guard

These Weapon Skills are very situational and are hard to use, especially Damage at Full Hearts. Dodging is better since you can also execute a Flurry Rush if you dodged perfectly so you can discard the Chance to Automatically Guard skill.

However, it is worth noting that Damage at Full Hearts does have good synergy with the Master Sword, which can fire beams at full hearts. It is also good in One-Hit Failure Challenges, though aprt from these uses, its utility is somewhat limited.

Midair-Attack Damage skills are only good for Revali since most of his upgrades extend his midair combo and Mipha who can follow up her unique ability with midair attacks.

C-Tier Weapon Skills


Healing-Item Effect IconHealing-Item Effect

You'll have more than enough healing items on easier levels unless your character is underleveled. If you need more healing, you'd be better off using your weapon slots on skills that increase your damage. Again, if your Master Sword is built around keeping full health, it can be useful, but apart from that, you can usually skip on this weapon skill.


Reduced Damage from Ice IconReduced Damage from Ice Reduced Damage from Fire IconReduced Damage from Fire Damage from Enemies IconDamage from Enemies Damage at 30% Hearts or Less IconDamage at 30% Hearts or Less

Even though their seals look cool, Reduced Damage from Ice/Fire aren't really useful, since almost all levels consist of enemies infused with different elements. If there is a particular elemental enemy that is giving you trouble, you could use these skills, but overall, they are too niche to put on a main weapon.

Damage from Enemies makes you tanky, yes, but you'll probably land more strikes than your enemies can so you can safely ignore this Weapon Skill. Besides, by the time you can get your hands on ++ weapon seals, you will likely have enough hearts on each character you use to allow you to get away with taking a few hits.

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In English it's "Improves quality of found weapons." and it works well I got imps with the strongest set up from it.

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So ... lookit this lovely hidden Seal XD. Who needs a Korok guide anymore. It doesn't give free Koroks but it works like the Sensor did in BoTW - triggers when you get close. Actually works quite nicely.


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