Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Rupee Farming Guide: How to Get Rupees (Money) Fast

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Rupee Farming Guide: How to Get Rupees Fast

This is a guide to farming Rupees in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Learn the different methods of how to farm rupees quickly, as well as the various ways you will need to spend your rupees.

How to Farm Rupees

Replay Challenges and Battles

Gained from defeating enemies and opening chests

Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity - Treasure Chests
The fastest way to get quick Rupees is by completing the challenges and battles as fast as possible and by defeating a lot of enemies. You will collect rupees from enemies you take down as well as from crates, barrels, and treasure chests you find on the map.

Barrels and crates only drop low amounts of rupees so it is not recommended to go out of your way for them. Also, take note that these Rupees will automatically be obtained even if you don't actually pick them up, so you can focus on attacking enemies while breaking barrels and crates.

Rewards increase for clear time and enemies defeated

Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity - Battle Record
You also gain rupees at the end of each battle, in the form of Clear Time and Enemies Defeated bonuses. Clear maps quickly, taking out a high number of enemies to get the most rupees possible.

The maximum amount you can earn for Clear Time and KOs is 200 Rupees.

Use Rupee Bonuses from Cooking Beforehand

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity -  Honeyed Fruits

Certain cooking recipes will give you additional rupees in battle when you use them. Recipes like Honey Candy gives you 20% more Rupees while Honeyed Fruits and Honey Crepe give you 30% more Rupees. Once you have three slots for Cooking, you can stack these meal effects to get a total of 80% bonus!

If you're up for the challenge, you can cook Dubious Food to get 100% more Rupees but at the cost of -20% Max Health.

Cooking Guide and List of Recipes

First Time Clear Rewards

Divine Beast Battles

Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity - Divine Beast Challange
Completing Divine Beast Battles on the map allows you to receive up to 400-700 Rupees depending on the battle. Note that this amount falls under First-Clear Rewards so you can only obtain it once per completed battle.

List of Challenges

Other Challenges

In addition to Divine Beast Battles, several other Challenges allow you to obtain rupees as a first time clear reward. Here is the full list!

Challenge 11-20
The Breach of Demise
Divine Beast Battle
Might of a Divine Beast
Divine Beast Battle
Volcanic Defense
Challenge 21-30
Fish Out of Water
Divine Beast Battle
Protector of the Forest
Challenge 21-30
Outpost Defenders
Challenge 21-30
Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands
Challenge 21-30
Innkeeper's Request
Challenge 31-40
Defend the Sands!
Challenge 31-40
Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle
Divine Beast Battle
Pursue the Yiga Clan!
Challenge 31-40
Territorial Battle
Challenge 41-50
Anti-Lightning Training: III
Challenge 41-50
Anti-Flame Training: III
Challenge 41-50
Anti-Ice Training: III
Challenge 41-50
A Hidden Treasure
Challenge 41-50
Defend Akkala Citadel
Challenge 41-50
Defend the Spring of Courage
Challenge 51-60
Reclaim the Land
Challenge 51-60
Defend Hyrule Castle
Challenge 41-50
Elemental Uproar
Challenge 41-50
Generational Conflict
Challenge 61-70
Harbingers of Calamity
Divine Beast Battle
Defending Cephla Lake
Divine Beast Battle
Volcanic Might
Divine Beast Battle
Two Chiefs
Divine Beast Battle
Like the Wind
Divine Beast Battle
The Power of Three
Divine Beast Battle
A Fiery Reckoning
Divine Beast Battle
Through the Storm
Divine Beast Battle
Molduga Deluge
Challenge 61-70
Versus Harbinger Ganon
Challenge 61-70
Versus Astor
Challenge 71-80
Versus Calamity Ganon
Challenge 71-80
The Heart of the Calamity
Challenge 81-90
EX Survival of the Fittest
Challenge 51-60
EX Request from the Lab
Challenge 51-60
EX Purah & Robbie's Study
Challenge 81-90
EX Handle the Horde
Challenge EX Vicious Monster Battle
EX Alert: Great Hyrule Forest
Challenge EX Vicious Monster Battle
EX Alert: Hyrule Field
Challenge EX Vicious Monster Battle
EX Alert: Hyrule Outpost
Challenge 81-90
EX Rupee Rescue

Sell Weapons and Materials

Sell Weapons at the Blacksmith

Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity - Selling Weapons at the Blacksmith
Another way of farming for quick Rupees is selling weapons at the blacksmith. You can easily get 200-500 Rupees depending on the weapon with this method.

We recommend selling weapons with a High-Resell Weapon skill or weapons without skills that you don't need to merchants

How to Unlock the Hylian Blacksmith Guild

Sell Materials to Merchants

Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity - Materials

Additionally, you can sell your unwanted Materials to shops or merchants. Some merchants even offer up to 2.5x bonus rupees for certain material types, so sell to them to get the most of your materials!

Merchant Bonus
Dayfah Bonus.pngDayfah Buys Ores at an increased price.
Monda Bonus.pngMonda Buys Creatures at an increased price.
Bena Bonus.pngBena Buys Seasonings at an increased price.
Segimo Bonus.pngSegimo Buys Monster Parts at an increased price.
Cheria Bonus.pngCheria Buys Guardian Parts at an increased price.
Ettu Bonus.pngEttu Buys Meat at an increased price.
Rhodo Bonus.pngRhodo Doesn't offer any increased bonuses.

Best Items to Sell

Scan amiibos to Get More Weapons and Materials

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity -  Using Amiibos

Scanning any amiibos you have lying around to collect weapons and materials, which you can sell for rupees. If you have reached the five amiibo cap, you can repeatedly change the date and scanning to keep receiving more rewards for easy money!

Just note that you'll need to collect your rewards before scanning more amiibo.

amiibo Support | amiibo Rewards and How to Use


There are a few quests that earn you rupees as a first time reward. Although the rupees are normally only obtainable a single time, the Material Quest The Master Chef can be repeated, allowing you to trade in your excess Mighty Bananas for tons of rupees!

Offering Help on the Road

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Akkala Tower
Qualify for the Trial of the Great Fairies
Rupees x9000
Required Materials
Rupee IconRupee

Rebuilding Lipstique

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Riju: +2 Bonus Hearts
Rupees x5000
Required Materials
Lizalfos Trophy IconLizalfos Trophy
Bokoblin Trophy IconBokoblin Trophy
Rupee IconRupee

The Master Chef

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: The Future of Hyrule
Rupees x1000
Required Materials
Mighty Bananas IconMighty Bananas

Best Missions for Rupee Farming

Molduga Sighting

Rupee Farming - Molduga Sighting.png

Molduga Sighting is an easy and consistent way to farm rupees. The mission is quick enough that it can be finished in less than a minute or two. It is also available early on which can be helpful for newer players.

To maximize the earnings, we suggest selling the Molduga Fins and Molduga Guts you get to Segimo to take advantage of his merchant bonus. Each run should last for a minute or two and net you about 1,350 Rupees.

Molduga Sighting Challenge Walkthrough

Hunting for Gemstones

Rupee Farming - Hunting for Gemstones.png

This mission is another solid option for quick Rupee Farming and is available later on in the game. You will have to defeat a Luminous Stone Talus, a Rare Stone Talus, and a Malice Igneo Talus. So it is recommended to use more powerful characters to clear the challenge in a shorter time.

Depending on your luck, you can get a variety of ores that can be sold for lucrative amounts. To maximize earnings, we suggest selling the ores to Dayfah to take advantage of her merchant bonus. Each run should last about 2-5 minutes and you can expect about 2,000 Rupees.

Hunting for Gemstones Challenge Walkthrough

Link: Two-Handed Weapons

Rupee Farming - Link Two-Handed Weapons.png

This is another early mission that nets a decent amount of rupees. Although, it requires you to use Link with a Two-Handed weapon.

This challenge offers various types of meat as Battlefield Drops. To maximize the earnings, we suggest selling the various meat drops to Ettu to take advantage of his merchant bonus. Each run should last under four minutes and net you about 1,000 Rupees.

Link: Two-Handed Weapons Challenge Walkthrough

Urbosa, The Gerudo Chief

Rupee Farming - Urbosa the Gerudo Chief.png

This mission is the earliest mission to farm quick Rupees but takes a lot longer than the others. Check out our Mighty Banana farming guide to see how to collect a large amount of Mighty Bananas which can then be used to trade with the Master Chef in the Gerudo Region.

The Master Chef will trade 1,000 Rupees for 100 Mighty Bananas. You can max out your inventory by playing through Urbosa, The Gerudo Chief. Each run should last about 20 minutes and net you about 10,500 Rupees.

Keep in mind that if you farm more than the inventory limit (x999), each extra Mighty Banana will be automatically sold for the default price of 5 Rupees each.

Urbosa, The Gerudo Chief Walkthrough

Where to Use Rupees

Purchasing Materials

You can use rupees to buy materials from various shops and merchants in Hyrule, which will allow you to complete quests and gain more power ups.

In Quests

Some quests require rupees in order to complete them, so you'll need to make sure to farm some rupees to complete them all.

Quests Rupees Are Used For

Quest Required Materials
Needed: Researchers!
Rupee Icon Rupee x1000
Wanted: Shop Assistant
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
An End to Fighting
Ruby Icon Ruby x1
Rupee Icon Rupee x1000
The Rito Flying Tournament
Opal Icon Opal x1
Amber Icon Amber x1
Keese Trophy Icon Keese Trophy x35
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
The Spa's New Service
Hydromelon Icon Hydromelon x20
Chillshroom Icon Chillshroom x20
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
Offering Help on the Road
Rupee Icon Rupee x4500
Heartfelt Thanks
Wood Icon Wood x10
Topaz Icon Topaz x1
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
Research Funding
Diamond Icon Diamond x1
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
Flight Training at Lake Totori
Raw Meat Icon Raw Meat x10
Keese Trophy Icon Keese Trophy x15
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
Sidon's Waterfall Workshop
Rupee Icon Rupee x2000
Shiny New Tools
Rupee Icon Rupee x1000
Rebuilding Lipstique
Rupee Icon Rupee x5000
Market Apeel
Hydromelon Icon Hydromelon x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
A Goron-Style Massage
Moblin Fang Icon Moblin Fang x50
Opal Icon Opal x5
Rupee Icon Rupee x2000
Training Ground Upgrade
Hearty Bass Icon Hearty Bass x10
Keese Trophy Icon Keese Trophy x50
Rupee Icon Rupee x2000
Rebuilding Akkala Bridge
Moblin Fang Icon Moblin Fang x50
Moblin Horn Icon Moblin Horn x50
Hinox Tooth Icon Hinox Tooth x20
Lynel Hoof Icon Lynel Hoof x20
Rupee Icon Rupee x3000
Search Party for Parts
Hearty Bass Icon Hearty Bass x15
Raw Meat Icon Raw Meat x20
Rupee Icon Rupee x2000
It's Raining Rupees
Rupee Icon Rupee x8000
The Kakariko Village Dojo
Moblin Horn Icon Moblin Horn x30
Rupee Icon Rupee x1500
Terrako, Enlightened
Ancient Core Icon Ancient Core x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x3000
The Lonely Goddess
Wood Icon Wood x100
Wildberry Icon Wildberry x10
Korok Seed Icon Korok Seed x5
Lynel Horn Icon Lynel Horn x30
Rupee Icon Rupee x5000
Rupee Icon Rupee x4000
Working with the Blacksmith Guild
Topaz Icon Topaz x5
Rupee Icon Rupee x5000
Frugal Fruit
Hydromelon Icon Hydromelon x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x500
An Abundance of Apples
Voltfruit Icon Voltfruit x5
Hydromelon Icon Hydromelon x5
Wildberry Icon Wildberry x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x2000
Roll Out the Research
Rupee Icon Rupee x800
EX Searching for Monster Data
Hinox Tooth Icon Hinox Tooth x15
Lynel Hoof Icon Lynel Hoof x15
Rupee Icon Rupee x3000
EX Regular Maintenance
Rupee Icon Rupee x6000
EX Secret Plans
Flint Icon Flint x20
Topaz Icon Topaz x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x2500
EX A Spear Experiment
Rupee Icon Rupee x350

List of Quests

Strengthening Your Weapons

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity -  Strengthening Weapons

You'll have to use up rupees any time you want to power up your weapons through weapon fusion. This can end up using a lot of your hard earned rupees, so be sure to have plenty of them before leveling up your weapons too much!

Weapon Fusion Guide: How to Transfer Weapon Skills

Leveling Up Characters

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity -  Military Training Camp

After unlocking the Military Training Camp, you can use rupees to level up characters. Once you start reaching higher levels, each level up consumes more and more rupees, so be sure to go in with plenty!

Also note that you can only level up characters at lower levels that your highest level character, so you'll need to level grind the old fashioned way for at least one character.

How to Level Up Fast | EXP Farming Guide

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