Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Road to the Ancient Lab Walkthrough: All Treasure Chests and Korok Seeds Locations

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A walkthrough for Chapter 1: Road to the Ancient Lab in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Road to the Ancient Lab maps, main enemies and battlefield materials, locations of Korok seeds and treasure chests, how to unlock, as well as rewards for completing this battle can be found in this guide.

Road to the Ancient Lab Overview

Battle Info

Road to the Ancient Lab
Story Chapter Chapter 1
Recommended Level 3
Region Central Hyrule
Unlock Conditions Clear the Battle: The Battle of Hyrule Field


First-Clear Rewards None

Road to the Ancient Lab Battlefield Materials and Main Enemies

Battlefield Materials

List of Materials

Road to the Ancient Lab Walkthrough


Road to the Ancient Lab Map Road to the Ancient Lab Map


1 Escort Zelda to the marked area at the center of the map. Defeat enemies if needed, especially the strong ones for some extra loot and useful items.
2 Marked area.jpg
Flee from the Guardian and make your way to the next marked area.
If you somehow managed to defeat the Guardian at this point, the battle will immediately end and you'll miss out the other chests and items in the remaining areas of the map.
3 Head to the Unearthed Guardians marked on your map and activate both of them to cripple the enemy Guardian.

You will also unlock Zelda as a playable character in this part of the battle.

Make use of the Order feature to move around the map and quickly finish the objective.
4 Luring Guardian.jpg
Lure the enemy Guardian towards the designated area for a clear shot and finish it off to win the battle.

Road to the Ancient Lab Tips and Strategies

Make Use of the Order Feature

Order feature.jpg

You can split the party members and order them to move to a specific location. Simply press the + button, select a character, and choose a location. Make use of this feature to accomplish tasks quickly especially if the objectives are far from each other.

Also, take note that the order only executes when you're not controlling the character you ordered to move.

How to Beat the Guardian

Activate the Unearthed Guardians

Unearthed Guardian.jpg

Activating the Unearthed Guardians as instructed will deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy Guardian and stagger it for a while, making it easier to take down later.

Parry or Dodge Its Beams

Parrying beams.jpg

The Guardian's beams are its most dangerous attack since the Guardian tracks your movement before firing them at a high speed.

If you're using Link, you can deflect a beam by performing a parry (hold ZL then press Y). The right moment to parry is when the Guardian's eye lights up.

However, if you're using Zelda or Impa, you can only dodge sideways with the same timing as Link's parry to avoid the attack.

Move Everyone to the Guardian

If the other party members are still far away, order them to move to the Guardian's location to help out in taking it down. You're going to need all the help you can get especially if you're underleveled or still getting used to combat.

Road to the Ancient Lab Korok Seed Locations

6 Korok Seeds Total

Map Location Directions
Find a flower on your way to the targeted position.
Find a tree stump in the area where the Guardian first appears.
Find a glowing spot directly opposite to the Unearthed Guardian.
Find a flower south of the outpost.
Find a pinwheel in corner before activating the Unearthed Guardian.
Find a balloon east of the southern outpost.

Korok Seed Locations: How to Find All Korok Seeds

Road to the Ancient Lab Treasure Chest Locations

Number Location and Description Rewards

Find a buried metal chest near the Ice Wizzrobe.
Giant Ancient Core ×2

Find a buried metal chest just past the first Korok Seed.
Kakariko Kodachi

Find a metal chest on the northwest corner of the map.
Ancient Memory Part

Find a wooden chest just before the platform with the Unearthed Guardian.
Traveler's Sword

Find a wooden chest to the right of the southwest platform.
Rupees ×300

Find a stone chest in a corner before the northwest platform with the Unearthed guardian.
Amber ×5

All Treasure Chest Locations

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It is legit just killing a Guardian.


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