Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Teba Usage Guide, Builds, Combos, and How to Unlock

Teba Usage Guide and How to Unlock

This guide will show how to unlock Teba in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Additionally, you can find this character's weapon information, builds, combo chart and actions, how to play as Teba in Age of Calamity, and more.

How to Unlock Teba & Weapon Information

Teba Image
How to Unlock Joins during Chapter 5: Air and Lightning
Weapon Used Bow
Voice Actor
Sean Chiplock
Voice Actor
Takuya Masumoto

Best Teba Builds

Weapon Best seal
Falcon BowFalcon Bow
Strong-Attack Damage Seal Strong-Attack Damage
Alternative seals
Attack Speed Seal Attack Speed
Regular-Attack Damage Seal Regular-Attack Damage
Strong-Attack Damage for his "spam X" ability. You can increase his attack speed if your combo always gets interrupted.

How to Play as Teba

Teba Combo Chart

Regular Attacks
Strong Attack 1

(Press X repeatedly)
Strong Attack 2
Strong Attack 3

(Press X repeatedly)
Strong Attack 4

(Press X repeatedly)
Midair Regular Attack
Midair Strong Attack
Unique Action
ZR Button
Charge a powerful arrow
(Hold to increase range, damage, and effectiveness; Power can be stored while moving or attacking)

Mash X During a Strong Attack

Press the X button repeatedly in the middle of a strong attack to unleash a flurry of arrows. This move can be done both on foot and while in midair.

List of Teba's Weapons

Weapon Base Atk Hidden Seals
Wooden Bow IconWooden Bow 24 Level 25: Damage Reflected When Guarding: 20%
Level 30: Attack Speed: +4%
Swallow Bow IconSwallow Bow 34 Level 25: High-Resell Weapon
Level 30: Regular-Attack Damage: +7%
Falcon Bow IconFalcon Bow 50 Level 25: Midair-Attack Damage: +22%
Level 30: Damage to Foes with Status Effects: +17%
Swift HeroSwift Hero's Bow 36 Level 25: Currently Unavailable
Level 30: Currently Unavailable

Teba's Quests

Quest How to Unlock / Reward
The White Bird of Talonto Peak Clear the Battle: Air and Lightning
Teba: Bonus Combo
Snowquill Tunic
Faster and Farther Than Anyone Clear the Battle: Air and Lightning
Teba: +1 Bonus Hearts
Flight-Range Field Trip Clear the Battle: Air and Lightning
Teba: Special-Attack Gauge +1
Truffle Hunting in the Forest Clear the Battle: Air and Lightning
Teba: +1 Bonus Hearts
Flight Training at Lake Totori Clear the Challenge: Teba's Training
Tebra: Bonus Combo
The Strongest String Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Teba: Bonus Combo
At All Hours Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Teba: Bonus Combo
A Surprise Reward Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Teba: +2 Bonus Hearts
Cultivating Warm Safflina Clear the Battle: The Great Plateau
Teba: +2 Bonus Hearts
Teba's Training Retreat Clear the Challenge: Winged Escort
Teba: Special-Attack Gauge +1
Remodeling the Flight Range Complete the Challenge: Hero of the Rito
Teba: Enhanced Ability
Rito Rations Clear the Battle: Each Step Like Thunder
Teba: Bonus Combo
EX A Royal Gift for Teba Clear the Battle: EX Searching Hyrule Forest
Obtain Swift Hero's Bow
EX Aim True at the Calamity Clear the Battle: EX Searching Hyrule Forest
Teba: EX Enhanced Ability

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1 Anonymousover 3 years

Midair attack damage is way more beneficial than strong attack damage. All his strong attacks happen in the air and midair attack seals reach much higher percentages.


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