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How to Use the Korok Sensor

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This is a guide on how to use the Korok Sensor in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to unlock the Korok Sensor, how to equip it, and how to use it in a Battle.

How to Get the Korok Sensor

Find Weapons With Hidden Seals

Shaka Maracas - Hidden Seals

Some weapons will have Hidden Seals that detect nearby Koroks during a Battle. Be sure to upgrade them to the appropriate level to make use of the seal.

Weapon Base Atk Hidden Seals
Tree Branch IconTree Branch 11 Level 25: Damage at 30% Hearts or Less: +8%
Level 30: Detects Nearby Koroks
Currently UnavailableForest Dweller's Sword 42 Level 25: Detects Nearby Koroks
Level 30: Increased Blupee Encounters
Maracas IconMaracas 29 Level 25: Attack Range: +7%
Level 30: Detects Nearby Koroks
Shaka Maracas IconShaka Maracas 34 Level 25: Detects Nearby Koroks
Level 30: Detects Nearby Chests
Benevolent Spring IconBenevolent Spring 52 Level 25: Detects Nearby Koroks
Level 30: Regular-Attack Damage: +7%
Forest DwellerForest Dweller's Spear 43 Level 25: Special-Attack Charge Rate: +10%
Level 30: Detects Nearby Koroks
Ancient Overclock Unit IconAncient Overclock Unit 53 Level 25: Detects Nearby Koroks
Level 30: Damage to Locked-On Target: +10%

Weapon Fusing Guide:
How to Upgrade Your Weapons

How to Use the Korok Sensor

Korok Sensor Loading Screen

Equip the weapon and bring it into the Battle. You should find a green sensor with a Korok icon next to the minimap. The sensor will pulse when you approach a nearby Korok. Move in the direction it pulses stronger to locate the Korok.

Zelda Overclock Unit - Korok Sensor

Use the HUD find nearby Koroks.
The stronger the pulse, the nearer the Korok!

Take note that Koroks with this Hidden Seal don't have great attacks stats so be sure to bring along stronger characters with you in a Battle.

If you still can't find a Korok your looking for, be sure to check out our Korok Seeds Guide!

Korok Seeds Locations:
How to Get all Korok Seeds

How to Unlock the Korok Seed Tracker

Korok Tracker

You can also unlock a Quest that shows you how many Korok Seeds there are in a Story Battle or Challenge before starting it. You'll also be able to go back to previous Story Battles and Challenges to check for any Korok Seeds you've missed.

A Most Peculiar Korok

Quest Unlock Condition
Complete the Quest: Good Cheer
See Korok Details in Battle Info
Required Materials
Korok Seed IconKorok Seed
Thunderwing Butterfly IconThunderwing Butterfly
Winterwing Butterfly IconWinterwing Butterfly
Summerwing Butterfly IconSummerwing Butterfly
Smotherwing Butterfly IconSmotherwing Butterfly

Note: The Quest, Good Cheer, unlocks after clearing Chapter 3: The Road Home, Beseiged.

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