Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The Road Home, Besieged Walkthrough: All Treasure Chests and Korok Seeds Locations

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A walkthrough for Chapter 3: The Road Home, Besieged in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. The Road Home, Besieged maps, main enemies and battlefield materials, locations of Korok seeds and treasure chests, how to unlock, as well as rewards for completing this battle can be found in this guide.

The Road Home, Besieged Overview

Battle Info

The Road Home, Besieged
Story Chapter Chapter 3
Recommended Level 23
Region Central Hyrule
Unlock Conditions Clear the Battle: Freeing Korok Forest
Restricted Allies Link


First-Clear Rewards None

The Road Home, Besieged Battlefield Materials and Main Enemies

Battlefield Materials

List of Materials

The Road Home, Besieged Walkthrough



1 The main goal is to get to the marker on the southwestern corner of the map within 25 minutes.

What you'd want to do is get ahead of the party and capture every outpost.

The others will eventually follow you and you will move to the next objective.
2 Head south and aid the two Hylian Captains against their enemies.
3 Capture the remaining outposts to the west and defeat the two Stone Taluses near the marked location to finish the battle.

How to Beat the Stone Taluses

Spam Remote Bombs

Spamming Remote Bombs.jpg

Using Remote Bombs against the Taluses destroys their arms and stop their attacks for a while. This can also cripple them and lower the ore deposits where you can quickly deplete their weak-point gauge.

One of their attacks has a rune prompt which requires the Remote Bomb rune. Keep an eye out for that, too.

Lastly, remember that you're invulnerable while using runes so you can also use this to dodge their attacks.

Do Not Lock On

Not locked on.jpg

Do not lock on either of them especially when both Taluses are still active. You're against two large enemies in a small area so using the lock on feature will affect the camera angle and block your view, making it harder to dodge attacks.

The Road Home, Besieged Korok Seed Locations

3 Korok Seeds Total

Map Location Directions
Smash the rocks using the Remote Bomb rune to reveal the Korok.
Approach the pinwheel and press the Y Button.
Approach the flower and press the Y Button.

Korok Seed Locations: How to Find All Korok Seeds

The Road Home, Besieged Treasure Chest Locations

Number Location and Description Rewards

Find the chest next to a tree when the battle starts.
Zora Spear

Find the chest across the jumping platform.
Rupees ×300

Find the chest as you cross the Western road in the center of the map.
Luminous Stone ×3

Find this Northeast of the outpost.
Moonlight Scimitar

Use the Magnesis rune to life the chest off the ground.
Knight's Halberd

Find the chest West of the boardwalk.
Stone Smasher

Find the chest East of the boardwalk.
Hearty Bass ×10

Find the chest in the Northernmost portion of the beach.
Soldier's Bow

Find this chest in a corner on the road next to a tree.
Rupees ×100

All Treasure Chest Locations

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2 MMover 3 years

Have you tried restarting the game and your Switch?

1 Anonymousover 3 years

I think I broke the first korok seed in this level, I bombed the rock and then ran away with +20% move speed (The level is on a time limit and I really don't want to spend more time than I have to).. SOMEHOW that managed to make the korok not actually register that I had gotten it? But I can't actually get it again?


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