Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Age of Calamity Controls and Controller Options

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Age of Calamity Controls and Controller Options

This is a guide about the controls and controller options in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on if you want to know more about map controls, controller settings, battle controls, and more!

Battle Controls

Attack Controls

Attack Controls

These are the buttons used to attack foes.

Regular Attacks Y Button.png
Regular Attacks can be followed up with Strong Attacks anytime within the combo.
Strong Attacks X Button
Special Attacks A Button

Action Controls

Action Controls

These are the controls for various important actions in the battlefield.

Dodge B Button.png
Guard zL Button.png
Left Analog.png + B Button.png
Ride the Wind
B Button.png (in midair)

Characters can wall-jump using the B button, and then leap into the air by pressing the B button again.

Powerful Foes Controls

Powerful Foes Controls

These are important controls when facing powerful foes in the battlefield!

Lock-On / Cancel Lock-On
Press R Analog.png

Switch targets using the Right Analog Stick.
Weak-Point Attack X Button.png
Only applicable when the weak-point gauge of the enemy is fully depleted!

Flurry Rush

Flurry Rush Controls

A Flurry Rush is a powerful counterattack that deals tons of damage!

Flurry Rush
B Button.png then Y Button.png

Only happens when you dodge at the last moment of an enemy's attack!

How to Perform A Flurry Rush

Rune Controls

Rune Controls

These are the controls for all the runes that can be used in battle!

Remote Bombs
R Button.png + Y Button.png
R Button.png + A Button.png
R Button.png + B Button.png
R Button.png + X Button.png

Changing Characters

Change Characters

You can switch between up to three characters in battle.

Swap Characters Arrow Buttons.png
Use the Up and Down directional buttons to swap characters!

How to Change Characters

Rod Controls

Rod Controls

Obtain Rods from Wizzrobes and unleash powerful elemental attacks in battle!

Fire Rod
L Button.png + Y Button.png

Can be used to light grass and deal damage to enemies.
Ice Rod
L Button.png + X Button.png

Can freeze enemies on water.
Lightning Rod
L Button.png + A Button.png

Electrifies metal boxes. Enemies hit are stunned.

How to Use Rods

Using Healing Items

Use Health Items

Pick up apples to restore your hearts!

Use Healing Items
L Button.png + B Button.png

Restoring Hearts: How to Heal

Accessing the Menu

Accessing Menu

Here are the controls for accessing the menu and pausing the game.

Menu / Pause Plus Button.png
Give Orders A Button.png
Give orders to unused characters using the A button.

Divine Beast Controls

Divine Beast Control

These are the controls when piloting the Divine Beasts.

Normal Attack zR Button.png
Charge Attack R Button.png
Guard / Counter L Button.png
Melee Attack Y Button.png
Special Attack A Button.png
Use this when charged up for a devastating beam attack!

Map Controls

The following controls are used when you are looking at the map.

Access System Menu Minus Button.png
Move Left Analog.png
Toggle List
L Button.png OR R Button.png
Menu Plus Button.png
Select A Button.png
Back B Button.png
R Analog.png (Slide Up or Down)
Next Battle
Press R Analog.png

Controller Settings

Here are the control settings as well as various other settings for a better experience! This can be accessed using the System Menu and by choosing Options.

Inverting the vertical and horizontal cameras as well as the camera speed can be changed here. You can also toggle motion-control aiming and vibration here.

We suggest turning off both inverted vertical and horizontal cameras, and turning Motion-control aiming off for a better experience!

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2 Anonymousabout 3 years

You can't just "suggest" turning off inverted controls, it depends entirely on each player. In fact I've seen some players having trouble because you can't aim the rods or Vah Naboris with inverted controls

1 Marionover 3 years

in this game , Mipha, the zora princess ,i defeated the lynel , it say victory , but it wouldnt let me go back to the game , help please ? the B button don't work


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