Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Sheikah Runes Guide: How to Use Runes in Battle

Sheikah Runes Guide: How to Use Runes

This is a guide to using Sheikah Runes in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. If you want to know more about the different types of Sheikah runes as well as how to use them in battle, read on!

What are Sheikah Runes?

Sheikah Runes

Sheikah Runes are the different functionalities of the Sheikah Slate that can be used in the battlefield. Unlike BotW where only Link could use the Sheikah Runes, since he had the Sheikah Slate, all playable characters are capable of using them in Age of Calamity.

There are four Sheikah Runes in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, namely, Remote Bombs, Cryonis, Magnesis, and Stasis with each having their own unique uses in battle and the environment.

How to Use Sheikah Runes

Remote Bomb Rune

Rune Control.jpg

The Remote Bomb rune is a Sheikah rune that blows up enemies or structures in the battlefield. To use the Remote Bomb rune, press the following button combination.

Remote Bombs
R Button.png + Y Button.png

Remote Bomb Shielded Foes

Remote Bomb Against Shielded Foes

The Remote Bomb is extremely powerful against shielded enemies. When the Remote Bomb rune icon shows up above the enemy's head, use the rune to break their defenses!

Use Remote Bombs to Blow Up Huge Boulders

Use Remote Bombs to Blow Up Huge Boulders

The Remote Bomb rune can also be used to blow up huge boulders in the battlefield, similar to how bombs blow up rocks in most Zelda games. These boulders could be blocking the way, or hiding collectibles like Korok Seeds or Treasure Chests.

When you see a huge boulder, take time to blow it up using the Remote Bomb rune.

Remote Bombs Deal Damage Directly to the Weak-Point Gauge

Remote Bombs on Weak Point Gauge

The Remote Bomb rune can be used to deal damage directly to the enemy's Weak-Point Gauge. Use this when you know that an enemy is very close to depleting its full gauge!

Stasis Rune

Stasis Rune

The Stasis rune is a Sheikah rune that causes enemies or objects in the battlefield to stop in time. You can hit the frozen object or enemy to charge up momentum and launch them in the air!

To use the Stasis rune, press the following button combination.

R Button.png + X Button.png

Stasis Against Spinning Foes

Stasis Against Spinning Foes

The Stasis rune can be used against spinning enemies. This leaves them frozen in time and open for attacks.

When time resumes, the enemy will be staggered and open for even more attacks.

Use Stasis to Launch Objects in the Air

Stasis to Launch Object in the Air

Stasis can be used to launch objects in the air. This is especially effective when used with bombs!

Use Stasis for Extra Weak-Point Gauge Hits

Stasis on Weak-Point Gauge

When an enemy's Weak-Point Gauge is exposed, the Stasis rune can be used to freeze the enemy in time extending the time you can damage the gauge directly!

Cryonis Rune

Cryonis Rune

The Cryonis rune is a Sheikah rune that creates pillars of ice in the battlefield. To use the Cryonis rune, press the following button combination.

R Button.png + A Button.png

Cryonis Against Charging Foes

Cryonis Against Charging Foes

Use Cryonis to create a pillar of ice in front of a charging enemy. This stops the enemy on its tracks and staggers them, leaving them open for attacks.

You can see that an enemy is charging at you when the Cryonis rune icon shows up on top of the enemy's head.

Use Cryonis To Boost Yourself Up

Cryonis to Boost Yourself Up

Cryonis can be used to boost yourself up and execute aerial attacks against flying enemies like the Keese and the Wizzrobe.

Use Cryonis to Freeze Enemies on Water

Use Cryonis to Freeze Enemies on Water

When they are on water, enemies around the pillar created by Cryonis will freeze. You can use this as an effective crowd control strategy!

Magnesis Rune

Magnesis Rune

The Magnesis rune is a Sheikah rune that enables the Sheikah slate to attract nearby metallic objects. To use the Magnesis rune, press the following button combination.

R Button.png + B Button.png

Use Magnesis Against Enemies With Metallic Weapons

Magnesis Against Foes with Metallic Weapons

Use Magnesis when an enemy throws a metallic weapon at you. Using Magnesis will allow you to control the thrown weapon and use it against the enemy. This staggers the enemy which leaves them open for attack.

Look out for the Magnesis rune icon on top of the enemy's head to know when to use it!

Use Magnesis to Control Metallic Objects

Use Magnesis to Control Metallic Objects

Use Magnesis on metallic objects like boxes and treasure chests, even outside of battle. Some treasure chests are buried halfway underground so use Magnesis to pop them out!

Watch out for the Cooldown!

Sheika Runes Have Cooldowns

Take note that using Sheikah Runes has a cooldown! Unlike Breath of the Wild, where each rune's cooldown was independent of the other ones, using one Rune in Age of Calamity makes all runes unusable for a short period of time, so it's important to use the correct rune in every situation.

When you accidentally misuse a rune, you can't use Sheikah Runes for a short amount of time so be careful!

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