Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Healing Items and How to Heal

How to Heal
This is a guide to healing in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to obtain healing (recovery) items and how to restore your hearts!

How to Heal

Use Apples

Collect Apples to Fill Up the Food Meter

HW:AoC - Food Meter
Apples can be found by destroying barrels and crates, and by defeating large foes on the battlefield. Collecting apples replenishes the food meter found in the item menu. Be sure to stock up on these before facing any Powerful Foes.

Press L and B to Heal

HW:AoC - Heal Button
Once you have enough apples, press and hold the L button to open the items menu, and then press the B button to heal that character's mising hearts.

Note that the food meter is shared amongst your characters in the party, so be sure to heal only when necessary.

Automatically Heal You if Food Meter is Full

While apples will fill the food meter, they can also heal you automatically if your food meter is already full. Therefore, it's a good idea to pick up any apples you come across!

Some weapon effects will even increase the effectiveness of Healing Items, as well as the rate at which they drop, so use weapons with these skills if you're losing too many hearts.

How to Transfer Weapon Skills

Level Up

HW:AoC - Level Up on the Battlefield
Leveling up while on the battlefield fully restores the character's hearts the moment they reach the next level.

This can help you in tight situations where apples are nowhere to be found so be sure to keep defeating enemies to gain EXP! While it can be hard to time, especially as you reach higher levels, retreating to level up so that you can heal is a valid strategy!

Mipha's Special Abilities

Mipha as a Healer

Mipha is an essential member of the party, especially on harder difficulties where healing materials can feel a bit scarce. She will join during Chapter 2. Using her Strong attack with X makes a fountain appear, then pres ZR to repeatedly attack an enemy, which allows her to recover half a heart to her allies.

When fully charged and activated, Mipha's special attack creates a wave of water around her - damaging enemies and healing allies caught in the waves for a huge chunk of their health.

Mipha is great for both offense and sustain, so consider using Mipha whenever you are having a hard time surviving a challenge or battle!

Mipha Usage Guide, Combos, and How to Unlock

Hot Springs

Hot Springs.jpg

You may occasionally encounter Hot Springs, which gradually heal you when you enter them. The first one you'll find is in Chapter 2, in the mission where you unlock Daruk.

Daruk, the Goron Hero Walkthrough

How to Get Healing Items

Break barrels and crates

Dropped Apple.jpg
Crates and barrels on the map sometimes contain recovery items. Smash them to pick them up.

Dropped by enemies

Item Drop.jpg
Sometimes apples are dropped by enemies when you defeat them. The drop rate is not super high, but there are weapon seals to increase it.

How to Transfer Weapon Skills

Bake apples by igniting them

Baked Apple.jpg
If you use the fire rod or an explosion on dropped apples, you can create a baked apple, which allows you to recover more HP. Additionally, you are taking fire damage and you pick up an apple, it will become a baked apple. If you are having trouble with having enough HP, try one of these methods before picking up an apple.

Buy Apples Before Beginning a Quest

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Buy Apples Before Beginning a Quest

A feature exclusive to the DLC is the ability to buy apples before a battle or challenge.

After completing An Abundance of Apples quest, a new menu appears on the bottom left corner allowing you to buy or restock apples for 450 Rupees.

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