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List of Quests and Side Quests Rewards | How Many Side Quests

List of Quests and Reward

A list of all Quests (Side Quests) in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Learn about character exclusive quests, as well as cooking, service, great fairy, and other side quests, their unlock conditions and rewards, as well as how many side quests are there in total!

Character Exclusive Quests

List of Quests

Quests by Character
Link IconLink Impa IconImpa Zelda IconZelda
Mipha IconMipha Daruk IconDaruk Revali IconRevali Urbosa IconUrbosa
Secret Characters
Hestu IconHestu Sidon IconSidon Yunobo IconYunobo Riju IconRiju
Teba IconTeba Master Kohga IconMaster Kohga King Rhoam IconKing Rhoam Great Fairies IconGreat Fairies
Monk Maz Koshia IconMonk Maz Koshia Terrako IconTerrako Calamity Ganon IconCalamity Ganon Age of Calamity - Battle-Tested Guardian Icon.pngBattle-Tested Guardian

Receive Bonus Combos and Hearts

By completing character specific quests, that character can receive upgrades, like a bonus combo, or extra hearts. Other bonuses, such as more powerful apecial attacks also exist! In addition to leveling up your characters and weapons, you'll need to take advantage of these to truly get the most out of every character.

Other Quests

List of Side Quests

Other Quests
Improve All Allies Sheikah Runes
Divine Beasts Unlock Services
Improve Services Material
Cooking Battle Support
Sheikah Sensor Contribution Level
DLC Quests
Royal Ancient Lab Quests and Rewards

Rewards are non-character specific bonuses

Rewards for these side quests vary from reduction of Sheikah Rune cooldown time, to recipes, and other benefical power ups. These will help you out no matter what characters you are using, so be sure and clear these when you have the materials!

What Are Side Quests for?

Strengthen Characters or Unlock and Upgrade Services

Quest Type Quest Rewards
Character-Specific Quests • Bonus Combo
• Enhanced Ability
• Bonus Hearts
• Special Attack-Guage
Other Quests Improve All Allies
Improve Sheikah Runes
Power Up Divine Beasts
Unlock Services
... etc.

By completing Quests, you'll be able to gain various upgrades on Charactes and Services to help in your fight for Hyrule. All Quests will require specific materials to complete so be sure to stock up on materials.

Cleared by Providing Required Materials

The Poem-Parsing Traveller

Unlike Battles and Challenges, Quests can only be cleared by providing the required materials. You'll easily be able to clear some Quests by going through the Story Battle so be sure to keep an eye out for them. When an icon on the map pulses, that means you already have the materials needed to clear that Quest.

Clearing all Quests are also necessary for 100% completion.

Use the Sheikah Sensor to Find Materials

Sheikah Sensor

If you're having trouble finding materials for a specific Quest, you can unlock the Sheikah Sensor and its subsequent upgrades. This will light up all areas on the map the materials needed for that specific Quest.

With all its upgrades, you'll be able to register upto 10 Quests on the sensor so we recommend clearing these Quests first.

How Many Side Quests Are There?

435 Side Quests Total

There are a total of 376 side quests in the base game of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. These side quests, or simply referred to as Quests, are unlocked by completing Story Battles, Challenges, or other Quests.

Quests strengthen your characters, unlock and improve services, give costumes to Link as well as other rewards that will aid you in your battle against the Calamity.

If you have the DLC Expansion Pass, 59 new quests will appear on the map, most of which are part of the Royal Ancient Lab questline. This gives you a total of 435 quests to complete.

DLC Guide: Expansion Pass New Content and DLC Release Date

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