Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

How to Unlock Rhodo: List of Materials and Items

How to Unlock Rhodo

This page will show how to unlock Rhodo in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and show all of the materials and items that they have for sale. Read on to learn which materials can be bought after unlocking Rhodo!

How to Unlock Rhodo

First Unlock the Stable!

Unlock Condition
Appears after unlocking East Akkala Stable.

How to Unlock East Akkala Stable

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Each Step Like Thunder
Merchant Arrives
Earn Recipe for Akkala Buns
Tireless Frog x5
Required Materials
Bokoblin Trophy IconBokoblin Trophy
Warm Safflina IconWarm Safflina
Cool Safflina IconCool Safflina
Electric Safflina IconElectric Safflina
Guardian Trophy IconGuardian Trophy

What to Do When Rhodo Won't Come

It is totally random as to which merchant visits the stable. Merchants always come after clearing a battle, so if you want to make Rhodo show up, just clear a simple battle.

Materials that Can Be Bought from Rhodo

Unlike other merchants, the materials that Rhodo sells are completely random.

His wares change after doing a battle/challenge so if you are missing a single piece of monster material to fulfill a Quest, check on Rhodo if he has it!

Services Provided by Rhodo

Buy and Sell Materials

Buys Seasonings at an Increased Price

You can buy and sell materials when Merchant Rhodo is visiting. However, he doesn't offer any bonuses on any particular material type.

Age of Calamity Services

HW:AoC - List of Services

How to Unlock All Services

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Stables and Merchants
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EttuEttu Merchant Rhodo.jpgRhodo


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