Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Daruk Usage Guide, Builds, Combos, and How to Unlock

Daruk Usage Guide and How to Unlock

This guide will show how to unlock Daruk in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Additionally, you can find this character's weapon information, builds, combo chart and actions, how to play as Daruk in Age of Calamity, and more.

How to Unlock Daruk & Weapon Information

Daruk Image
How to Unlock Joins during Chapter 2: Daruk, the Goron Hero
Weapon Used Crushers
Voice Actor
Joe Hernandez
Voice Actor
Kouji Takeda

Best Daruk Builds

Weapon Best seal
Boulder BreakerBoulder Breaker
Attack Speed Seal Attack Speed
Alternative seals
Regular-Attack Damage Seal Regular-Attack Damage
Strong-Attack Damage Seal Strong-Attack Damage
Daruk needs Attack Speed seals so he can stunlock strong enemies and perform well against mobs inside outposts.

How to Play as Daruk

Daruk Combo Chart

Regular Attacks
Strong Attack 1
Strong Attack 2
Ybutton.pngYbutton.pngXbutton.png x2

(Press and hold X to roll)
Strong Attack 3
Midair Regular Attacks
Midair Strong Attack 1
Midair Strong Attack 2

(Press X to use Finisher)
Midair Strong Attack 3

(Press X to use Finisher)
Unique Action
ZR Button
Cause summoned magma to explode

List of Daruk's Weapons

Weapon Base Atk Hidden Seals
Cobble Crusher IconCobble Crusher 18 Level 25: Mineral Drop Rate: +10%
Level 30: Dash-Attack Damage: +20%
Stone Smasher IconStone Smasher 27 Level 25: Mineral Drop Rate: +11%
Level 30: Mineral Drop Rate: +11%
Boulder Breaker IconBoulder Breaker 70 Level 25: Dash-Attack Damage: +20%
Level 30: Heal by Defeating Enemies
Steadfast ChampionSteadfast Champion's Greatsword 36 Level 25: Currently Unavailable
Level 30: Currently Unavailable

Daruk's Quests

Quest How to Unlock / Reward
The Creative Fires Clear the Battle: Daruk, the Goron Hero
Daruk: +1 Bonus Hearts
A Battle against the Heat Clear the Battle: Daruk, the Goron Hero
Daruk: Bonus Combo
Playing with Fire Clear the Challenge: Daruk's Training
Daruk: Bonus Combo
Playing Cucco Clear the Battle: Freeing Korok Forest
Daruk: Bonus Combo
Gut-Check Challenge Clear the Battle: The Road Home, Besieged
Daruk: Special-Attack Gauge +1
These Muscles of Mine(rs) Clear the Battle: The Road Home, Besieged
Daruk: Bonus Combo
An Irresistable Aroma Clear the Battle: The Yiga Clan Attacks!
Daruk: +1 Bonus Hearts
Enduring Death Mountain Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Daruk: Special-Attack Gauge +1
Fine Goron Dining Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Daruk: +2 Bonus Hearts
To Stand atop the Lava Clear the Battle: Akkala Tower
Daruk: Bonus Combo
A Goron-Style Massage Clear the Battle: Destroy the Yiga Clan!
Daruk: +2 Bonus Hearts
A Perfectly Honed Body Complete the Quest: To Stand atop the Lava
Daruk: Enhanced Ability
EX A Royal Gift for Daruk Clear the Battle: EX Battle for Kakariko Village
Obtain Steadfast Champion's Greatsword
EX Survive the Training Clear the Battle: EX Battle for Kakariko Village
Daruk: EX Enhanced Ability

List of All Daruk Quests

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