Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

List of Vicious Monsters and Rewards

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - List of Vicious Monsters and Rewards
Vicious Monsters are a stronger version of enemies introduced in the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass. This guide will list all Vicious Monster Sightings, show you how to battle Vicious Monsters, and show you clear rewards for Vicious Monster Battles!

DLC Wave 1 Links
DLC (DLC Top Partial)DLC Content Royal Ancient Lab (DLC Top Partial)Royal Ancient Lab Vicious Monsters (DLC Top Partial)Vicious Monsters
Link Flail (DLC Top Partial)Flails Zelda Master Cycle (DLC Top Partial)Master Cycle Battle-Tested Guardian (DLC Top Partial)Battle-Tested Guardian

List of Vicious Monsters

Battle-Tested Guardian IconBattle-Tested Guardian Blizzrobe IconBlizzrobe Thunder Wizzrobe IconThunder Wizzrobe Meteo Wizzrobe IconMeteo Wizzrobe
Fire Chuchu IconFire Chuchu Silver Lynel IconSilver Lynel Black Hinox IconBlack Hinox Silver Moblin IconSilver Moblin
Stone Talus IconStone Talus Electric Chuchu IconElectric Chuchu Ice Chuchu IconIce Chuchu

List of Battles with Vicious Monsters

EX Alert: Great Hyrule Forest

First-Clear Rewards
Topaz Icon Topaz x2
Rock Salt Icon Rock Salt x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x500

EX Alert: Great Hyrule Forest Challenge Walkthrough

EX Alert: Breach of Demise

First-Clear Rewards
Opal Icon Opal x2

EX Alert: Breach of Demise Challenge Walkthrough

EX Alert: Hyrule Field

First-Clear Rewards
Sapphire Icon Sapphire x2
Rupee Icon Rupee x500

EX Alert: Hyrule Field Challenge Walkthrough

EX Alert: Crenel Peak

First-Clear Rewards
Diamond Icon Diamond x1
Mighty Porgy Icon Mighty Porgy x10

EX Alert: Crenel Peak Challenge Walkthrough

EX Alert: Hyrule Outpost

First-Clear Rewards
Ruby Icon Ruby x2
Hyrule Herb Icon Hyrule Herb x10
Bird Egg Icon Bird Egg x10
Rupee Icon Rupee x500

EX Alert: Hyrule Outpost Challenge Walkthrough

EX Alert: Akkala Citadel

First-Clear Rewards
Amber Icon Amber x2

EX Alert: Akkala Citadel Challenge Walkthrough

EX Alert: Forgotten Temple

Unlock Conditions Clear the Royal Ancient Lab Quest: The Ultimate Relic
Clear the Royal Ancient Lab Quest: The Relic of Legend

Royal Ancient Lab Quests and Rewards

First-Clear Rewards
Diamond Icon Diamond x1

EX Alert: Forgotten Temple Challenge Walkthrough

How to Unlock Vicious Monsters

Clear the Royal Ancient Lab Quest: The Menace of Vicious Monsters

How to Unlock Vicious Monsters.png

Quest Unlock Condition
Complete the Quest: Roll Out the Research
Gain Ability to Challenge Vicious Monsters
Robbie's Curing Agent
Required Materials
Wizzrobe Trophy IconWizzrobe Trophy
Moblin Trophy IconMoblin Trophy
Chuchu Trophy IconChuchu Trophy
Bokoblin Trophy IconBokoblin Trophy

To gain the ability to challenge Vicious Monsters after downloading the DLC, you'll have to complete the Royal Ancient Lab Quest: The Menace of Vicious Monsters.

Royal Ancient Lab Quests

What are Vicious Monsters?

Higher Difficulty Variants of Enemies

What are Vicious Monsters
Vicious Monster Sightings are new types of battles introduced in the Pulse of the Ancients DLC. These battles offer a more difficult challenge by letting you face a stronger variant of the usual powerful foes.

Once unlocked, up to three different sightings can be found cycling across the map. By clearing battles, older sightings will disappear and newer ones will reappear.

Vicious Monster Battle Details

CheckmarkIncreased HP / Strength
CheckmarkMultiple Elemental Enemies
CheckmarkClear by defeating the Vicious Monster

Increased HP/Strength

Vicious Monsters - Increased HP and Strength

Vicious Monsters are characterized by their increased durability in battle and stronger attacks. In fact in Apocalyptic difficulty, they can be strong enough to defeat your character in one hit. Vicious Monsters offer a true test of patience and skill on defeating these stronger foes.

Multiple Elemental Enemies

Vicious Monsters - Multiple Elemental Enemies
When in combat with these Vicious Monsters, multiple elemental enemies will spawn in to be part of the battle. It is advisable to get them out of the way as soon as possible so that you don't get overwhelmed with enemies.

They also become a good source of elemental rods which you can then use against the Vicious Monster to quickly expose and deplete their Weak Point Gauge.

Clear By Defeating the Vicious Monster

Vicious Monsters - Clear by Defeating the Vicious Monsters
To clear the mission, you'll have to take down all the Vicious Monsters that appear in the level. Each location will have a different number of vicious monsters, and some locations may require you to hunt them down first.

Vicious Monsters Rewards

Valuable Clear Rewards Every Time

Vicious Monsters - Valuable Clear Rewards Every Time
As a reward for overcoming these difficult challenges, you can receive several valuable items including ores, guardian parts, and even stronger weapons.

List of all Materials (Items)

Vicious Monster Reports

Report: Vicious Monsters Icon

Vicious Monster Reports are obtained for every vicious monster defeated! This is the only way to obtain Vicious Monster Reports, so be sure to be properly prepared to handle EX Alert Challenges.

How to Get Report: Vicious Monsters Fast

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