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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Molduga Farming Guide

This is a guide on where to farm Molduga materials in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. In addition to the best missions for farming Moldguga, you can see all materials dropped by them.

Best Missions for Molduga Farming

Molduga Sighting

Molduga Sighting Rewards.jpg

This mission is a pretty straightforward one. Upon starting, you will have 4 minutes to take out the Molduga. There aren't any other objectives for the mission which makes this challenge the best for farming Molduga parts.

Once you fully understand the Molduga's attack patterns, pick your strongest character and you should be able to take one down in under 2 minutes.

Molduga Sighting Challenge Walkthrough

Battles Where Molduga Appear

Molduga Icon

Battles that Molduga Appear in

Divine Beast Battle
Pursue the Yiga Clan!
Divine Beast Battle
Molduga Deluge
Challenge 21-30
Through the Desert
Challenge 21-30
Molduga Sighting
Challenge 31-40
Chief-of-Dunes Battle

Materials Dropped by Molduga

Molduga Guts IconMolduga Guts Molduga Fin IconMolduga Fin Molduga Trophy IconMolduga Trophy

How to Beat a Molduga

Use the Cryonis Rune When The Molduga is Charging

Molduga Attack Pattern - Charging Cryonis Prompt.jpg
When the Molduga unburrows, it enters one of two attack patterns. If it unborrows at a distance and faces you, it is preparing to charge.

Once the prompt appears, use Cryonis (R+A) as the Molduga approaches you. The Molduga should get stunned as it hits the ice block. Take this opportunity to whittle down it's weak-point gauge.

Use the Remote Bomb Rune When The Molduga is Rising

Molduga Attack Pattern - Rising Remote Bomb Prompt.jpg
When the Molduga unburrows, it enters one of two attack patterns. If the ground beneath you begins to rumble, it is preparing to rise and attack you from below.

Once you notice the sand beneath you to rumble, run away from that area. The Molduga should shortly rise from that spot and the Remote Bomb prompt will appear. Throw out your Remote Bombs (R+Y) as the Molduga flies into the air. The explosion should cause the Molduga to get stunned and fall on the sand. Take this opportunity to whittle down it's weak-point gauge.

Perform a Weak Point Smash

Molduga Attack Pattern - Stunned.jpg
If you exploit the Molduga's attack pattern by following the tips above, you should eventually deplete it's weak-point gauge. Press X to perform a Weak-Point Smash to deal massive damage to the Molduga. Keep going until you defeat the Molduga.

How to Perform a Weak-Point Smash

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