Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The Future of Hyrule Walkthrough: All Treasure Chests and Korok Seeds Locations

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A walkthrough for Chapter 7: The Future of Hyrule in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. The Future of Hyrule maps, main enemies and battlefield materials, locations of Korok seeds and treasure chests, how to unlock, as well as rewards for completing this battle can be found in this guide.

The Future of Hyrule Overview

Battle Info

The Future of Hyrule
Story Chapter Chapter 7
Recommended Level 57
Region Central Hyrule
Unlock Conditions Clear the Battle: All Hyrule, United


First-Clear Rewards None

The Future of Hyrule Battlefield Materials and Main Enemies

Battlefield Materials

List of Materials

The Future of Hyrule Walkthrough



1 Stal monsters.jpg
Mow through the monsters and enter Hyrule Castle. Head further north and defeat the 3 Stal monsters in the room.
2 Climb the upper floors and defeat the 4 Blight Ganons again to remove the Malice swamp.
3 Defeat Harbinger Ganon and Astor.
4 Pursue the two of them to trigger a cutscene.
5 Controlled Guardian.jpg
Defeat the Controlled Guardian.
6 Make your way for the Sanctum and seal Calamity Ganon!

The Future of Hyrule Tips and Strategies

Blight Ganons Use the Same Attacks

Thunderblight with same moveset.jpg

Since you've already encountered these four Ganons, you'll easily predict their moves and the right dodge timing.

Wait for an opening (weak-point gauge) before attacking then back away to dodge their next attacks. Don't forget to follow the rune prompts to interrupt their attacks, too.

How to Beat Harbinger Ganon

Dodge When a Weapon Glows

Glowing weapons.jpg

One thing to take note of to make this fight easier is to pay attention to the Guardian Weapons that it wields. When it's about to strike, the weapon that it will use will glow differently. Prepare to dodge sidewards when this happens and aim for a Flurry Rush.

How to Perform a Flurry Rush

Avoid the Bullet Rain


When the Harbinger Ganon withdraws its weapons, it will unleash beams around it and fire it upward. Quickly back away and start running around as the beams will rain down while tracking your movement.

How to Beat Astor

Take Out Hollow Link First

Hollow Link.jpg

While it looks intimidating, Hollow Link won't do much and will only act as a distraction. Do not lock on either of them so you can see both their movements and focus on removing Hollow Link first.

Astor Uses the Same Attacks

Astor same moveset.jpg

Astor will also use the same attacks from you first battle back at the Korok Forest except the part where he shields himself and summon Hollows of the four other Champions.

Watch out for attack markers on the ground and run around to dodge his orb attacks until you find an opening.

How to Beat Calamity Ganon

Invulnerable at the Start

Vulnerable Ganon.jpg

When the battle starts, do not engage him right away and just run around while dodging his attacks. Calamity Ganon is invincible during the first part so save your energy (especially special attacks) for now.

After a few dialogues and a cutscene, Calamity Ganon will be vulnerable and the real battle starts.

Wait for Rune Prompts

Calamity rune prompts.jpg

Calamity Ganon hits fast and hits hard. You can play safe by running around while you wait for him to attack and expose his weak-point gauge. When this happens, hit him as much as you can before he resumes attacking.

To make things easier, interrupt his strongest attacks by following the rune prompts. This will deal significant amount of damage to his gauge and stagger him for a while.

Same Strategy for Second Phase

Same strat as first phase.jpg

During the second phase, Calamity Ganon will pretty much use the same attack pattern. You can also use the same strategy from earlier (dodge and attack) while also following the rune prompts.

Sealing Calamity Ganon

Sealing Ganon.jpg

After bringing him down to critical health level, he will grow wings and launch an attack that is difficult to avoid. If you're confident with your dodging skills, you can perfect dodge this attack or if not, use the Remote Bomb rune for its iframe.

When Calamity Ganon's health is fully depleted, go all out on his last weak-point gauge and you will eventually be prompted to seal Calamity Ganon.

The Future of Hyrule Korok Seed Locations

2nd Level

3rd Level

3 Korok Seeds Total

Map Location Directions
2nd Level

Turn left from the where your start the battle and find a flower.
2nd Level

Exit West from where you fought the Lynel and find a pinwheel.
3rd Level

Exit east from where you fought Astor and find a tree stump.

Korok Seed Locations: How to Find All Korok Seeds

The Future of Hyrule Treasure Chest Locations

Number Location and Description Rewards

Find this metal chest near the wall next to a lit torch.
Lightscale Trident

Find this chest behind a wall. Use the Remote Bomb Rune to destroy the wall.
Royal Guard's Sword

Find this chest behind a wall. Use the Remote Bomb Rune to destroy the wall.
Scimitar of the Seven

Find a Stone Chest along the outside wall of the room where you battle Thunderblight Ganon.
Great Eagle Bow

Turn left at the end of the long corridor to find this metal chest.
Royal Claymore

Find this wooden chest next to some Malice.
Rupees ×300

Find this wooden chest in a burnt area in the midst of malice.
Sapphire ×2

Find this stone chest near some boxes next to a fallen caravan.
Diamond ×5

All Treasure Chest Locations

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1 Anonymousover 3 years

The third Korok seed should say "exit east" instead of "exit west."


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