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Boss Battle Guide: How to Beat Sooga

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This page is about Sooga, a villain from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to learn Sooga's backstory, his p, how to beat him, as well as which battles he appears in.

Sooga Profile

Minor Antagonist of Age of Calamity


As the Right Hand of the Inverted Eye, Sooga acts as a high-ranking blademaster of the Yiga Clan and trusted advisor and bodygaurd to Master Kohga. We first meet Sooga in Chapter 2: Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief as he drops in to rescue Master Kohga from Link and Urbosa.

Not much is known about his backstory except his undying loyalty to Master Kohga.

What Happens to Sooga

Sooga vs Hollow Link.jpg

By the end of Chapter 5, we see Master Kohga and Sooga confronting Astor as he takes the souls of unconcious Yiga Footsoldiers to revive the Blight Ganons. Astor then proceeds to reveal his plan to betray the Yiga Clan and summons Hollow Link to attack the pair.

Sooga and Master Kohga

Sooga's loyalty to Master Kohga up until his death

We do not see how the fight ends but it is theorized that Astor takes Sooga's soul while Master Kohga flees the battle. After the events of Chapter 6, Master Kohga becomes a playable character and joins the forces of Link and Zelda in defeating Calamity Ganon and Astor.

It is assumed that Master Kohga's motivations to join the Zelda is to seek revenge against Astor for killing Sooga and not actually to seal Calamity Ganon as the neither Yiga Clan nor himself are not present in the scenes where Calamity Ganon is finally sealed.

How to Beat Sooga

The Yiga Clan Attacks!

Perform Flurry Rushes

Flurry Rush.jpg

Before Sooga attacks, he will hold both of his swords. Use this as a signal and time your dodge perfectly so you can perform a Flurry Rush and brutalize him.

How to Perform a Flurry Rush

Wait for Rune Prompts

Rune prompts.jpg

Sooga also has attacks that can be interrupted by runes. Wait for a rune prompt and use the correct rune to render him defenseless. Take note that you should react faster than him as these attacks are relatively quick.

Watch Out for the Inverted Eye

Inverted eye.jpg

When Sooga conjures an Inverted Eye mark, quickly get out of his sight as you'll get helplessly slashed if you get caught. You can also opt to attack him from behind to interrupt this attack.

The Yiga Clan Attacks! Walkthrough

Akkala Tower

Defeat the Blademaster First

Take out the Yiga Blademaster first as he has less health and will just drag the battle. Focus on depleting his weak-point gauge then execute him with a Weak-Point Smash.

How to Perform a Weak-Point Smash

Do Not Lock On

Not locked on.jpg

Do not use the lock on feature during this battle so you can see both of their attacks. Keep the two within your sight and dodge their attacks accordingly.

This will also let you see the rune prompts which can turn the tide of the battle if done correctly.

Akkala Tower Walkthrough

Battles Where Sooga Appears

Sooga Icon

Battles that Sooga Appears in

Challenge 31-40
Defend the Sands!
Challenge 31-40
In the Clutches of the Yiga!
Challenge 31-40
Fruit for the Princess!
Challenge 41-50
The Chief-in-Training

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