Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Boss Battle Guide: How to Beat Astor

Astor Character Profile
This page is about Astor, a villain from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to learn Astor's backstory, how to beat him, as well as which battles he appears in.

Astor Profile

Main Antagonist of Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Astor with Orb
Known as the Prophet of Doom, Astor is the mysterious figure assisting the Yiga Clan to revive Calamity Ganon and bring forth the Great Calamity. Little is known to his backstory, but he is able to foresee the future, including the resurrection of Ganon and eventual destruction of Hyrule.

Although you get to see scenes of Astor interacting with other villains earlier on, the first time that Link and company encounter Astor is in Chapter 3: Freeing the Korok Forest. Astor creates hollows, shadowy versions of the four Champions.

Connections to Vaati

When first shown in early trailers for Age of Calamity, due to his similar signature hood outfit, many fans of The Legend of Zelda thought that this character might be Vaati, a villain of Zelda games such as Minish Cap and Four Swords Adventures. Vaati is often considered Link's second most significant enemy, second only to Ganon himself. However, despite the similarities in appearance, this character is in no way connected with Vaati.

How to Beat Astor

Freeing Korok Forest

Dodge and Strike

Dodging dark orbs.jpg

Most of Astor's attacks are difficult to avoid especially when you blindly attack him head-on. Focus on running around to dodge his attacks and rush in when you see an opening or when the weak-point gauge is revealed. Back away when he regains his stance then repeat.

Defeat the Hollows

5-on-1 battle.jpg

When Astor shields himself, he will summon the Hollows to fight for him again. Ignore Astor for now and deal with the Hollows first to break the barrier. This will put him in a weakened state for a while where you can quickly whittle his weak-point gauge.

Freeing Korok Forest Walkthrough

The Future of Hyrule

Take Out Hollow Link First

Hollow Link.jpg

While it looks intimidating, Hollow Link won't do much and will only act as a distraction. Do not lock on either of them so you can see both their movements and focus on removing Hollow Link first.

Astor Uses the Same Attacks

Astor same moveset.jpg

Astor will also use the same attacks from you first battle back at the Korok Forest except the part where he shields himself and summon Hollows of the four other Champions.

Watch out for attack markers on the ground and run around to dodge his orb attacks until you find an opening.

The Future of Hyrule Walkthrough

Battles Astor Appears In

Freeing Korok Forest

Astor Freeing Korok Forest

Astor appears as a boss in Freeing Korok Forest, a battle in Chapter 5. He attacks by firing orbs and summoning hollow versions of the four Champions. He comes very close to defeating Link with his dark magic, before the Master Sword chooses Link as its wielder, simultaneously releasing a bright light that rips through the hollows.

Freeing Korok Forest Walkthrough

The Future of Hyrule

Astor - The Future of Hyrule

Astor appears for the final time in The Future of Hyrule, the final battle of Chapter 7. The fight here is the one that determines the fate of Hyrule!

The Future of Hyrule Walkthrough

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