Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Calamity Strikes Walkthrough: All Treasure Chests and Korok Seeds Locations

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A walkthrough for Chapter 5: Calamity Strikes in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Calamity Strikes maps, main enemies and battlefield materials, locations of Korok seeds and treasure chests, how to unlock, as well as rewards for completing this battle can be found in this guide.

Calamity Strikes Overview

Battle Info

Calamity Strikes
Story Chapter Chapter 5
Recommended Level 38
Region Central Hyrule
Unlock Conditions Clear the Battle: When Courage Fails


First-Clear Rewards None

Calamity Strikes Battlefield Materials and Main Enemies

Battlefield Materials

List of Materials

Calamity Strikes Walkthrough



1 Guardian in the Sanctum.jpg
Head to the Sanctum while defeating the Guardians on your way.
2 Two more Guardians will appear in the Sanctum, take them out.
3 Secret passage.jpg
Enter through the secret passage and make your way to the escape point. Defeat two more Guardians on your way.
4 Continue running to the escape point where a White-Maned Lynel is waiting for you. Defeat it and escape the castle to finish the battle.

Calamity Strikes Tips and Strategies

Dodge the Beams

Dodging beams.jpg

The Guardians' beams can be dodged regardless of the character that you're using. Wait until the Guardian's eye glows then quickly press the dodge button to avoid the beam.

How to Beat the White-Maned Lynel

Same Moveset as the Previous Lynels

White-Maned Lynel.jpg

This Lynel uses the same attack pattern as the ones that you've already defeated, the only difference is this one's stronger.

Use the Remote Bomb rune when it prepares to breathe fireballs and the Cryonis rune when it charges.

Defeat it much faster by using your elemental rods to break its weak-point gauge.

Calamity Strikes Korok Seed Locations

1st Level

2nd Level

7 Korok Seeds Total

Map Location Directions
Find a tree stump just left of the incline.
Find a pinwheel in the area next to the water.
Find a crate in the area next to the water.
Find a crate on the 2nd Level of the library.
Find a pinwheel near the bombable rooms.
Find a pinwheel in the easternmost room.
Find the glowing spot on the right as you go down the staircase.

Korok Seed Locations: How to Find All Korok Seeds

Calamity Strikes Treasure Chest Locations

Number Location and Description Rewards

Find this chest behind a tree near the start of the level.
Amber ×3

Find the chest directly South of Korok 3.
Knight's Broadsword

Find this stone chest among some dormant guardians.
Royal Guard's Spear

Find the chest in the hidden room underneath the stairs.
Royal Guard's Claymore

Find this chest near the base of a blocked stairway in the Library.
Rupees ×300

Find this chest on the higher floor of the library next to some boxes and Korok 4
Rupees ×300

Find this chest North of the hallway.
Ancient Overclock Unit

Find this chest on the 2nd floor.
Rupees ×100

Use the Remote Bomb rune to smash through the rocks. Find the chest behind a statue.
Topaz ×5

All Treasure Chest Locations

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2 Anonymousover 3 years

Treasure Chest 3 is at a different spot on the map. Maybe do the 2 layer map, like the Korok images?

1 Anonymousover 3 years

There is another chest at Korok seed 1 location. If you are looking at the korok seed 1 screenshot just turn around, it’s right behind you up against the tree.


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