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This page is about Harbinger Ganon from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to learn about how to beat Harbinger Ganon and which battles you can find it in.

How to Beat Harbinger Ganon

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Dodge When a Weapon Glows

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One thing to take note of to make this fight easier is to pay attention to the Guardian Weapons that it wields. When it's about to strike, the weapon that it will use will glow differently. Prepare to dodge sidewards when this happens and aim for a Flurry Rush.

How to Perform a Flurry Rush

Avoid the Bullet Rain


When the Harbinger Ganon withdraws its weapons, it will unleash beams around it and fire it upward. Quickly back away and start running around as the beams will rain down while tracking your movement.

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Battles Where Harbinger Ganon Appears

Harbinger Ganon
Harbinger Ganon Icon

Battles that Harbinger Ganon Appears in

Challenge 61-70
Hyrule's Greatest Warrior
Challenge 61-70
Versus Harbinger Ganon
Challenge 71-80
Versus Calamity Ganon
Challenge 71-80
The Heart of the Calamity
Challenge 71-80
The Siege of Fort Hateno

Materials Dropped by Harbinger Ganon

No materials to display.

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