Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

What to Do With Rusty Weapons: How to Unlock Octo-Polish

What to Do With Rusty Weapons

This page will show you what to do with Rusty Weapons in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to learn how to de-rust your weapons with Octo-Polish!

What to Do with Rusty Weapons

How to Obtain Rusty Weapons

Rusty Broadsword

You will sometimes start to acquire rusty weapons around the middle of the campaign. Rusty weapons can be obtained from rewards and chests in battles, but they cannot be used in battle as is, and will show "???" in place of the level and attack damage.

Rusty weapons will always have Rusty in their name, but the icon beside the name determines the type of weapon you'll receive after de-rusting.

Upgrade the Blacksmith

To de-rust rusty weapons, you have to first unlock the Hylian Blacksmith Guild. Afterwards, upgrade the Blacksmith by completing the quest, From Rusty to Trusty.

How to Complete From Rusty to Trusty

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Freeing Korok Forest
Gain Ability to De-rust Weapons
Required Materials
Octorok Tentacle IconOctorok Tentacle
Octorok Trophy IconOctorok Trophy
Octorok Eyeball IconOctorok Eyeball
Octo Balloon IconOcto Balloon

List of Quests

Use Octo-Polish at the Blacksmith

Choose the Rusty Weapon

Choose Rusty Weapon

After completing the quest mentioned above, you'll be able to use Octo-Polish at the Blacksmith. Characters holding rusty weapons will appear on the menu, along with the type of weapon each carries.

Choose the rusty weapon that you want to de-rust. Take note of the type of weapon if you are targeting a certain type!

Choose the Materials for De-Rusting

Choose Material for De-Rusting

Choose the materials that you will use to de-rust the rusty weapon. It is usually 5 Ores, 30 Monster Parts, and 100 Monster Trophies.

It doesn't matter which materials you use, so we suggest using Flints, Bokoblin parts, and Bokoblin Trophies as they are the easiest materials to farm.

List of all Materials

De-Rusted Weapons

De-Rusting Results

The De-Rusted weapon will appear after paying the de-rusting fee along with the materials. The resulting weapon is fixed for that particular rusted weapon so don't bother soft resetting!

Upgrades for De-Rusting Weapons

First Upgrade

How to Complete Better Rust-Busting

How to Unlock
Complete the Quest: From Rusty to Trusty
Increased Strength of De-rusted Weapons
Required Materials
Sizzlefin Trout IconSizzlefin Trout
Bokoblin Trophy IconBokoblin Trophy
Electric Safflina IconElectric Safflina
Octorok Trophy IconOctorok Trophy
Stone Talus Trophy IconStone Talus Trophy

Second Upgrade

How to Complete Road to Rust Research

How to Unlock
Complete the Quest: From Rusty to Trusty
Increased Strength of De-rusted Weapons
Required Materials
Hydromelon IconHydromelon
Lizalfos Trophy IconLizalfos Trophy
Lynel Trophy IconLynel Trophy
Smotherwing Butterfly IconSmotherwing Butterfly
Octorok Trophy IconOctorok Trophy

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