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This is a guide to finding Rubies, a material in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. The best places to get Rubies, how to use them, Ruby sell price and more can all be found here!

Note that this is a page about the Material called a Ruby in Age of Calamity. If you are looking for the fastest ways to obtain rupees, the game's currency, see the guide below.

Rupee Farming Guide: How to Get Rupees Fast

How to Get Rubies

Find in Battles

Information coming soon!

Purchase Via Services

Service Obtainable Materials
Dearest Stars
Opal Icon Opal 240 Rupees
Amber Icon Amber 120 Rupees
Topaz Icon Topaz 720 Rupees
Ruby Icon Ruby 840 Rupees
Sapphire Icon Sapphire 1040 Rupees
Diamond Icon Diamond 2000 Rupees

How to Unlock All Services

Obtain by Defeating Enemies

Igneo Talus IconIgneo Talus Igneo Pebblit IconIgneo Pebblit Stone Talus (Rare) IconStone Talus (Rare) Malice Igneo Talus IconMalice Igneo Talus

This material can be obtained by defeating any of the enemies shown here. Click on the enemy's page to see all battles that they appear in, as well as an in-depth farming guide for that enemy.

List of Enemies

How to Use Rubies

Used for Quests

Quest Required Materials
An End to Fighting
Ruby Icon Ruby x1
Rupee Icon Rupee x1000
A Sparkling Solution
Amber Icon Amber x3
Ruby Icon Ruby x2
Sapphire Icon Sapphire x2
Dyeing to Make Contact
Ruby Icon Ruby x1
No Stone Unturned
Ruby Icon Ruby x1
Sapphire Icon Sapphire x1
Diamond Icon Diamond x1
Stunning Bracelet
Ruby Icon Ruby x1
The Trial of Stones
Amber Icon Amber x10
Topaz Icon Topaz x5
Ruby Icon Ruby x5
Diamond Icon Diamond x2
Joint Training with the Rito
Opal Icon Opal x5
Keese Trophy Icon Keese Trophy x50
Ruby Icon Ruby x2
The Royal Treasury
Amber Icon Amber x7
Topaz Icon Topaz x5
Ruby Icon Ruby x3
Sapphire Icon Sapphire x3
Diamond Icon Diamond x2
A Secret in Song
Ruby Icon Ruby x3
Sapphire Icon Sapphire x3
Diamond Icon Diamond x5
Heardhearted Malice
Topaz Icon Topaz x5
Ruby Icon Ruby x3
Sapphire Icon Sapphire x3

List of Quests

Sell for Rupees

All materials can be sold for rupees via services. Selling 1 Ruby will net you 210 Rupees.

Rupee Farming Guide: How to Get Rupees Fast

Age of Calamity Materials

HW - List of Materials
List of Materials


4 Anonymous4 months

>>2 It’s been a while but those are the refills those aren’t stones so when you use the rods then you can pick those up

3 Anonymous@Game86 months

>>2 Hi! Those aren't actually rubies. They are fire rod / ice rod refills. If you can't pick them up, it's because your rods are already full! Press L + one of X, Y, or A to use a rod, which will drain some energy. After this, you'll be able to collect the refills. Cheers!

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