Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Types of Weapons: List of All Weapons

HW:AoC - Types of Weapons: List of Weapons

A list of all weapons and types of weapons in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Learn about the weapons of each character, where to find them, stats, and more in the page below.

List of Weapons

One-Handed Weapons

One-Handed Swords can be wielded by Link and Urbosa, although the type they use will be different, as Link wields normal broadswords, while Urbosa will use Scimitars. Additionally, the character who joins at the end of Chapter 6 uses their own type of one-handed weapon.

List of One-Handed Weapons

Master Sword IconMaster Sword Tree Branch IconTree Branch Soup Ladle IconSoup Ladle
Boomerang IconBoomerang TravelerTraveler's Sword SoldierSoldier's Broadsword
KnightKnight's Broadsword Royal Broadsword IconRoyal Broadsword Currently UnavailableForest Dweller's Sword
Zora Sword IconZora Sword Feathered Edge IconFeathered Edge Royal GuardRoyal Guard's Sword
Boko Club IconBoko Club Spiked Boko Club IconSpiked Boko Club Dragonbone Boko Club IconDragonbone Boko Club
Lizal Boomerang IconLizal Boomerang Lizal Forked Boomerang IconLizal Forked Boomerang Lizal Tri-Boomerang IconLizal Tri-Boomerang
Guardian Sword IconGuardian Sword Guardian Sword+ IconGuardian Sword+ Guardian Sword++ IconGuardian Sword++
Lynel Sword IconLynel Sword Mighty Lynel Sword IconMighty Lynel Sword Savage Lynel Sword IconSavage Lynel Sword
Bokoblin Arm IconBokoblin Arm Lizalfos Arm IconLizalfos Arm Training Sword IconTraining Sword
Lucky Ladle IconLucky Ladle Gerudo Scimitar IconGerudo Scimitar Moonlight Scimitar IconMoonlight Scimitar
Scimitar of the Seven IconScimitar of the Seven Eightfold Blade IconEightfold Blade Vicious Sickle IconVicious Sickle
Demon Carver IconDemon Carver Prototype Ancient Short Sword IconPrototype Ancient Short Sword Nimble ChampionNimble Champion's Sword


Kodachi are a type of Sheikah short sword, wielded only by Impa.

List of Kodachis

Kakariko Kodachi IconKakariko Kodachi Faithful Kodachi IconFaithful Kodachi Devoted Kodachi IconDevoted Kodachi

Sheikah Slates

Sheikah Slates are the exclusie weapon of Zelda.

List of Sheikah Slates

Ancient Memory Part IconAncient Memory Part Ancient Power Boost IconAncient Power Boost Ancient Overclock Unit IconAncient Overclock Unit

Two-Handed Weapons

Two-Handed Weapons include greatswords and clubs, which Link can wield, as well as Crushers, the weapon of choice for Daruk. Additionally, the character who joins your party in Chapter 7 will wield a type of two-handed weapon.

List of Two-Handed Weapons

Farming Hoe IconFarming Hoe Boat Oar IconBoat Oar WoodcutterWoodcutter's Axe
Double Axe IconDouble Axe Iron Sledgehammer IconIron Sledgehammer TravelerTraveler's Claymore
Zora Longsword IconZora Longsword Gerudo Claymore IconGerudo Claymore Eightfold Longblade IconEightfold Longblade
Edge of Duality IconEdge of Duality Royal GuardRoyal Guard's Claymore Boko Bat IconBoko Bat
Spiked Boko Bat IconSpiked Boko Bat Dragonbone Boko Bat IconDragonbone Boko Bat Moblin Club IconMoblin Club
Spiked Moblin Club IconSpiked Moblin Club Dragonbone Moblin Club IconDragonbone Moblin Club Ancient Battle Axe IconAncient Battle Axe
Ancient Battle Axe+ IconAncient Battle Axe+ Ancient Battle Axe++ IconAncient Battle Axe++ Lynel Crusher IconLynel Crusher
Mighty Lynel Crusher IconMighty Lynel Crusher Savage Lynel Crusher IconSavage Lynel Crusher Windcleaver IconWindcleaver
Moblin Arm IconMoblin Arm Cobble Crusher IconCobble Crusher Stone Smasher IconStone Smasher
Boulder Breaker IconBoulder Breaker SoldierSoldier's Claymore KnightKnight's Claymore
Royal Claymore IconRoyal Claymore Steadfast ChampionSteadfast Champion's Greatsword


Spears have two variants: normal spears and halberds, used by Link, and tridents, used by Mipha, as well as another character who joins your party in Chapter 5.

List of Spears

Wooden Mop IconWooden Mop FarmerFarmer's Pitchfork Throwing Spear IconThrowing Spear
Soldier’s Spear IconSoldier’s Spear KnightKnight's Halberd Royal Halberd IconRoyal Halberd
Forest DwellerForest Dweller's Spear Drillshaft IconDrillshaft Feathered Spear IconFeathered Spear
Gerudo Spear IconGerudo Spear Serpentine Spear IconSerpentine Spear Royal GuardRoyal Guard's Spear
Boko Spear IconBoko Spear Spiked Boko Spear IconSpiked Boko Spear Dragonbone Boko Spear IconDragonbone Boko Spear
Moblin Spear IconMoblin Spear Spiked Moblin Spear IconSpiked Moblin Spear Dragonbone Moblin Spear IconDragonbone Moblin Spear
Lizal Spear IconLizal Spear Enhanced Lizal Spear IconEnhanced Lizal Spear Forked Lizal Spear IconForked Lizal Spear
Guardian Spear IconGuardian Spear Guardian Spear+ IconGuardian Spear+ Guardian Spear++ IconGuardian Spear++
Lynel Spear IconLynel Spear Mighty Lynel Spear IconMighty Lynel Spear Savage Lynel Spear IconSavage Lynel Spear
TravelerTraveler's Spear Zora Spear IconZora Spear Lightscale Trident IconLightscale Trident
Fishing Harpoon IconFishing Harpoon Silverscale Spear IconSilverscale Spear Ceremonial Trident IconCeremonial Trident
Serene ChampionSerene Champion's Spear Gallant HeroGallant Hero's Spear


Although Link also has access to a bow, Bows are the specialty weapon of Revali, as well as another character who joins your party in Chapter 5. They are also the secondary weapon type of a character who joins your team early on.

List of Bows

Sacred Bow IconSacred Bow Sealing Bow IconSealing Bow Bow of Light IconBow of Light
TravelerTraveler's Bow SoldierSoldier's Bow Great Eagle Bow IconGreat Eagle Bow
Wooden Bow IconWooden Bow Swallow Bow IconSwallow Bow Falcon Bow IconFalcon Bow
Soaring ChampionSoaring Champion's Bow Swift HeroSwift Hero's Bow


The unique weapon of the character who joins during the third chapter.

List of Maracas

Maracas IconMaracas Shaka Maracas IconShaka Maracas Shakalaka Maracas IconShakalaka Maracas

Arm Bands

Arm Bands (Bands / Bangles) are wielded by two unlockable characters who can join your party any time from chapter 4.

List of Bands

Dazzling Bangles IconDazzling Bangles Luxurious Bangles IconLuxurious Bangles Extravagant Bangles IconExtravagant Bangles
MonkMonk's Bands Bands of Enlightenment IconBands of Enlightenment Bands of Truth IconBands of Truth


The unique weapon of the character who joins you in the 5th chapter.

List of Bridles

Gerudo Bridle IconGerudo Bridle Starlight Bridle IconStarlight Bridle Bridle of the Seven IconBridle of the Seven
Thunderous HeroThunderous Hero's Bridle

Rock Roasts

The unique weapon of another character who joins you in the 5th chapter.

List of Rock Roasts

Raw Rock Roast IconRaw Rock Roast Medium-Rare Rock Roast IconMedium-Rare Rock Roast Rock Roast Flambé IconRock Roast Flambé
Stalwart HeroStalwart Hero's Feast

Ancient Parts

There are three characters who wield ancient parts as weapons, with the first two unlocked post-game, and the third which is obtainable as part of the DLC.

List of Ancient Parts (Weapon)

Blessed Screw IconBlessed Screw Benevolent Spring IconBenevolent Spring Gear of the Protector IconGear of the Protector
Cursed Bone Shard IconCursed Bone Shard Malevolent Spine IconMalevolent Spine Heart of Annihilation IconHeart of Annihilation
Battle-Tested Gear IconBattle-Tested Gear Battle-Tested Spring IconBattle-Tested Spring Battle-Tested Screw IconBattle-Tested Screw


As part of the first wave of DLC, two new weapon types have been introduced. The first new weapon type introduces the flails.

List of Flails (Weapon)

Guardian Flail IconGuardian Flail Ancient Bladed Flail IconAncient Bladed Flail Fortified Flail IconFortified Flail

Master Cycles

As part of the first wave of DLC, two new weapon types have been introduced. The second new weapon type introduces the Master Cycle.
List of Master Cycles (Weapon)

Master Cycle IconMaster Cycle Master Cycle Hunter IconMaster Cycle Hunter Master Cycle Sentinel IconMaster Cycle Sentinel

Weapon Skills

Most weapons come with a seal attached to them, which add some kind of bonus to that weapon. The following list shows every type of obtainable weapon skill.

List of Weapon Skills

Seal Skill Value(s)
Strong-Attack Damage Seal Strong-Attack Damage 2% , 4% , 6%
Regular-Attack Damage Seal Regular-Attack Damage 2% , 4% , 6%
Midair-Attack Damage Seal Midair-Attack Damage 7% , 13% , 18%
Flurry Rush Damage Seal Flurry Rush Damage 7% , 13%
Dash-Attack Damage Seal Dash-Attack Damage 7% , 13% , 18%
Damage to Midair Enemies Seal Damage to Midair Enemies 7% , 13%
Damage to Foes with Status Effects Seal Damage to Foes with Status Effects 13%
Battle EXP Seal Battle EXP 3% , 6% , 9%
Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate Seal Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate 15%
Monster-Part Drop Rate Seal Monster-Part Drop Rate 5% , 9% , 13%
Material Drop Rate from Grass Seal Material Drop Rate from Grass 5%
High-Resell Weapon Seal High-Resell Weapon -
Fusion Material EXP Seal Fusion Material EXP 150% , 250%
Detects Nearby Chests Seal Detects Nearby Chests -
Detects Nearby Koroks Seal Detects Nearby Koroks -
Mineral Drop Rate Seal Mineral Drop Rate 10%
Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate Seal Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate 5% , 9% , 14%
Ancient-Part Drop Rate Seal Ancient-Part Drop Rate 5% , 9%
Improves Quality of Found Weapons Seal Improves Quality of Found Weapons -
Increased Blupee Encounters Seal Increased Blupee Encounters -
Rare-Material Drop Rate Seal Rare-Material Drop Rate 17%
Special-Attack Damage Seal Special-Attack Damage 5% , 8%
Reduced Damage from Ice Seal Reduced Damage from Ice -
Reduced Damage from Fire Seal Reduced Damage from Fire -
Healing-Item Effect Seal Healing-Item Effect 3% , 5%
Healing-Item Drop Rate Seal Healing-Item Drop Rate 12% , 20%
Damage per 100 KOs Seal Damage per 100 KOs 2% , 4%
Damage from Enemies Seal Damage from Enemies -3% , -4%
Damage at Full Hearts Seal Damage at Full Hearts 2% , 4%
Heal by Defeating Enemies Seal Heal by Defeating Enemies -
Heal a Percentage of Damage Dealt Seal Heal a Percentage of Damage Dealt -
Reduced Damage from Lightning Seal Reduced Damage from Lightning -
Special-Attack Charge Rate Seal Special-Attack Charge Rate 3% , 6%
Perfect-Dodge Timing Window Seal Perfect-Dodge Timing Window 5%
Damage at 30% Hearts or Less Seal Damage at 30% Hearts or Less 7% , 12%
Chance to Automatically Guard Seal Chance to Automatically Guard 10%
Auto-Critical Hit after Combos Seal Auto-Critical Hit after Combos -
Chance of Landing Shockwave Seal Chance of Landing Shockwave 11%
Perfect-Guard Chance When Guarding Seal Perfect-Guard Chance When Guarding 11%
Damage to Locked-On Target Seal Damage to Locked-On Target 10%
Resistance to All Status Effects Seal Resistance to All Status Effects -
Damage Reflected When Guarding Seal Damage Reflected When Guarding 20%
Chance to KO Weak Enemies Seal Chance to KO Weak Enemies 11%
Attack Speed Seal Attack Speed 3% , 4% , 6%
Attack Range Seal Attack Range 4% , 7% , 10%

Weapon Fusion Guide: How to Transfer Weapon Skills

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