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How to Unlock Hidden Seals | List of Hidden Seals

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This is a guide for hidden seals in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to increase the max weapon level and unlock the hidden seals of your weapon. A list of all hidden seals and their weapons is also included!

How to Unlock Hidden Seals

Increase Max Weapon Level

A Monumental Undertaking

Hidden seals are unlocked after upgrading a weapon to level 25 and 30 through weapon fusion. To reach these levels, you must first gain the ability to increase the max weapon level by completing A Monumental Undertaking and The Legendary Blacksmith Quests.

A Monumental Undertaking

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Relentless as a Waterfall
Gain Ability to Increase Max Weapon Level
Required Materials
Moblin Fang IconMoblin Fang
Moblin Trophy IconMoblin Trophy
Luminous Stone IconLuminous Stone
Stone Talus Trophy IconStone Talus Trophy
Lynel Horn IconLynel Horn

The Legendary Blacksmith

How to Unlock
Complete the Quest: Tactics for Small Foes
Gain Ability to Increase Max Weapon Level
Required Materials
Ethereal Stone IconEthereal Stone
Lynel Trophy IconLynel Trophy
Stone Talus Trophy IconStone Talus Trophy
Hinox Trophy IconHinox Trophy
Molduga Trophy IconMolduga Trophy

Replay challenges with a fast clear time and a high weapon drop to upgrade your weapon to level 30.

For more information on weapon farming, see the link below.
Weapon Farming Guide: How to Get Weapons Quickly

Upgrade Weapon to the New Max Level

Hidden Seals Devoted Kodachi

After increasing the max weapon level, continue upgrading the weapon until you reach the new level cap and unlock a hidden seal.

These seals have their own slots and will not require any of the slots you have acquired from the previous weapon levels.

Each weapon type has 2 fixed hidden seals that will be revealed upon reaching the required weapon levels. Some of the hidden seals are normally found on weapons obtained from Battles and Challenges but there are hidden seals that are unique to a weapon type and more powerful than most weapon skills.

How to Raise Max Weapon Level

List of Hidden Seals

Hidden Seal Weapons
Ancient-Part Drop Rate Icon Ancient-Part Drop Rate
Attack Range Icon Attack Range
Attack Speed Icon Attack Speed
Auto-Critical Hit after Combos Icon Auto-Critical Hit after Combos
Battle EXP Icon Battle EXP
Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate Icon Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate
Chance of Landing Shockwave Icon Chance of Landing Shockwave
Chance to KO Weak Enemies Icon Chance to KO Weak Enemies
Damage at 30% Hearts or Less Icon Damage at 30% Hearts or Less
Damage at Full Hearts Icon Damage at Full Hearts
Damage from Enemies Icon Damage from Enemies
Damage per 100 KOs Icon Damage per 100 KOs
Damage Reflected When Guarding Icon Damage Reflected When Guarding
Damage to Foes with Status Effects Icon Damage to Foes with Status Effects
Damage to Locked-On Target Icon Damage to Locked-On Target
Dash-Attack Damage Icon Dash-Attack Damage
Detects Nearby Chests Icon Detects Nearby Chests
Detects Nearby Koroks Icon Detects Nearby Koroks
Flurry Rush Damage Icon Flurry Rush Damage
Fusion Material EXP Icon Fusion Material EXP
Heal a Percentage of Damage Dealt Icon Heal a Percentage of Damage Dealt
Heal by Defeating Enemies Icon Heal by Defeating Enemies
Healing-Item Drop Rate Icon Healing-Item Drop Rate
Healing-Item Effect Icon Healing-Item Effect
High-Resell Weapon Icon High-Resell Weapon
Improves Quality of Found Weapons Icon Improves Quality of Found Weapons
Increased Blupee Encounters Icon Increased Blupee Encounters
Material Drop Rate from Grass Icon Material Drop Rate from Grass
Midair-Attack Damage Icon Midair-Attack Damage
Mineral Drop Rate Icon Mineral Drop Rate
Monster-Part Drop Rate Icon Monster-Part Drop Rate
Perfect-Dodge Timing Window Icon Perfect-Dodge Timing Window
Perfect-Guard Chance When Guarding Icon Perfect-Guard Chance When Guarding
Rare-Material Drop Rate Icon Rare-Material Drop Rate
Reduced Damage from Fire Icon Reduced Damage from Fire
Reduced Damage from Ice Icon Reduced Damage from Ice
Reduced Damage from Lightning Icon Reduced Damage from Lightning
Regular-Attack Damage Icon Regular-Attack Damage
Resistance to All Status Effects Icon Resistance to All Status Effects
Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate Icon Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate
Special-Attack Charge Rate Icon Special-Attack Charge Rate
Special-Attack Damage Icon Special-Attack Damage
Strong-Attack Damage Icon Strong-Attack Damage

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3 fluff01*over 1 year

after finding 140 koroks they saw I need another 11 to finish game. where did I go wrong?

2 Anonymousover 1 year

Damage to midair enemies is missing from this table. Royal Guard's Spear for example only has the one other hidden seal listed.


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