Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

How to Unlock the Hylian Blacksmith Guild

How to Unlock Hylian Blacksmith Guild

This page will show how to unlock Hylian Blacksmith Guild in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and show all of the materials and items that they have for sale. Read on to learn which materials can be bought after unlocking Hylian Blacksmith Guild!

How to Unlock Hylian Blacksmith Guild

Unlocked Via Quest

Unlock Condition
Unlocked by completing the Quest titled Brawny Blacksmiths

List of Quests

How to Complete Brawny Blacksmiths

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Road to the Ancient Lab
High Spirits Produce Unlocked
Fortified Pumpkin x3
Required Materials
Courser Bee Honey IconCourser Bee Honey
Bokoblin Trophy IconBokoblin Trophy

Upgrading the Blacksmith

Eventually, you will start to accumulate Rusty Weapons. Completing the quest From Rusty to Trusty will allow you to upgrade the Blacksmith so that you can de-rust these weapons and make them your own!

Unlock Condition
Unlocked by completing the Quest titled From Rusty to Trusty

How to Complete From Rusty to Trusty

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Freeing Korok Forest
Gain Ability to De-rust Weapons
Required Materials
Octorok Tentacle IconOctorok Tentacle
Octorok Trophy IconOctorok Trophy
Octorok Eyeball IconOctorok Eyeball
Octo Balloon IconOcto Balloon

Services Provided by Hylian Blacksmith Guild

Upgrade Weapons

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Upgrade Weapons

Unlocking the Hylian Blacksmith gives you the ability to fuse weapons, which lets you transfer bonuses and increase that weapon's strength.

Weapon Fusing Guide

Sell Weapons

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Sell Weapons

In addition, the Hylian Blacksmith will buy back your unused weapons. While fusing is usually the better option, certain weapons have a bonus on them that allows you to earn more rupees when selling them, so selling them here is great for farming rupees.

Rupee Farming Guide: How to Get Rupees (Money) Fast

De-Rust Rusty Weapons

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - De-Rust Rusty Weapons

After upgrading the Blacksmith via the quest: From Rusty to Trusty, you will gain the ability to de-rust any rusty weapons in your inventory. These can sometimes be rather powerful weapons, so its useful to upgrade the Hylian Blacksmith Guild as soon as you can!

What to Do With Rusty Weapons

Remove Weapon Seals

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Remove Seals
After completing the quests: Secret of the Rito Artisans and Caring for the Statues, you gain the ability to remove all weapon seals or a chosen weapon seal respectively. This comes in handy as matching the same seal shape gives additional bonuses to weapon damage and effects from the seals.

How to Remove Weapon Seals

Age of Calamity Services

HW:AoC - List of Services

How to Unlock All Services

Hylian Blacksmith GuildHylian Blacksmith Military Training CampMilitary Training Camp
Kochi Dye ShopKochi Dye Shop Meditative TrainingMeditative Training
High Spirits ProduceHigh Spirits Produce Royo-Royo DepotRoyo-Royo Depot
Mabe Ranch Co-opMabe Ranch Co-op Snowy FeathersSnowy Feathers
SecroSecro's Supplies Dearest StarsDearest Stars
Stables and Merchants
Outskirt StableOutskirt Stable Lakeside StableLakeside Stable
Foothill StableFoothill Stable Woodland StableWoodland Stable
South Akkala StableSouth Akkala Stable East Akkala Stable.jpgEast Akkala Stable
Serenne Stable.jpgSerenne Stable DayfahDayfah
MondaMonda BenaBena
SegimoSegimo CheriaCheria
EttuEttu Merchant Rhodo.jpgRhodo


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