Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

How to Level Up Fast and Reach the Max Level | EXP Farming Guide

How to Level Up Fast

This is a guide to fast level grinding in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (HW:AoC) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the best methods for leveling up quickly, as well as the best stages to farm exp, and the max level (level cap) for characters in Age of Calamity.

How to Level Up Fast

Replay Challenges

HW:AoC - Mastering Remote Bombs Challenge
Challenges can be unlocked as you progress through the story, with several challenges for specific character. Lots of enemies appear in these stages, making it easy to farm tons of EXP. In combination with weapons that have EXP bonuses, this becomes an easy way to quickly level up your character.

Also, thanks to the fact that there are no cutscenes like in story battles, challenges is the fastest way to gain EXP, with each taking around 2-3 minutes to complete.

Take on Stages with Lots of Enemies

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Take on a Stage with Lots of Enemies
It's important that the stage you choose is one where lots of enemies appear. Rather than skipping all of the smaller enemies to complete the mission, defeat as many as you can when completing these stages for easy EXP.

Equip a Weapon with Battle EXP Bonus

HW:AoC - Battle EXP Weapon
You can increase the EXP gained from battles by equipping a weapon with a Battle EXP weapon skill. These weapons can be obtained randomly by completing challenges and battles.

However, if you equip these skills onto your main weapons, then you will be unable to equip more powerful skills that increase your damage, so we highly recommend having two main weapons: one for normal battles (with powerful skills), and another specifically for training (with skills for gaining EXP).

Weapon Fusion Guide: How to Transfer Weapon Skills

Increase other characters' levels at the Military Training Camp

Military Training Camp
The Military Training Camp allows you to use rupees to level up your characters to the level of your strongest character. After you've saved up a lot of rupees, you can simply focus on leveling up one character, then pay rupees to get your weaker characters up to the same level.

How to Unlock the Military Training Camp and Uses

Best Battles for Level Grinding

Recommended Early Game Stages

Stage Recommended Level
Mastering Remote Bombs Level 4
ExplosiveーHandle With Care Challenge Level 6
Link: One-Handed Weapons
Note: Link Only Stage
Level 10

In the early game, we recommend playing through ExplosiveーHandle With Care Challenge repeatedly to farm EXP. 500 or more small enemies appear, and you can quickly eliminate them via bombs, making it a super easy stage for grinding.

Recommended Mid-Game Stages

Stage Recommended Level
A Feast for Wizzrobes Level 34
Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle Level 37
Coliseum: Intermediate Level 40

For mid-game, we recommend farming EXP on Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle Challenge since it has a Molduga (one of the easiest bosses in the game) along with some Moblins and Bokoblins.

Recommended End-Game Stages

Stage Recommended Level
Defend Akkala Citadel Level 53
The Guardians Counterattack Level 54
Footsteps of the Giant Level 56

Before you push through the last Challenges in the game, we recommend playing these stages for end-game grinding so you can get lots of EXP from easier enemies while also farming materials needed for your character upgrades.

Blood Moon Battlefields

What Are Blood Moon Battlefields?

Blood Moon Battlefields are unlocked post game, and are a great way to gain EXP. However, since they take place in regular story missions, they will take more time to complete than a regular challenge will.

During a Blood Moon, all enemies on the Story Battle where it occurs will get much stronger, increasing the level of the enemies in the field and the battle's recommended level (can even be higher than the final Story Battle). This also means that the EXP yield from enemies will increase, making it an effective way to quickly reach the level cap.

Blood Moon Battlefields: Rewards and How to Unlock

What Is the Max Level? (Level Cap)

Max Level: 100

Impa Max Level

Unlike the previous Hyrule Warriors game, where the level cap was at level 255, in Age of Calamity, the max level is at Level 100. This information was obtained through extensive level grinding by our own walkthrough staff, and we can say with certainty that you cannot level up past level 100.

After reaching the level cap, the only way to make a character stronger would be by completing their quests to give them more combos, and by upgrading their weapon to its max level (weapons have a level cap of 30).

Weapon Fusion Guide: How to Transfer Weapon Skills

What Does Leveling Up Do?

Increases Hearts and Attack Power

HW - Levelling Up size:440x248
Leveling up increases the number of hearts and attack power of a character.

Increasing your attack power lets you deal more damage and kill enemies faster. Additionally, raising the number of hearts helps you better withstand enemy attacks.

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