Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Weapon Fusion Guide: How to Transfer Weapon Skills

Weapon Fusion Guide

This is a guide to upgrading weapons by Fuse Weapons in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (HW:AoC) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to unlock the Blacksmith and upgrade weapons through Weapon Fusion, and how to transfer skills to other weapons.

How to Unlock the Blacksmith

Clear the Road to the Ancient Lab

Road to the Ancient Lab.jpg

Weapon Fusion can be done at the Hylian Blacksmith Guild. Before the Blacksmith even appears in the map, you'll have to clear the second battle of Chapter 1, Road to the Ancient Lab. Finishing this battle will unlock the Blacksmith and a few more quests and challenges.

Road to the Ancient Lab Walkthrough

Assist the Brawny Blacksmiths

Brawny Blacksmiths.jpg

The Brawny Blacksmiths will appear northeast of the Hyrule Field. Assist the blacksmiths by giving them 5 Ironshrooms. Supplying the required materials will give you access to the Hylian Blacksmith Guild's services, such as weapon fusion and selling weapons.

How to Complete Brawny Blacksmiths

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: Road to the Ancient Lab
Hylian Blacksmith Guild Unlocked
Required Materials
Ironshroom IconIronshroom

How to Fuse Weapons

Weapon Fusion Steps

Select a Character
Select the Weapon to Upgrade
Select your fusing materials (weapons you will give up to fuse)

The steps above show the basic process for fusing weapons. Note that once you give up a weapon for fusing, you cannot get it back!

Notes about Weapon Fusion

CheckmarkLevel up weapons with a high base attack

CheckmarkA bonus is obtained when fusing weapons with the same seal (Skill: +1% | ATK: +5)

CheckmarkA new skill slot is unlocked for every five times a weapon levels up

When using the Blacksmith, it's important to keep the things listed here in mind. Since fusing weapons of the same seal will give you an attack and skill bonus, it's a good idea to continuously fuse them as you gain them.

How to Raise Max Weapon Level

Improve the Hylian Blacksmith Guild

The Legendary Blacksmith.jpg

Weapons have a max level of 20, although this level can be raised to 25, and then again to 30, after improving the Blacksmith service. To do this, you must first complete 2 Quests that improve the Hylian Blacksmith Guild and give you the ability to raise the weapon level cap — A Monumental Undertaking and The Legendary Blacksmith.

A Monumental Undertaking is unlocked after completing the Relentless as a Waterfall Battle. Completing the quest raises the max weapon level to 25.

The Legendary Blacksmith is unlocked after completing the Tactics for Small Foes Quest. Completing the quest further raises the level cap to 30.

If you have the DLC Expansion Pass, you can raise the max weapon level to 50. You need to complete Working with the Blacksmith Guild quest as part of the Royal Ancient Lab questline to increase the level cap, allowing you to strengthen weapons even further.

List of All Improve Services Quests

Visit the Hylian Blacksmith Guild

Raise Max Weapon Level.jpg

After completing the required Quests, visit the Hylian Blacksmith and select the Raise Weapon-Level Limit option. Choose the weapon you want to increase the level limit and provide the necessary materials.

When you're done, you can continue fusing weapons to that weapon to reach the new max level and unlock a Hidden Seal!

How to Unlock Hidden Seals

How to Transfer Weapon Skills

Steps for Transfering Over Skills

Select the weapon you will upgrade
Select a weapon with a skill you want to transfer over
Finish selecting fusing materials

Fuse Weapons With the Same Seal!

CheckmarkDecide on which weapon you'll upgrade

CheckmarkGather 4 weapons with the same seal

CheckmarkLevel up to Level 19 using fusing materials with no seal

CheckmarkUse fusing materials with the same seal to reach level 20

Buy fusing weapons that have the same seal, you'll be able to obtain a skill and attack bonus. Although you can use other weapons with other seals to gain skills, fusing weapons of the same seal allows you gain powerful bonuses to make the most of your weapons. Therefore, it's better to only use weapons of the same seal when fusing and leveling up!

Grinding for Weapons

You're going to need a lot of weapons to reach level 20. The easiest thing to do is to change your difficulty to Easy mode, then try to repeatedly clear battles in the quickest time possible.

Recommended Battle for Farming

Battle Name Time to Complete
ExplosiveーHandle With Care ~100 to 200 Seconds

List of Weapon Skills

Seal Skill Value(s)
Damage to Foes with Status Effects Seal Damage to Foes with Status Effects 13%
Damage to Midair Enemies Seal Damage to Midair Enemies 7% , 13%
Dash-Attack Damage Seal Dash-Attack Damage 7% , 13% , 18%
Flurry Rush Damage Seal Flurry Rush Damage 7% , 13%
Midair-Attack Damage Seal Midair-Attack Damage 7% , 13% , 18%
Regular-Attack Damage Seal Regular-Attack Damage 2% , 4% , 6%
Strong-Attack Damage Seal Strong-Attack Damage 2% , 4% , 6%
Ancient-Part Drop Rate Seal Ancient-Part Drop Rate 5% , 9%
Battle EXP Seal Battle EXP 3% , 6% , 9%
Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate Seal Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate 5% , 9% , 14%
Detects Nearby Chests Seal Detects Nearby Chests -
Detects Nearby Koroks Seal Detects Nearby Koroks -
Fusion Material EXP Seal Fusion Material EXP 150% , 250%
High-Resell Weapon Seal High-Resell Weapon -
Improves Quality of Found Weapons Seal Improves Quality of Found Weapons -
Increased Blupee Encounters Seal Increased Blupee Encounters -
Material Drop Rate from Grass Seal Material Drop Rate from Grass 5%
Mineral Drop Rate Seal Mineral Drop Rate 10%
Monster-Part Drop Rate Seal Monster-Part Drop Rate 5% , 9% , 13%
Rare-Material Drop Rate Seal Rare-Material Drop Rate 17%
Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate Seal Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate 15%
Damage at Full Hearts Seal Damage at Full Hearts 2% , 4%
Damage from Enemies Seal Damage from Enemies -3% , -4%
Damage per 100 KOs Seal Damage per 100 KOs 2% , 4%
Heal a Percentage of Damage Dealt Seal Heal a Percentage of Damage Dealt -
Heal by Defeating Enemies Seal Heal by Defeating Enemies -
Healing-Item Drop Rate Seal Healing-Item Drop Rate 12% , 20%
Healing-Item Effect Seal Healing-Item Effect 3% , 5%
Reduced Damage from Fire Seal Reduced Damage from Fire -
Reduced Damage from Ice Seal Reduced Damage from Ice -
Reduced Damage from Lightning Seal Reduced Damage from Lightning -
Special-Attack Damage Seal Special-Attack Damage 5% , 8%
Attack Range Seal Attack Range 4% , 7% , 10%
Attack Speed Seal Attack Speed 3% , 4% , 6%
Auto-Critical Hit after Combos Seal Auto-Critical Hit after Combos -
Chance of Landing Shockwave Seal Chance of Landing Shockwave 11%
Chance to Automatically Guard Seal Chance to Automatically Guard 10%
Chance to KO Weak Enemies Seal Chance to KO Weak Enemies 11%
Damage at 30% Hearts or Less Seal Damage at 30% Hearts or Less 7% , 12%
Damage Reflected When Guarding Seal Damage Reflected When Guarding 20%
Damage to Locked-On Target Seal Damage to Locked-On Target 10%
Perfect-Dodge Timing Window Seal Perfect-Dodge Timing Window 5%
Perfect-Guard Chance When Guarding Seal Perfect-Guard Chance When Guarding 11%
Resistance to All Status Effects Seal Resistance to All Status Effects -
Special-Attack Charge Rate Seal Special-Attack Charge Rate 3% , 6%

Best Weapon Skills

Weapon Fusion Tips

Farm More Weapons

Farming weapons.jpg

Upgrading weapons is only possible by weapon fusion, and weapons will also be used as materials in the process. Obtain more weapons from battles, such as Challenges, to upgrade the weapon of your choice further.

Another easy method of gaining weapons comes from scanning amiibos, which can allow you to gain materials and weapons.

amiibo Support | amiibo Rewards and How to Use

Transferring Weapon Skills

Matching seals.jpg

If your weapon has a free weapon skill slot, you can transfer a weapon skill from a component weapon through fusing. When transferring weapon skills, keep an eye out for matching seals as they can boost the weapon skill bonus and weapon damage even further, as mentioned above!

Transferring weapon skills.jpg

Be careful when choosing a component weapon with two or more weapon skills as only the first weapon skill will be transferred to the chosen weapon while the rest will be discarded.

Weapons with Fusion Material EXP

Look out for weapons with Fusion Material EXP seals. When fused with a weapon, it can give as much as +250% bonus EXP!

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20+20=4same+2same 15+15= 2same+2same+2same or 6same

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There are 4Shapes of seal Star, square, hexagonal, and circle If you want to have bonus seal 20+20for level30weapon You must to have same4shape and 2same shape of seal in list


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