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Down the Dark Muddy Path Quest and Rewards

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This is a guide for Down the Dark Muddy Path, a Quest appearing in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Learn about Down the Dark Muddy Path's availability, unlock conditions, target Monsters, and rewards for completing the Quest here.

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Basic Information

How to Unlock Down the Dark Muddy Path

Available from the Event start time

Quest Basic Information

Lv ★3 Destination Arena
Type  Challenge Research Points  -
Time Limit  50 minutes Reward Money 1080z
Objective Slay a Barroth
Other Conditions  HR3

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Monster Information


down the dark muddy path quest.png
Here comes a new challenger! In this quest, you will have to slay a Barroth in the Arena. It should be a piece of cake, especially since Barroth cannot get his mud armor here.
Barroth Weakness and Strategy Guide


Ryu Full Armor Set

street fight ryu and sakura armor.png
Upon completion, you will be rewarded with SFV Ticket I, so you can get the full armor set, Ryu! That's right; you can now run around yelling Shoooryuken! at everyone.

Main Rewards

Item Appearance Rate
Earth Crystal %
Armor Sphere %
SFV Ticket %

Monster Materials


Barroth Shell Barroth Tail
Barroth Claw Barroth Ridge
Barroth Scalp

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