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Wandering in the Dark
This is a guide to the quest titled Wandering in the Dark from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on objectives and possible rewards, the locaton of the kelpie, as well as useful tips and strategies for completing the quest.

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
Hunting a Witch Wandering in the Dark Ladies of the Wood

Wandering in the Dark Rewards and Basic Information

Basic Information

Quest Number 14
Region Velen
Quest Location Byways
Previous Quest Hunting a Witch
Next Quest Ladies of the Wood


Gold Reward None
Exp Reward 350
Item Reward None

Wandering in the Dark Main Objectives

1 Head to the cave located south of Midcopse.
2 Follow Kiera into the portal.
3 Continue into the cave using your Witcher Sense to find Kiera; she will be marked by a red sound wave. You will encounter 3 Drowners before having to dive. Kill them.
4 When you reach the spacious cavern, 4 Drowners and a Water Hag will be in your way.
5 Continue to where Kiera's voice is coming from. You will find her surrounded by rats. Destroy the 2 nests using bombs (Grapeshot, Sumum or Dancing Star) or by using either Igni or Aard. You will receive 100 XP for each nest you destroy.
6 Continue into the next room towards the projection.
7 Go deeper into the ruins; you will encounter 5 Wraiths inside the big chamber. Kill them.
8 Enter the western passage to continue to the next chamber.
Note: The southern passage has a chest at the end. Also, the eastern passage has 2 chests underwater and 1 more at the end of the passage. After looting the 3rd chest, 2 waves of 2 wraiths will attack you.
9 Once you enter the next chamber you will receive 100 XP. After being told to look for Ciri's horse Kelpie, jump down into the pool at the middle of the chamber. Inspect the horse symbol on the south wall.
Note: If you inspect the kraken symbol, a pair of Dopplers in the form of Geralt and Kiera will spawn and attack. If you inspect the dog symbol, it will cause an explosion damaging Geralt.
10 Dive and enter the underwater passageway. Surface and continue through the passageway. You will see another horse symbol at the top of the stairs. Reach the end of the passage and drop down to get back to the chamber.
11 Rejoin Kiera and head into the next chamber. Examine the swallow symbol next to the portal to activate it. Walk through the portal.
12 Head into the next chamber. A Golem will be inside. Kill it.
13 Continue exploring the ruins, following the passage. When you reach a fork, choose the left passage (the eastern one).
Note: If you choose to keep going straight, you will enter a different chamber and will have to fight a gargoyle to leave. There is a chest right before the chamber, and one more inside the chamber.
14 Activate the portal in the next chamber and walk through it. Continue through the passage to follow the Wild Hunt.
15 Stay near Kiera under her shield, she will close the rifts. There are 3 rifts with Hounds of the Wild Hunt spawning from the rift Kiera is closing. Kill them. You will receive 100 XP after.
16 Continue following through the passage chasing the WIld Hunt Warriors to the next chamber.
Note: There is a breakable wall right before the next chamber. Use you Witcher Sense to see it and use Aard to knock it down. Inside the passage is a chest and toxic gas. At the end is a small chamber with another chest and a foglet waiting for you.
11 Fight Nithral. Upon defeating him you will receive 250 XP.
11 Climb up the ledge in the eastern part of the chamber and investigate using your Witcher Sense. Inspect the Herbs, Empty potion bottle, Burned notes, and After the White Frost book.
11 Examine the wall to the east. Kiera will give Geralt the Eye of Nehaleni. Use it on the wall by interacting with it again.
11 Walk through the new passage way to end the quest.

Wandering in the Dark Riddle Solutions

Where to Find the Kelpie

You will need to jump into the pool located in the middle of the chamber. The Kelpie is located on the south wall of the pool.

Wandering in the Dark Tips and Strategies

Igni the Yellow Vapour to Create Explosions

Poison Clouds
The yellow vapor can be ignited using Igni, causing an explosion. This explosion can deal massive damage to Geralt or to any enemy within the gas. Time your use of Igni to use these explosions to dispatch foes.

Fighting the Golem

Golem Fight
The Golem's attacks are slow and telegraphed attacks that you can react to easily.

When it swings its arms, it's about hit you, so dodge out of the way. When it jumps, its about to do a ground slam, so roll away from it. And when it holds out its arm in front of itself, it will try to charge you, so roll out of the way.

Use heavy attacks to get solid damage in between dodges. Quen is useful to block any damage you do not dodge successfully.

Fighting Nithral

Nithral fight
Nithral's movement and attacks are slow. Use heavy attacks in between dodging his attacks. If you attack while he is blocking, he will stun you after. Do not get close to him when he has his ice shield up; it will knock you back and deal damage to you. The best sign to use is Quen, as the other signs are not so effective against him.

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