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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki for Rune Factory 5 (RF5), a simulation RPG developed by Marvelous for the Nintendo Switch. Learn everything we know about the latest entry in the Rune Factory series!

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About Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Story Walkthrough

RF5 - Story Walkthrough Partial Banner.png
Story Walkthrough

All Walkthrough Guides

Whispering Woods Belpha Ruins
Kelve Lava Caves Meline Crystal Caverns
Atohl's End Gadeus Grasslands
Bandit King's Old Base Belpha Ruins - Depths
Meline Crystal Caverns - Depths Kelve Lava Caves - Depths
Forest of No Return Everlasting Darkness
Basara's Hideaway Thundering Wastes
Cloudheim SEED Floating Fortress
Calamity's Edge Rigbarth Maze

Rune Factory 5 Characters

RF5 - Characters Partial Banner.png

List of All Characters

All Bachelors All Bachelorettes

Main Characters

PriscillaPriscilla ScarlettScarlett MartinMartin
ReinhardReinhard LucyLucy FuukaFuuka
CecilCecil MurakumoMurakumo LudmilaLudmila
BeatriceBeatrice LucasLucas RykerRyker


LiviaLivia GideonGideon OswaldOswald
SimoneSimone JulianJulian HinaHina
ElsjeElsje MisasagiMisasagi RandolphRandolph
YukiYuki TerryTerry HeinzHeinz
DarrochDarroch Palmo Creacie de Sainte-CoquillePalmo Creacie de Sainte-Coquille MargaretMargaret
DougDoug RadeaRadea

Rune Factory 5 Tips and Tricks

RF5 - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.png

Tips and Tricks

Game Info
Release Date How to Link Data & Unlock Margaret and Doug
Is Rune Factory 5 Multiplayer? Cast and List of Voice Actors
Mechanics & Features
Farm Dragon Guide Farming Guide: How to Grow Crops
How to Tame Monsters How to Earn SEED Points Easily
Starfall Weather and How to Get Starfall Seeds List of Area Maps
How to Level Up Fast: EXP Grinding Guide How to Get Fruit and Twinkle Tree Seeds
Unchangeable Events and Actions How to Recover and Increase RP
How to Upgrade Weapons All Birthdays and Gifts
Daily Routine: Things to Do Everyday Flower Shop Guide: How to Unlock the Ludmila's Flower Shop
All License Exam Answers Quick and Easy Money Making Guide
How to Prepare for Typhoons How to Grow Giant Crops
How to Get a Monster Barn and Max Monster Barn Capacity How to Craft the Best Weapon
Where is My Fertilizer Bin? Post Game Content and 100 Percent Guide
Crafting, Cooking, Forging, and Chemistry Skill EXP Farm How to Improve Soil Level for Better Crops
Different Types of Weather and Effects How to Buy Furniture: What to Do if the Storage Area is Full?
List of All Outfits and How to Change Clothes -
Romance Guides
List of All Marriage Candidates How to Raise Friendship Level
All Romance Events (Stories) How to Get Married
How to Have Children Is Same-Gender Marriage Possible?
Confession Guide: How to Confess to Love Interest How to Get a Double Bed
How to Complete Chronic Slacker | Ryker's Event Guide -

Rune Factory 5 Monsters

RF5 - Monsters Partial Banner.png
List of All Monsters

All Monsters Guides

List of All Wanted Monsters -

Rune Factory 5 Shops

All Shops and Expansions Partial Banner.png
List of Shops and Best Expansions to Buy

Other Shop Guides

The Blue Moon Professor & Renamer
Serendipity The Crystalabra
True Strike Smithy How to Unlock Ludmila's Flower Shop
Sweet Hearth Rigbarth Clinic
Lackadaisy Studio Palmo

Rune Factory 5 Food and Cooking Recipes

RF5 - Food and Cooking Recipes Partial Banner.png
List of All Food & Cooking Recipes

All Types of Food and Cooking Recipes

Recipes that Don't Require Cooking License
Handmade Food Recipes
Recipes that Require Basic Cooking License
Knife Recipes Frying Pan Recipes Mixer Recipes
Recipes that Require Professional Cooking License
Oven Recipes Steamer Recipes Pot Recipes

Rune Factory 5 Festivals

Festivals Partial Banner.png

Festival Calendar

All Festivals

Season Date Festival
Spring 6 Cooking Contest
Spring 10 Bean-Throwing Festival
Spring 15 Fish Variety Contest
Spring 19 Flower Festival
Spring 28 Spring Harvest Festival
Summer 1 Beach Day
Summer 11 Buff-a-Move Festival
Summer 15 Buddy Battle Festival
Summer 19 Seaside Lights Festival
Summer 28 Summer Harvest Festival
Autumn 3 Handicraft Contest
Autumn 12 Valentine's Day
Autumn 15 Eating Contest
Autumn 19 Tricky Treats
Autumn 25 White Day
Autumn 28 Autumn Harvest Festival
Winter 3 Snow Brawl
Winter 13 Squid Catch
Winter 25 Christmas
Winter 28 Winter Harvest Festival
Winter 30 New Year
Spring 1

Rune Factory 5 Weapons

RF5 - Weapons Partial Banner.png
All Weapons Guide

All Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
Short Swords Long Swords
Spears Axes/Hammers
Dual Blades Fists
Staffs -

Rune Factory 5 Farm Tools

RF5 - Farm Tool Partial Banner.png
All Farm Tools Guide

All Farm Tools

All Farm Tools
Axes Hammers Hoes
Sickles Poles Waterpots

Rune Factory 5 Armor

RF5 - Armor Partial Banner.png
All Armor Guide

All Armor Types

All Armor Types
Headgear Armor Chest Armor
Footwear Armor Shields

Rune Factory 5 Crops

RF5 - Crops Partial Banner.png

List of All Crops

Crop Guides

Crop Guides
How to Grow Crops Well

Crop Categories

Fruits Vegetables
Flowers Seeds

Rune Factory 5 Collectibles

RF5 - Collectibles Partial Banner.png
List of All Collectibles

All Collectibles

Collectibles List
Minerals Shards Jewels
Crystals Sticks and Stems Liquids
Stones Strings Furs
Powders and Spores Claws and Fangs Cloths and Skins
Scales Farm Dragon Crystals Feathers
Shells and Bones Trash and Others

Rune Factory 5 Medicine

RF5 - Medicine Partial Banner.png

List of All Medicine and Chemistry Table Recipes

Rune Factory 5 Fish

RF5 - All Fist List Partial.png

List of All Fish

Rune Factory 5 Wild Plants

RF5 - List of All Wild Plants Partial.png

List of All Wild Plants

About Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Product Information

Rune Factory 5 - cover image
Title Rune Factory 5
Publisher Marvelous (XSEED)
Developer Hakama Inc.
Supported Platforms Nintendo Switch
Game File Size 5.8 GB
Genre Role-Playing, Simulation, Action
Number of Players Single System (1)
Supported Languages French, German, American English
ESRB Rating Teen
Official Website Rune Factory 5 Official Website

Simulation video game...

Rune Factory 5 - farming simulation

Rune Factory 5 allows you to do field work at a farm, harvest crops, and sell them to earn money. You can also gather minerals and other materials to forge and upgrade your weapons and tools.

The game also features other facilities, each with different functions, and a village where you can interact with other NPCs. Among the characters are a selection of bachelors and bachelorettes, who you can form intimate relationships with!

...but with RPG Elements

Rune Factory 5 - RPG elements

Additionally, you can also roam the area outside your farm and the village to fight monsters. Choose across eight types of weapons that fits your playstyle and take on dangerous monsters and even bosses! These monsters may also drop materials that you can use in forging.

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