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Spiritcore Ore - Where to Find and How to Use

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This page has everything you need to know about Spiritcore Ore from Monster Hunter World (MHW). If you want to know where to find and how to use this item, check out the information below!

Spiritcore Ore - Basic Information

Name Spiritcore Ore
Type Mineral Material
Effect A valuable mineral used to create charms. Gives off a warm, sunny glow.
Buy Price  - Sell Price  -

List of All Items and Materials

Spiritcore Ore - Where to Find

Found in the Field

Ancient Forest ImageAncient Forest Low Rank Not found
High Rank 2 3 9 10 11 14
Master Rank Not found
Wildspire Waste ImageWildspire Waste Low Rank Not found
High Rank 3 5 6 7 8 10 13
Master Rank Not found
Coral Highlands ImageCoral Highlands Low Rank Not found
High Rank 8 9 10 11 12 14 15
Master Rank Not found
Rotten Vale ImageRotten Vale Low Rank Not found
High Rank 4 8 11 12 14 16
Master Rank Not found
ElderElder's Recess Low Rank Not found
High Rank 9 8 3 13
Master Rank Not found

Quest Rewards via Quest

Main Reward

Quest Location/Monster
★7 A Cherry Wind upon the Reefs Coral Highlands
Pink Rathian
★7 Legiana: Highlands Royalty Coral Highlands
★7 Rathalos in Blue Ancient Forest
Azure Rathalos
★7 Rathalos Rematch Ancient Forest
★7 A Sore Site Coral Highlands

Quest Rewards

Quest Appearance Rate
★7 Old World Monster In The New World (×1) ★★★

If you've found any locations where Spiritcore Ore is available, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Spiritcore Ore - How to Use

Item Upgrades

Weapon Upgrade Paths

No upgrades available.

Weapon Types and List of Weapons

Equipment Upgrade Paths

No upgrades available.

List of Armor and Armor Skills

Charm Upgrade Paths

Artillery Charm II (1x) Attack Charm II (1x)
Blast Charm I (1x) Blast Charm II (1x)
Blaze Charm II (1x) Bleed Charm II (1x)
Blessing Charm II (1x) Bombardier Charm I (1x)
Bombardier Charm II (1x) Botany Charm II (1x)
Breaker Charm I (1x) Defense Charm II (1x)
Demolition Charm I (1x) Dragon Charm I (1x)
Dragon Charm II (1x) Draw Charm I (1x)
Enervate Charm II (1x) Evasion Charm II (1x)
Extension Charm II (1x) Fire Charm II (1x)
Fitness Charm I (1x) Flood Charm II (1x)
Focus Charm I (1x) Friendship Charm II (1x)
Frost Charm II (1x) Fury Charm I (1x)
Gatherer's Charm (2x) Geology Charm II (1x)
Glutton's Charm II (1x) Grit Charm I (1x)
Guard Charm I (1x) Guard Charm II (1x)
Handicraft Charm I (1x) Health Charm II (1x)
Hungerless Charm II (1x) Hunter's Life Charm (2x)
Ice Charm II (1x) Immobilize Charm II (1x)
Insect Charm II (1x) Intimidator Charm II (1x)
Ironside Charm II (1x) KO Charm II (1x)
Maintenance Charm I (1x) Marathon Charm I (1x)
Master's Charm II (1x) Mirewalker Charm II (1x)
Mud Puppy Charm (2x) Paralysis Charm II (1x)
Procurer's Charm (2x) Rally Charm II (1x)
Recovery Charm II (1x) Sheath Charm II (1x)
Shock Charm II (1x) Sleep Charm II (1x)
Slinger Charm II (1x) Special Shot Charm I (1x)
Speed Heal Charm II (1x) Stealth Charm II (1x)
Stun Charm II (1x) Surge Charm I (1x)
Survival Charm II (1x) Thunder Charm II (1x)
Tranq Charm II (1x) Trickshot Charm (2x)
Venom Charm II (1x) Water Charm II (1x)
Whetstone Charm II (1x) Windproof Charm II (1x)
Wyrmsbane Charm I (1x)

List of Charms

Palico Weapons & Armor Upgrade Paths

No upgrades available.

Palico Equipment

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Material Type
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